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CREDIT TYPES PRIOR LEARNING ASSESSMENT (PLA) Arkansas State University-Newport recognizes that students bring to their classes experiences and learning from other sources than college instruction. This is referred to as ‘adult experiential learning’ or ‘life experience credit’. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is the assessment of learning gained in such a way from life experiences. Such learning may be gained from employment/work experience, civic activities, travel related specifically to a degree plan, military learning opportunities, or other experiences. Although there are commonly recognized avenues of assessing collegelevel learning at the high-school level, PLA is also for students who have been out of school , whether high school or college, for several years and who are entering or returning to ASUN to earn an Associate’s Degree, a Technical Certificate, or a Certificate of Proficiency. The advantages of earning credit through PLA include lower costs for awarded credit than by taking the classes themselves and/or gaining an advanced status toward a certificate or degree; thereby reducing the time necessary to graduate.

GUIDELINES FOR PLA         

Enroll in ASUN or be eligible for readmission to ASUN; meet with your advisor and fill out your degree plan. Complete the appropriate PLA Application Form to request any college credit earned outside the college classroom. Credit may only be awarded for courses applicable to the student’s declared degree plan. Credit for prior learning can be awarded only after the assessment of prior learning experiences and only for documented learning that demonstrates achievement of all identified learning outcomes for a specific course or courses. A maximum of 30 credit hours of transferable degree requirements can be satisfied by PLA. A student may not receiver credit twice for a course that has been awarded through PLA. PLA cannot be counted toward ASUN’s 15 credit hour residency requirement nor meet eligibility requirements for financial aid or loan deferment. Prior learning credits will be noted on the student’s transcript as having been awarded through PLA. Grades are not recorded when credits are earned through PLA nor is a student’s grade point average affected. ASUN cannot guarantee that another college or university will accept PLA credit in transfer. Although every effort is made to collaborate with ASUN’s major transfer schools to ease the process of transferring credit, the student should check with any transfer school about their transfer and PLA policies.


ASU-Newport Catalog 2016 - 2017  
ASU-Newport Catalog 2016 - 2017