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Three broad categories of PLA exist: Advancement Placement, Credit by Examination, and Non-traditional Assessment.

ADVANCED PLACEMENT (AP) The Advanced Placement Program, sponsored by College Board, offers high school students the opportunity to participate in challenging college level course work. Students can receive advanced standing or advanced placement credit. ASUN awards AP credit for several courses. A list of the courses and minimum AP score for credit can be obtained from the Office of Enrollment Services/Registrar. 

AP credit is not awarded for a course the student has already completed at the college/university level.

AP credit granted at other institutions is not automatically transferable to ASUN. Students who wish to transfer AP credit must submit official documentation of earned scores.

Students who establish their eligibility to receive AP standing shall have their standing recorded without grade points on their permanent record and be advanced to the next level; e.g., if a student presents evidence that he or she has successfully completed Freshman English I and requests to advance to Freshman English II on that basis, he or she will be allowed to do so; however, no credit will be given for Freshman English I, only permission to advance. The student will still need to earn the cumulative credit for whatever certificate or degree in which he or she has enrolled. See the website for the ASUN Prior Learning Assessment Guidelines for a complete list of AP options.

CREDIT BY EXAMINATION Credit by Examination may include the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) which allows students who already possess a college level understanding of general education subjects to earn a degree or certificate more quickly than by following the usual term process. It may also include college generated examinations. ASUN awards up to 30 semester hours of university credit through examination processes. The rationale for accepting credit by examination is as follows: if one has achieved a college level of education in one or more subjects, one may be rewarded by receiving the credit without taking the course. Therefore, ASUN will award credit by examination to students who meet the following criteria:  Examinee is an ASUN student.  Student provides CLEP or Dante/DSST transcript which lists a minimum credit bearing score for an exam title that appears on one of the corresponding exam tables printed below or published on the Credit by Exam section of the ASUN website.  Student has not completed, regardless of grade (I,W,F), an equivalent or more advanced course at ASUN or another accredited institution.


ASU-Newport Catalog 2016 - 2017  
ASU-Newport Catalog 2016 - 2017