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PN2402 Maternal-Newborn and Fundamentals of Pediatric Nursing Practicum Maternal-Newborn and Fundamentals of Pediatric Nursing will integrate and enhance knowledge gained in Maternal-Newborn and Fundamentals of Pediatric Nursing and Practicum l. This practicum experience will include communication skills, prenatal care, high risk pregnancy, labor and delivery, postpartum care, family planning, care of the newborn including high-risk newborn. This practicum experience includes the fundamental care of the pediatric client with a focus on promotion of wellness and the care of the child with illness. 2 Credits.

POLITICAL SCIENCE POSC2103 Introduction to United States Government A survey of the structure and process of American national government. Focus on the constitution, government, and politics of the United States. 3 Credits. ACTS Equivalency: PLSC2003 POSC2203 State and Local Government An examination of the basic principles and problems with state and local governments and the administration of their programs. 3 Credits. ACTS Equivalency: PLSC2103 POSC 2323 Principles of International Relations A survey of contemporary international problems and issues as they relate to the foreign policies of the major powers. 3 Credits.

PLANT SCIENCE PSSC1301 Plant Science Lab Introduction to agronomic and horticultural concepts related to crop anatomy, growth/ development, physiology, and pest identification and management. 3 Credits. PSSC1303 Introduction to Plant Science Agronomic and horticultural cropping systems including crop growth and development, crop physiology, crop ecology, environmental considerations, and production and protection practices. 3 Credits. PSSC2323 Agricultural Chemicals Introduction to the types and uses of agricultural pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Application technology, calibration, safety issues, and pest management tactics are examined. Prerequisites: CHEM1013 and CHEM1011. 3 Credits. PSSC2803 Field Crops Field crops, types and varieties. Lecture two hours, laboratory two hours per week. 3 Credits. PSSC2811 Soils Laboratory Corequisite: PSSC 2813. 1 Credit.


ASU-Newport Catalog 2016 - 2017  
ASU-Newport Catalog 2016 - 2017