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October 2009

Kings win battle royale on Homecoming By Logan Hood

On October 2nd Coach Camp and his army of “Kings” laced up their boots and prepared for battle against the Muscatine Muskies. Around 7 o’clock the troops rallied and awaited the opening kickoff for the much anticipated homecoming game. The fans came out to support their team bearing their white attire, which was very fitting for the blizzard-like atmosphere. Fans stood interlocking hands and cheering as the ball flew through the air at the start of the game. The Kings made a quick score to put them up 7-0, a nice way to begin the game. The bruisers

then came on the field to contain the Muskies. They didn’t only contain them but instead were led by Adam Young with a “pick six” score to fire them up. To some teams the conditions may have seemed too difficult, but not our Kings. They adapted and overcame their opponents and moved the ball up the field effortlessly. Other teams in the MAC seemed to not be able to handle the conditions with their low scores that evening, thus showing that our team does reign supreme above the rest. The Kings were led by outstanding rushing performances by Ty Hatheway, David

Johnson, and Mo Walker. All played exceptionally well during that night, however, let us not forget about the guys up front that allow all of this to happen. The offensive line of the Kings has been playing well all season to create holes which a MAC leading truck could drive t h r o u g h . Kings, despite the weather, set up for a winning game. ALYSSA WELLS There was a great performance outcome of the game on the clock. As the shown by kicker Ben seemed inevitably in clock ticked down Parker, whom put up their favor, unlike this week the game weeks was in the bag as a 36 yard field goal to previous add to the massive where fans were held they walked off the lead. To many, the in suspense, waiting field with a 45-0 win. until the last few ticks This added another

Flamingos flock homes By Molly Eversoll

Have you ever seen a flock of flamingos in Clinton, Iowa? If your answer is no, then it is likely this will change this fall season. The Clinton High Drama Thespians and Booster Club are beginning this annual fund raiser of flamingo flocking in the community. What does it mean to be ‘flocked?’ Being flocked is the term used when you find yourself with a yard full of plastic pink flamingos. While they may not be real flamin-

gos, they will be raising real awareness for the drama department. It works like this: the group of 24 plastic lawn flamingos will show up in someone's yard. The person whose yard the flamingos show up in will donate twenty dollars to the drama department to have the flamingos moved. The person who has been flocked gets to choose who to pass the flamingos onto next. The thespians come in the dark of night and move the flamingos

house to house. Once the flamingos begin their trip around the community, you never know where they are going to show up next. This year each person who has been flocked will receive their own small flamingo to keep. This fund raiser will obtain money for the drama department's upcoming show “Little Women” and all the productions and activities they do throughout the year. It also helps the community have the opportunity to take part in the CHS Drama Department. Drama club president, Alison Sullivan, says that she “hopes it is successful in engaging the community in CHS Drama's fun activities”. If you have any questions or would like to be flocked this year contact Marcia Tegler or Ms. Ball at 243-7540 ext. 2210. A sign and flamingo are displayed outside a 'flocked' home.

A glowing event By Kristina Armstrong

This year ’s Homecoming pep assembly was definitely one for the record books! The usually peppy event kicked off with an ever boisterous rendition of the Clinton High loyalty song sung with even more energy. The cheer-

leaders then performed an amazing dance that proudly displayed their dedication and pride. Kudos to them for their amazing straight up lib! When the lights finally dimmed, Yourd gym was instantly trans-

formed into a florescent neon panorama. Glow sticks illuminated the scene as well as the white homecoming shirts. Even the banners decorating the gym walls could not help but join in the glowing festivities; emitting small glow from their

big W in the column for Coach Camp and his Kings’ as they continue their amazing season as conference leaders, on the brink of the state ranking’s

Have you met...? By Kristina Armstrong

Mr. Cramer was born August 10th, 1986 which makes him twenty three years young! He is a 2004 graduate of Clinton High School and loved a’cappella choir and history while

in school. He loves his job as a para educator because he “loves the opportunity to work with students and coworkers!” He has had many life experiences in places such as California, Arizona, Chicago, and of course Iowa. Some of Mr. Cramer’s hobbies include playing guitar, golfing, hanging with friends, and attending concerts. His favorite music includes the Beatles and Guster, while his favorite food is pizza! When it comes to foot-

ball Mr. Cramer is all about the Steelers. When asked his favorite vacation spots he said “Rosebud, South Dakota and San Francisco, California.” The quote he lives by is: “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.” To wrap things up he gave the students of the 2009-2010 school year a little advice. “Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. Enjoy your time at Clinton High and be involved. Capture the opportunities.”

Español Club El club de español está abierto a todos los estudiantes de español. Hay siempre una balsa para regresa a casa (a menos que el desfile se cancela.) Todos los años hay dos viajes posibles: en el

invierno o la primavera. Si el viaje está en el invierno, por Navidad, el club visitan Chicago para ver el festivo de los arboles. Personas de muchos países decoran árboles en el estilo de sus culturas. Si el viaje está en la primavera, el viaje estaría a

Chicago para visitar los Museos de Field y Ciencia y Industria. Las sesiónes están apostadas en las clases de español y en los anuncias. ¡Ojalá que verán ustedes allí!

white trim. The drum line got everyone’s attention with their outstanding performance as well as their neon splashed costumes. As always, the games were fun to watch and kept everyone interested. Watching the foot-

ball players passing a ball with their feet became an intriguing scene to watch with the addition of glow tape. As the assembly came to a close and the lights turned on there was no doubt that this assembly is one that won’t soon be for-

gotten! Special thanks goes out to all of the students, staff, and parents for donating all of their time, black lights, and other supplies that helped make this homecoming pep assembly both a remarkable and an unforgettable one.

By Alyssa Wells

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October 2009

Fall Sport Profiles “Fame’s” talent heats up the cinema Football: Patrick Hess

Volleyball: Sarah Massey

Golf: Matt Gray

Favorite position: Left side Any pre-game rituals: I like to listen to music and sing for everyone. How did you get involved in your sport: Since my Dad coaches it, I’ve been around it my whole life.

Pre-game rituals: The whole team usually sings “ I Gotta Feeling.” Favorite memory: Playing “Ghost’ on suburban rides. Why should someone join your sport: You don’t have to be amazing at golf, and all the guys are really fun.

Swimming: Emma Yahn

Girls XC: Sarah Marston

Boys XC: Dexter Klaes

Motivation: Dove milk chocolate Pre-race rituals: I swim my races in my head. Reason you joined: My Dad said I had to do a sport, so I chose the one without any running.

Pre-meet rituals: The team usually gets together and has a pasta party the night before. How did you get involved in your sport: My track coach in middle school said I should go out for cross country and I decided to just do it.

Why should someone join your sport: You don’t realize how far and hard you can push yourself. How has your sport helped/impacted your life: Cross country has helped me develop good work ethic.

Goals for the season. Have you reached them yet: Get to the state championship game. How did you get involved in your sport: As a kid, I would always go out in the yard and play catch with my dad.

A new club based on faith By Amber Elkins

A CHS student has many new clubs to consider joining this year, but one nearest to my heart is Student Venture. Student Venture is a faith based club that is the high school offshoot of Campus Crusade for Christ, a youth group for colleges all across the country. Every Monday at 6:30 in room 216, the students gather to encourage each other, develop leadership skills, prepare for service projects, practice their faith, and have a lot of fun. Students from all

denominations and faith bases are welcomed. The group’s adviser is Mr. Andy Haan, who brings experience volunteering with Student Venture in Orlando, Florida before coming to Clinton to teach. He wanted to get involved with a faith based organization but there wasn’t one here. Mrs. Monica Clarke, Mr. Jason Endress, and youth pastors in the area expressed interest in starting such an organization. “We’re still in the growing stage of the group,” Mr. Haan said “But we are hoping it will grow more and more.” Mr.

Haan’s interest in the group is supported by his wife, Noelle, who also helps. “Andy and I aren’t here to tell you about having faith. We are here to help you grow in your faith.” Last month through Student Venture, 16 kids and 3 teachers participated in “See You at the Pole” which is a global event where people all over the world pray for their school, their town, and their country. Besides participating in similar large events, locally Student Venture is planning on having fun and inspiring growth. Their ideas include having a band

or praise team, participating in skits and games, and bringing in guest speakers to share spiritual truth with the group. In addition to having prayer leaders, Student Ventures also has a prayer box in Mr. Haan’s room. Do you have something on your mind, something really weighing down on your heart; something you don’t think can be helped? Put it in the prayer box and students in the group will pray for your request. Again, the club meets Mondays at 6:30. So don't be shy, come and give this new club a try.

The Clintonian Promise: The Clintonian's highest priority is its students and to accurately portray their thoughts, feelings, and lives by seeking truth and breaking the barrier between publication and its readers. We will strive for accuracy and excel-

lence in all areas of publishing all while creating an entertaining and enjoyable product.

By Taylor Mckee

As the cold weather sweeps in, one comforting sanctuary is the movies! A movie that really gets things heated up is “Fame,” which takes a journey through a performing arts high school in New York City. The audience views the four years of school from a different student’s eyes, experiencing what they learn, feel, achieve, and fail. Though the movie is a remake, it was still nicely done. It draws you in from the very beginning where it starts with the heated audition process. It shows kids from all different social backgrounds coming together to learn and prosper, and each are into different fields of performance theater.

The actors in the movie have an enormous amount of talent. Whether it is singing, dancing, filming, or playing an instrument, they are already a master at their art. The film does a great job of capturing the success that some people can run into, however, it does not shy away from the hardships and downfalls many encounter when pursuing the arts. This movie is a must if you consider yourself artsy, and if not, it is approved for almost all ages. I highly recommend that the next time you are looking for something to brighten the bitterly cold days, get a group together and be blown away by the talent of “Fame”. I’d recommend it receive four-and-ahalf out of five stars.

On this day in Anna Marshall Birthdays: Emril Lagasse (1959) Pop Culture: I Love Lucy premieres on tv (1951) Crazy Holidays: Global Hand washing Day National Grouch Day (16th)

Clintonian Staff: In this issue.... Editor-in-chief: Alison Sullivan Layout: Alison Sullivan Reporters: Logan Hood, Taylor Mckee, Kristina Armstrong, Molly Eversoll, Amber Elkins Alyssa Wells, Anna Marshall Photographers: Brooke Larson, Alyssa Wells, Brittany Lange

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club is open to all Spanish students and provides a few great events to get involved in. There is always a float for Homecoming (unless the parade is canceled.) Every year there are two trip possibilities: in the winter or spring. If the trip is in the winter, for Christmas, the club visits Chicago to see the festival of the

trees. People of many countries decorate trees in the style of their cultures. If the trip is in the spring, the trip will be to Chicago to visit the Field Museum and Museum of Science and Industry. Meetings are posted in the Spanish classes and on the announcements. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

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