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Zoo Shape: Triangle

Color: Yellow

Number: 3

Letter: O May 6-10,2013

Circle Time Topics:


What is a Zoo?

Days of the week

The letter O

Months of the year

The number 3

The animals at the Zoo


Keeper in the Zoo

Animals that live in the Zoo?

Triangles, Triangles

Monday: •

Daily calendar, days of the week song

The weather chart

Talk about what is a Zoo?

Tuesday: •

Daily calendar, months of the year

Weather chart

Talk about the number 3 and the letter O

Wednesday: •

Daily calendar, The animals at the Zoo

Weather chart

What are triangles/ do we have any around the classroom?

Thursday: •

Daily calendar, Keeper in the Zoo

Weather chart

Talk about what color is a giraffe, recognizing the color yellow

Friday: •

Daily calendar, Triangles, Triangles

Weather chart

Talk about what are the kids favorite animals and why?

Language Arts/ Writing Monday: •

Kangaroo syllable hopping

The kids will get word and they will have to hop and figure out how many syllables the word has.

Tuesday: •

Practicing and upper and lower case O

They will get a manuscript sheet that will have some of them to trace but then they will have to try to them by themselves.

Wednesday: •

Zoo sentences

The kids will get a sheet with blocks and they will cut it out and make a sentence with the help of their teacher.

Thursday: •

Look! "Giraffe" said the snake

They will do sentence strips on the board.

Friday: •

Writing an animal fact

The kids will make an animal and they will write a fact about the animal on the back of it.

Math/Science/Social Science Monday: •

Gorilla hand activity

The kids will trace their hands with paint on a cut out had of a gorilla and write how big their hand and their age

Tuesday: •

Counting dots from a precut giraffe

The kids will get an giraffe and they will count how many dots the animal has and write on a worksheet

Wednesday: •

Animal characteristics graph

The kids will get a graph and check if the animal has fur, feathers or scales

Thursday: •

Zoo food

The kids will learn about the different type of foods the animals at the Zoo eat, they will match the food with the appropriate animal

Friday: •

Zoo patterns

The kids will create different patterns with animal toys

Arts & Crafts Monday: •

Giving Zebras stripes

They will cut our a zebra and use tape to give the zebra stripes

Tuesday: •

Making an Octopus

They will use the letter O and cute it out and trace their hands and cute that out and use that as the tentacles

Wednesday: •

Paper plate lion

They will use a paper plate and make a lion face they will use yarn for the whiskers and draw their face in

Thursday: •

Making a giraffe

They will use construction paper and cut out parts to make a giraffe

Friday: •

Zoo collage

They will make a collage with their favorite zoo animal

Curriculum Enhancement Monday: •

Using computers

But only allowed to go to certain websites.

Tuesday: •

Learning Spanish

Learning their alphabet

Wednesday: •

Using computers

But only allowed to go to certain websites.

Thursday: •

Learning Spanish

Learning how to count 1-10

Friday: •

Using computers

But only allowed to go to certain websites.

Language They will do sentence strips that will start with “I can see a� and then they will fill in the blank and say the name of the animal they see. Zoo animals syllables, the kids will get three baskets that will look like cages, the baskets will get number 1-3 and they will have different cut out animals and they will count how many syllables the animals name has, then they will place it in the right cage.

Learning Centers Math They will get cut out animals and a pattern strip and they will create a pattern with the different animals. The kids will get a 1-5 counting grind and get Zoo animal stickers and match the number of stickers to the number that corresponds.

Library The kids will sit at the carpet and be read the story Zoo-looking They will also read Going to the Zoo For both books they will have question like have you gone to the zoo? What animals did you see? Questions that relate to the book.

Learning Centers Puzzles and or/game They will play bingo using Zoo animals and they will have colored circles to cover the spaces. They will do a scavenger hunt around the classroom to find different animals they will do it in teams, they will start all together but they will get different clues and each of the teams will find a animal.

Arts & Crafts Make a paper lion plate, they will use precut yarn and glue it around the border of the plate and use googly eyes and crayons to decorate the face. They will make a painting of a monkey using their hands as the paint brushes.

Learning Centers Science and or/ Social Studies There will be a tables with different foods and the kids will get asked questions about it for example “Do you think a monkey eats a banana or a penguin?� the questions will let them know about the food the animals eat. The kids will do a monkey obstacle course and they will have the playground decorated as a jungle and they will climb the monkey bars as if they were branches and then they would be explained why the monkeys climb trees and about their habitat.

Math Animal Characteristics Kindergarten readiness skills: Counting, recognizing different characteristics Objective: for kids to learn how to do a graph, and for them to be able to identify the numbers 1-10 Attention getter: they will have a monkey puppet tell them what they are going to do. They kids will get pictures of different animals in the table. They will also get a chart to color in with different characteristics of the animals. The kids will look at the animals and see how they look. They will have a chart that they will color in the characteristics in and after they look at all the animals their teachers will ask them what was a common thing between them and have a conversation about that. Then they will go to the carpet and put all their data in a bigger chart for the whole class to see. Closure: The kids will get to go to the playground but they will have to count with the monkey puppet before they do. Supplies •

Monkey puppet

Animal pictures

Line graph


The big graph

Social Studies Zoo Keeper Kindergarten readiness skills: Learning about their community helpers Objective: For the kids to know what a zoo keeper is, and also what they do.

Attention getter: Sing “Keeper in the Zoo” (farmer in the dell tune) Have the kids sit in the carpet crisscross applesauce, then tell them today we will read the book “Good night Gorilla” by Peggy Rathmann Then ask if they know what a community helper is? Is a zoo keeper is a community helper? What does he/she do? Have a cut out of a man tapes to the white board and a bucket next to it and ask the kids what are things that a zoo keeper needs, and when they you give an answer like a shovel have them go to the bucket and find it and put in on the cut out. Do that till all the equipment in the bucket is put on the cut out Closure: Have the kids go back to the carpet and sit crisscross applesauce, then ask them: What does a zoo keeper do? Where does he work? What are some things he uses? Do you think a zoo keepers job is important? Supplies •

“Good night Gorilla”

Cut out man

Cut out supplies for zoo keeper


Coloring sheet for zoo keeper

Blank piece of paper



Arts and Craft Polar Bear Kindergarten readiness skills: learning their animals Objective: For the kids to learn how a polar bear looks Attention getter: Showing them the example and ask them to roar like a bear

In a plastic bow, have the children mix together the 2 tablespoons of glue and 4 tablespoons of shaving cream. Using a paint brush, have the children paint white puffy paint all over the bottom side of a paper plate. Let dry. When dry, have the children glue the googly eyes onto their paper plate. Let dry. Then, have the children glue 2 make up pads at the top of the paper plate. These will be Polar Bear ears. Let dry. After that, have the children paste the Oreo cookie at the bottom of the paper plate. This will be the Polar Bear nose. Let dry Closure: Ask t the kids if they like polar bears? If so why? And if they have ever seen a polar bear at the Zoo Supplies • • • • • • • • •

Shaving cream Glue Plastic bowl Measuring spoons Paint brush Paper plate Googly eyes 2 round cotton makeup pads Oreo cookie

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