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Live. Love. London. LET OTHERS ADVISE YOU MAKE A SELFIE AGAINST THE BACKGROUND OF BIG BEN, VISIT THE VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM, AND SEE THE TOWER. WE ASKED INVETERATE LONDON FANS TO UNVEIL SECRET ADDRESSES THAT ARE NOT EASY TO FIND EVEN IN THE TRENDIEST DIRECTORIES. OLESIA SAVENKO, artist, owner of the Workshop OTRUTA gallery and store My husband and I were hippies for two years — we lived on a narrowboat constantly sailing along the London canals. (Narrowboat is a special boat-house for living on canals and enclosed bodies of water.) Probably, that’s why we know such hidden corners of London that even some locals are unaware of. However, among my favourite places there are also universally known. Like Camden. I love everything about it — the crazy bazaar with vintage and modern things, the interconnections of underground passages and aboveground levels with a million shops selling everything you can think of. I will not even enlist all of those things! I adore the yelling of a Chinese from the street food market, which is also located here. He is selling bang bang chicken (crispy chicken slices with sour-sweet sauce) and is screaming in such a high-pitched voice, that has become the most famous inhabitant of the Chinese district. I adore Camden Lock where several bridges are interwoven. People stand on these bridges and watch guys like us sailing down the Lock. This is a special entertainment for tourists and locals, and when we used to pass Camden, we had been always getting ready to become stars of this little theatre for half an hour. Everything mattered: makeup, expressly casual clothes, and wine on the roof of our narrowboat! (Smiles.) For me, Camden is also the Amy Winehouse district. There are reminders about her everywhere here: cardboard silhouettes under the bridge depicting Amy flying to meet angels in heaven, a life-sized statue in the Stables Market, and her favourite pub, The Hawley Arms, where everything looks as though Amy is somewhere around, simply went out for a smoke... and most importantly — 72

people. In Camden, you understand that Amy Winehouse is not a scenic image. Camden is full of freaks of different gender and age, makeup, clothing and hairstyle, not subject to any censorship. Once we met a man who owns a well-known house with a cow on the balcony. We asked him: «Are you from that house with a

cow?» He replied: «Yes and no. Yes, in my house there is a cow on the balcony. But I cannot say I’m from the house with a cow, because my wife and two daughters live with me. They are offended if I say so.» There is a fox living in the gardens of Camden, who thinks it’s its private property. Foxes are believed not to change

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Panorama March 2018  

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