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a marketable skillset In addition to the insight that students gain from a degree in women’s studies, majors also develop a number of beneficial career skills, including:

top skills

Strong critical thinking skills. Like all liberal arts

Being able to employ gender as an important category of analysis.

majors, women’s studies students gain the classical ability to solve problems and think creatively about potential solutions. Students learn from the examples of influential writers, inventors, and thinkers throughout history.

Confident speaking and presentation skills. Majors make a succession of presentations throughout their degree program. They hone presentation skills and reduce their apprehension about public speaking.

Effective writing skills. Students learn to write powerful essays and reports that chronicle the achievements of women historically as well as the challenges that exist today. Students refine their writing skills while developing the ability to compose and edit complex reports under deadline.

Strong research skills. All liberal arts and social sciences majors develop abilities to ferret information from libraries and the Internet. Many students also do primary interviews with subjects who have not yet told their stories to other researchers. Students learn to approach research sources with a healthy degree of skepticism, building skills and experience in fact-checking and verification that surpass those of students in many college majors.

Understanding inequality and intersectionality Developing ethics and strong ideas about compassion, fairness, justice, and equality. Learning about empowerment and feeling empowered. Thinking critically Developing and cultivating awareness, openness, and respect for different individuals. Engaging in research and analysis to support or refute concepts, strategies, and ideas.

bachelor of arts, minor & certificate in

Women and Gender Studies

Women and Gender Studies Understanding change and learning to work toward it. Becoming a master “learner and thinker.” Breaking down complex problems into workable solutions. These are the skills that School of Social Transformation majors bring to the world and that empower women and gender studies graduates to make a difference in the world.

bachelor of arts, minor and certificate

A required internship gives you work experience in an area of interest related to gender and women’s issues. Some of the recent placement sites that students have found rewarding are Girls For A Change, Sojourner Center, Planned Parenthood, ASU’s Commission on the Status of Women, and working in organizations focused on human rights, political campaigns, domestic violence, women’s rights, sexuality, and victim services.

Kristin D’Souza ’13 BA Originally from Phoenix, Kristin D’Souza is a senior honors student with a double major in women and gender studies and justice studies. She also chose to complete a certificate in religion and conflict studies, having held a fellowship with ASU’s Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict in fall 2011, studying how women organized in Tunisia and Egypt during the Arab Spring.

You’ll take a variety of courses in which you learn to challenge conventional wisdom about gender and develop new ways of viewing the world through the study of Schedule your advising appointment by calling culture, economics, film and media, history, literature, 480-965-7682, or stop in Wilson Hall 125. politics, and science. Original undergraduate research is encouraged and some courses, including the required capstone, involve students in studying community problems and formulating solutions.

Kristin was awarded Fulbright Canada’s Killam Fellowship in Spring 2011 and travelled to Toronto, Ontario to study health, politics and gender at the University of Toronto. There she served on the advisory board for a symposium on youth, sexual health, and gender.

At ASU, Kristin has served as the facilitator of the Womyn’s Coalition and is passionate about activism in the fields of domestic violence, prison, and sex trafficking. She has been active in non-profit work in Perryville prison with GINA’s Team and has done research on sex trafficking and women in prison with ASU’s School of Social Work. Last summer, she worked at a facility for immigrant children, helping to reunify immigrant families and provide legal and clinical aid to children fleeing gang violence and war in their home countries. She was also one of 18 students from across ASU selected as a Spirit of Service Scholar for 2012-13.

“The program has helped me view social issues in a complex way, which many of my peers, coworkers, and others appreciate and are intrigued by. I often find myself asking questions, framing issues and policies, and raising ideas based on how we study gender in our program. New bases of critical thinking like this are highly valued, in my experience.”

Kristin recently worked as a financial intern for Ann Kirkpatrick’s congressional campaign, and has also worked in the Phoenix area on early voter registration, community organizing, and initiatives to increase voter turnout. She intends to pursue graduate study in public policy and law and continue her focus on policymaking and political activism pertaining to gender issues and the role of the state in the creation of solutions.

Major (B.A.)



3 CORE COURSES: 15 credit hours WST 100 or WST 300: Women/Contemporary Society WST 380: Gender, Race and Class WST 498: Pro-seminar

2 REQUIRED COURSES: 6 credit hours WST 100 or WST 300: Women/Contemporary Society

2 REQUIRED COURSES: 6 credit hours WST 100 or WST 300: Women/Contemporary Society

2 THEORY & PRACTICE COURSES 6 credit hours WST 377: History of American Feminist Thought or WST 378: Global Feminist Theory WST 484: Internship 5 WST ELECTIVES: 15 credit hours Chosen from WST course list 5 RELATED COURSES: 15 credit hours 15 TOTAL CLASSES (45 total credit hours)

and one course selected from: WST 377 History of American Feminist Thought (C) WST 378 Global Feminist Theory (L, C, G) WST 380 Gender, Race and Class (SB, C)

and one course selected from: WST 377 History of American Feminist Thought (C) WST 378 Global Feminist Theory (L, C, G)

4 WST ELECTIVES: 12 credit hours Chosen from WST prefix courses

4 WST ELECTIVES: 12 credit hours Chosen from WST prefix courses

6 TOTAL CLASSES (18 total credit hours)

6 TOTAL CLASSES (18 total credit hours)

ASU's major, minor and certificate in Women and Gender Studies  

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