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1.- Add two straight lines, longer than those below, to this letter M to leave a different letter.

2.- Which figure comes next in this series?

Choose from:

17 3.- What is the volume of this crystal?

4.- Can you make sense of the following sequence by finding the missing figure?

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5.- the two dials until they are in the correct positions to open the safe and then say the magic words.

6.- Rearrange these seven matchsticks to form a single square shape. None of them may overlap or be broken.

7.- Take away the two matchsticks indicated by the two arrows and then rearrange the two remaining matchsticks to leave a capital H.

8.- Rearrange two of these five toothpicks to leave a view of a famous building in the USA.

9.- Which shape comes next in this sequence?

Choose from:

10.- From what creature has Cinderspeller the witch created this rather demonic looking forked-tailed cat?

11.- Choose a number (1-10) to continue this series.

12.- Can you complete this curious sequence?

13.- Rearrange one letter below to leave a simple series.

14.- Can you put the spot in the correct position in this number?

15.- Which famous TV character is posing as this ghostly looking trick-or-treater?

16.- Move two things on the right side of this equation to make both sides the same.

17.- Who's the famous driver of this racing car?

18.- Rotate the following 90 degrees to leave the glass upside-down.

19.- Can you see how to enter this house?

20.- Who's the artist?

21.- Move 2 lines to make the following into pi.

22.- Move 3 lines to leave a famous make of car.

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Rompecabezas ¡ajá!  

22 puzzles tipo ajá

Rompecabezas ¡ajá!  

22 puzzles tipo ajá