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McCulloch Unique Hotels

Creating, developing and operating unique Hotels.

Iconic, destinational Hotel brands. Developed for the needs and aspirations of the discerning traveller in the 21st century.

Unique &

& Iconic

“ You could be> forgiven for thinking you’re in the coolest new chic boutique in Manhattan. ” Y The Scotsman Edinburgh, UK

Dakota. Best new UK hotel. Y

C o n d ĂŠ N a s t Tr av e l l e r

“ Huge bed wickedness.” Y Marie Claire New York, NY

SUCC On a Plate


Winner. Scotland’s most stylish Hotel. Scottish Hotel restaurant of the year 2008. Scottish seafood restaurant of the year 2009.

Ladies & Gentlemen

Fasten your seatbelts.

Opened in 2008,> created by McCulloch Unique Hotels for TAG Aviation to complement Europe’s finest private airport at Farnborough, UK .

“ A real high flyer.” Y The Times


Exciting. Inspiring. Indulgent. Seductive.

ebrate Nights to remember.

“ My cooking is simple with a twist of intrigue.”

Allan Pickett Head Chef

Food and wine is our passion.

The heart and soul of the Aviator.

Suite 412. Pure indulgence.

Monte Carlo

A timeless classic in Monte Carlo.

“ To arrive at Columbus> is to be admitted to a very special and secret world. � Y

T h e N e w Yo r k T i m e s

Best European Independent Hotel 2003. Y

B M I Vo y a g e r

“ It’s not what> they do. It’s the way that they do it. ” Y Va n i t y F a i r

live life

love life

“ A design jewel on the Riviera. � Y

To w n a n d C o u n t r y

“ The best bedroom> in the world 2004. � Y

C o n d e N a s t Tr av e l l e r

Opened in 1994, the first new Hotel brand in the UK for 30 years.

“ More style in their mini bars than most hotels have got in their entirety. Malmaison has heralded a hotel revolution in Britain. Next stop the world. � Y Vo g u e

A collection of Victorian townhouses, highly individual and unique in Glasgow’s stylish West End.

United Kingdom Hotel of the year 1996. Y Egon Ronay Guide


“ Creating great hotels requires the


e ability to attract the best talent.�

the spe Style that lasts, not

ecialists fashion that fades.

c lo s e d

Hotel FermĂŠ

The Market “ In difficult times, the first casualty tends to be mediocrity. The market is becoming increasingly aware, specific and sophisticated. Currently, the Hotel industry is underdemolished. The old buildings have to go and be replaced by better equipped, fresh, stylish and dynamic Hotel brands. This is the time for the Specialists. � Y

N i c k va n M a r k e n Lead Partner Corporate Finance ~ Tourism Hospitality & Leisure Deloitte UK

At your service

“ It’s about doing the simple things brilliantly. Be unique. ” Y

Ken McCulloch Founder

“ There’s no place like home, but we’re working on it. ”

Hotels with a difference.

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