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The King’s Soldiers

Alex Tobias Gather 'round and I'll recount the riddle of a battle Hark my words and listen close should you be easily baffled T'was a dreary day, and the king hath sent his squadron forth to combat the intruders whom he spied approaching north Fearful of the enemy the king fortified his men By multiplying his original squad by the difference of 5 and 10 Though their numbers larger now Their foe had stronger men Throughout the day the king’s army divided by half of the square of ten New reinforcements were sent in The men multiplied by the square of 3 And to top it all off, the king Added another 50. 'Tis not important if they lost or won but my question to you, my friend, is how many did the original squad have if it was the same as their army in the end?

Design Cycle 3  

This is my third attempt at uploading this file.

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