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WŁAŚCIWY KURS right path

decided to rebuild the Orthodox church devastated during the war. But this time, a whole new city was to appear near the church. A city for the chosen ones. FULFILMENT In 1926, a new temple was built in Grzybowszczyzna. Ilja had already established a circle of followers, who helped him with collections and spread information about the miracles he could perform. Actually, he did not have to wait long for gossip – soon enough people were talking about a church that “miraculously raised from the ground”. Pilgrims from the whole regions of Podlasie, Volhynia and Novgorod came to see the alleged miracle. Many of them stayed, sold out their fortune and helped to build a new settlement. Wierszalin. From Russian sowierszyt – to fulfill. According to Klimowicz, the settlement was to become the new capital of the world after the apocalypse. At that moment he was already using his new name. He was the prophet Ilja, and some began to consider him an incarnation of Christ. He himself celebrated services in the church be had built, although he had not taken holy orders. Reportedly he could not even count well and would hide money from the collections in a sack for oats and bury it in the field. Irritated at this state of affairs, the Orthodox clergy suggested that he join an order. Ilja agreed but renounced his holy vows a month later and forsook his allegiance to the Orthodox Church. Around a thousand believers followed him to Wierszalin to prepare for parousia. They say an icon with his likeness was already hanging in the church. REDEMPTION Several members of the sect were still active and practicing their prophet’s recommendations in the 1990s. Today only Paweł Wołoszyn can say something about Wierszalin. He lives a stone’s throw from the buildings that have remained here from the holy city. He is a son of the prophet’s believer. He remembers him as a good, just man, who helped the poor. If it was really the case, Klimowicz, who had wanted to bring heaven to the earth, faced a completely

different scenario. Things quickly started to get out of control and nobody knows what the end would have been if it hadn’t been for the outbreak of the Second World War. In his book entitled Wierszalin: Reportaż o końcu świata (Wierszalin: about the End of the World), Włodzimierz Pawluczuk writes that at its last stage the sect did not resemble anything the prophet had been teaching before. Its members were wreaking havoc in nearby villages. In Ciełuszki, “a sectarian called Olga D. discarded her clothes and ran along the street naked, without her dress or shirt, shouting: ‘Repent!’.” The society named themselves saints and women were called Heavenly Mothers. There appeared also miraculously found Russian and Prussian emperors. The group divided into those who considered Klimowicz the prophet Elijah and those who thought of him as an incarnation of God. Ilja was losing control over his flock. In 1936, when people saw that there had not been any end of the world, they realized they had fallen victim to a charlatan and left. Others tried to find reference to the Bible. And they succeeded. The new Christ had to be crucified so that the word of God co-

uld become true. It’s not difficult to guess that the prophet from Grzybowszczyzna was in a quandary. Rejecting the trial would mean rejecting his divinity. But he had nothing else left. Allegedly one of his friends calling himself Judas began the evangelical mystery and approached the prophet to kiss him on the cheek. Ilja slapped him in the face and ran away to the forest, where he spent three days hidden in a potato hole. The announced end of the world came three years later – the war broke out. It’s hard to say what happened to the prophet. They say one of his old followers denounced him to the Russkies, and the prophet died during transportation to Siberia. Without their leader, the sect disintegrated even before the war. Some ceremonies following the rite of the sect were still performed in the prophet’s house until 1960s. Today, their only witness is the prophet’s coffin. An empty coffin. 

Na leśnej polanie stoją dwie chaty i stodoła. Kiedyś miała tu być nowa stolica świata, miejsce, gdzie diabeł nie będzie miał wstępu.



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