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Comprehensive Communication/Marketing Agency

“ Our passion : Combining beauty and brains !"

Introduction A young and dynamic company, we are attentive!!! We take into consideration the smallest details, as every detail is significant and every project we work on is unique and innovative. Our commitment extends across the attention we give, the exchanges we have and the professionalism that informs every aspect of our work.

Visual identity is our core concern. We advise you and together, we execute projects, which encompass a wide range of coordinated tools. Marrying your talents with our ideas is opting for novelty, simplicity and serenity through creative solutions to help dazzle your target audience.

Ataksia concocts potions to inspire yo your return on investment.

Our Agency Ataksia operates in two areas: Marketing and Communication Multidisciplinary and outspoken, our team offers an expertise rooted in precision and customized work. By confronting your wishes and our creative ideas and talents, we formulate strong recommendations to develop, update and sustain your company’s communication. Combining beauty (creative work) and brains (consulting), we translate through a daring act the relevance of your communication while being true to your values.

We develop clear and targeted solutions to achieve results that fulfill your expectations.

our strategy while positioning you clearly, innovatively and effectively, thereby optimizing

Our Philosophy While aiming to fulfill our clientsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; requests, we advocate the following core values : < Professionalism < Open-mindedness < Cultural Diversity < Environmental, Social and Societal Respect < Daring Creative Approach < Boundless Imagination < Excess vs. Restraint Thus, we draw on all shifts and changes as well as the richness that result from the mixing of styles to sublime the art of communication.

Our eco-friendly approach! Through simple gestures, change our small habits; adapt our strategies to limit the impact of our activity on the environment. Marry good communication and our green philosophy for a greater impact on your targets and a scaled-down carbon footprint on our planet.

Ataksia offers services in various areas of marketing and c



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communication :

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phic Design Print Design Web-based Solutions Written and Spoken Word Composition of messages Production of emotion-laden moments

enge areas in your communication and together, we find the solution that is most fitting.

Our experience in this areas combined with our overall vision allow us to advise and guide you in setting up and implementing your marketing and communication strategies and policies. Studying your products, your sales strategy, your companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s positioning as well as your target. Tailoring a communication suited to your image in order to increase your visibility and promote your activity. Crafting your visual identity, starting with an assessment of your needs to the creation, on the medium of your choice, for all your internal and external projects as well as in the construction and development of your company. Together, developing the most effective tools for sustainable solutions whether for marketing, communication or management, hiring, training, etc in order to anticipate on future changes and shifts â&#x20AC;Śand so many dimensions that cannot be neglected.

Creating a visual is no walk in the park. We follow a well-defined process while respecting every step, which is why our solutions are relevant and impactful. We analyze all of your companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s existing communication and marketing tools. Then, with your team, we deconstruct your company and brandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s image. We are by your side at every step of the creative process : From discovery to assessment From setting goals to brainstorming concepts From designing to producing To the launch Via researching visual concepts, creative direction, branding or decision-making. What we do goes beyond simply arranging words and graphic elements. We dig into the most unexpected sources of inspiration; we create for you an image that is unique guided by the framework of a detail-oriented and creative process. From the idea to the technical execution, we bring to life the graphical universe of your DNA.

Ataksia, a true partner in print We analyze your request, assess your needs and provide customized solutions. We will assist you in the choice of your print-based marketing tools through their conceptualization and creation in accordance with your visual identity in a manner that is always relevant to your branding. These elements are obvious tools to better position and enhance your image, which is why they are essential. Whether you wish to create a new graphic line or refresh your old one, we are there. Our agency handles, controls and validates all the steps necessary to print out your designs. From the drawing board to the final stages via researching technical solutions, managing providers and meeting deadlines and expectations, we are attentive to your needs and requests while providing our input for an overall pertinent and effective deliverable.

Online marketing, a key direction of your strategies. The ultimate symbiosis of your expectations and our know-how. We offer the expertise, the creativity and the control of all digital communications levers to develop relevant strategies. Tailoring website design and development: we put our skills and broad vision at your service to engineer solutions that match your needs and goals. If optimally referenced, a website will help you plan your online presence and broaden the scope of your communication whether nationally or internationally. Transform your website into a commercial seduction tool and a sales growth weapon and establish your image through social networks. Be visible all around the globe thanks to an impactful design, well thought-out ergonomics, clear and well-structured content or yet, an online advertising campaign to boost traffic on your website!

“Everybody may know how to write but they may not be able to write to seduce, persuade, inspire loyalty, federate, sell.” We help you address all your written word issues by sharing with you the expertise and experience necessary to find the words you need. Translation, Editing, Proofreading, Writing, Editorial-writing, Adaptation, Technical Specification Writing, Online Content, Public Relations and Press, our competence caters to a broad range of writing requests… “The message is the corner stone of an(y) effective communication”. Driven by this core belief, we will assist you in crafting your written material. Being able to communicate clearly in the language of your partners or prospects is a dimension that is key to expanding your brand nationally and internationally.

Communications media have evolved and multiplied yet their goal remains the same! In addition to creating advertising visuals for your company, our agencyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mission is to also craft a strong message, which is true to your essence, stands out among the competition and makes your advertising campaigns effective. To improve and enhance your communication is the goal we aim for, which is why our approach is multichanneled. We help you make the right choices to reach your target while staying within budget. Classical information broadcasting channels nowadays must be rounded off by a [global] communication strategy on various media that will set you apart. Our team along with yours commits to putting together your projects in a timely and flexible manner while remaining critical and adapting to all situations and media formats. Our goal Carve you a clear place in the middle of this advertising hubbub.

An effective sales promotion tool, event communication is one of the most reliable ways for your products to gain visibility whether with your clients, your providers or your collaborators. Whether the event planner or a partner, our work ranges from targeted interventions to the overall design, planning and execution of your events. We brainstorm and formulate strategic recommendations on the organization of your event. While assisting you through the project, our actions are defined by your marketing and communication strategy to provide you with a most tailored and comprehensive event. Each element of your event is developed with your identity and the substance of your message In mind. From the first budget estimation to D-Day, we will give you all the detailed tools to assist you in the decision making and operationalization processes of your event. Your sole interface, we assist you from the choice of the theme to welcoming your guests without forgetting the execution, technical and operational aspects such as permits, decoration, entertainment, logistics, public relations and press, training of hosting staff, catering, media coverage, â&#x20AC;Ś

Our Team A multicultural, professional, and adaptable team with experience in local, regional and international projects makes up the core of the agency. With the support of our partners and suppliers, with whom we have built sustainable relationships, all the skills necessary to address your communication issues, from idea to completion, from print to web are brought together under one roof.

We are the team you want !!! Creative with limitless visual solutions to communicate your unique values and convey your messages. Our passion for design and typography pushes us to come up with best creative responses for every project.

Nos Contacts tel. +228 22 46 09 00 +228 90 23 16 79 claire-marie chouraki +228 92 44 66 68 akey fabrice looky + 228 92 19 96 88 nedo-fiagadji homawoo +228 90 96 90 98 273 rue Défalé | Qtier. Kodjoviakopé B.P. : 3085 | Lomé, Togo

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Why Ataksia ?

g simultaneously. I can tell you all of them, but I cannot tell you which one ery action causes ripples, consequences both obvious andâ&#x20AC;Ś unforeseen.â&#x20AC;? _

We do not hesitate to state our point of view, clearly and honestly. Our clients trust us because our suggestions are relevant and because we are not afraid to speak our minds. We feel using a flyer will have a greater impact for your organization rather than a billboard? We will let you know. We feel your text needs to be improved or your brief lacked clarity? We will pick up the phone !

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Comprehensive Communication/Marketing Agency "Our passion : Combining beauty and brains !"