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CLEP and DANTES/DSST scores are not more than three years old. The student applying secured the CLEP or DANTES/DSST score/s prior to earning 60 traditional credit hours or 30 non-traditional credit hours.

There are two types of CLEP exams, General and Subject. The institution awards credit for successful scores on two General exams and several of the Subject exams. Students who plan to transfer from ASUN to another institution should become familiar with that institution's CLEP policy before taking CLEP exams. Results of CLEP examinations transferred to ASUN from other institutions will be accepted under the same rules as other transfer credits. Transfer CLEP credit will not be accepted on another institution's evaluation unless the student has actually attended that institution. If CLEP exam scores indicate that one is eligible to receive college credit, this credit shall be recorded on the permanent record without grades or grade points after the student has earned credit at ASUN for a full summer or a spring or fall semester. Anyone may take the CLEP test; however, CLEP credit is not awarded for a course which the student has already completed. This is true regardless of the grade made in the course. See the website for the ASUN Prior Learning Guidelines for a complete list of CLEP and DANTES options. Note: Credit by examination credit is not awarded for a course when the student has already completed a more advanced course at ASN. If a student is currently enrolled in any of the courses in which he/she is eligible for credit through credit by examination, it is his/her responsibility either officially to drop the course and inform the Registrar of the action or continue in the course until it is completed and thus receive no credit by examination credit for it. For information on credit by examination or other testing programs, students should contact the Dean for Enrollment Services’ Office.

NON-TRADITIONAL CREDITS (MAXIMUM 30 HOURS) Upon successful completion of a minimum of six credit hours with ASUN, a student is eligible to receive up to 30 credit hours through nontraditional methods. A student must submit a Petition for Non-Traditional Credit to the Registrar for each course they feel they might be eligible. The petition must present a clear argument that the petitioner has met all the course requirements. Prior to completing the petition, students should view the course description in the course catalogue and research the course syllabus available in the portal. Included with the petition must be evidence to support the petition. Evidence might include: letters from instructors, performance evaluations, transcripts from technical schools, training certificates, and professional development documentation. Credits from technical schools of the Armed Forces are evaluated according to the recommendations of the American Council on Education in A Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Forces.


ASU-Newport Catalog 2016 - 2017  
ASU-Newport Catalog 2016 - 2017