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SUR2302 Pharmacology for Surgical Technology Introduction to the classifications, actions, and uses of drugs. Calculations of dosages and drug preparation with emphasis on varying surgical procedures. 2 Credits. SUR2518 Clinical Practicum III Supervised clinical experience. Four (4) week rotation of clinical experiences on an advanced level. 8 Credits. SUR2702 Seminar Review of major theoretical and technical concepts of the surgical technician profession. 2 Credits.

SOCIAL WORK SW2203 Introduction to Social Work This is the required introductory course for social work majors. Students will examine the emerging profession of social work and its role in various social programs. A history of social welfare events and philosophies will be given in order to assess present services. This is a basic overview course and not an in-depth study of social work. This course is not intended to teach how to interview, how to be a counselor, or how to conduct case management. This course will, however, teach assessment of adequacy/inadequacy of resources, prevailing attitudes and influences, and trends during various periods of history. 3 Credits.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS TCOM1003 Installer This course focuses on the fundamentals of basic electricity and DC/AC, data, voice and video cabling methods, techniques and standards, and safety procedures including climbing ladders and electrical poles. 3 Credits. TCOM1013 Installer Technician This course will prepare the student for a career in the Telecommunications field. The majority of this course will consist of hands on activities that mimic the tasks the student will use on the job on a day to day basis. Prerequisite: TCOM 1003. 3 Credits. TCOM1023 Security and Alarm Systems This course will prepare students for entry level careers in security and alarm system installation and repair. Emphasis will be placed on hands on training with common security and alarm system equipment. 3 Credits.


ASU-Newport Catalog 2016 - 2017  
ASU-Newport Catalog 2016 - 2017