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What is Digital Marketing As you are going through this article the number of websites on the World Wide Web are also increasing simultaneously. Marketing your product or services on the internet is not only complicated but also challenging and needs a creative brainstorming. SME’s and large players both are groping for long term online marketing strategies that would not only ensure traffic to their website but create a brand presence online & lead to expected ROI’s. Digital Marketing or Internet marketing is a combined process of Analysis, Planning & Execution of Strategies via various promotional tools & techniques to reach out to the ever growing target audience on the web. The Objective of various organizations may differ but the end goal remains same, to ensure that the website receives relevant traffic to inform, engage, transact & achieve business goals. So what forms this complex and challenging process? Let’s take a look at the terminologies. 1. SEO or Search Engine Optimization 2. SEM or Search Engine Marketing aka pay-per-click 3. Display advertising or Banners 4. SMO or Social Media Optimization 5. Mobile Marketing - SMS / MMS / Custom applications 6. Affiliate Marketing 7. Viral Marketing 8. Email Marketing 9. Social Bookmarking 10. Articles 11. Blogs And so on..

Futuready Media is a Digital marketing agency in Mumbai. We work at the confluence of technology, marketing & design. We challenge ourselves to deliver winning strategies that generate superior business results. As a full service digital media agency, we pour our passion, imagination & experience into creating digital solutions that engage users and deliver on your marketing objectives. Our team has experts in digital technology, but we also understand that in front of every screen are real people. From our office in Mumbai, India, we have built a reputation for crafting campaigns that connect with people all over the world. The brands that we work with identify us as one of the sharpest agencies that prepare them for the ever-changing dynamics of the digital age. We are fortunate to partner with clients who love us for what we do – guide them to the forefront of digital marketing.

What is digital marketing  
What is digital marketing  

What is digital marketing? this is one of the most common asked questions. Let's see the clear answer to what is digital marketing through t...