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Thursday, November 8, 2012


The men’s basketball team defeated Henderson State Tuesday night.

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OBAMA WINS Students react to national and local poll results

Alejandra Hernandez | Staff Photographer Local Rick Crawford and Mitt Romney backers gathered together Tuesday evening in the ASU Alumni Center to show their support during the vote tallying.



Fast facts: - Barack Obama has been reelected as President of the United States. - Medical Marijuana was not passed in Arkansas. - Rick Crawford won over Scott Ellington for the District 1 seat.


itting with baited breath, ASU students joined each other across the Jonesboro community to watch the election results

rake in. Although Arkansans watched presidential Republican hopeful Mitt Romney sweep the Arkansas popular vote with 62 percent of the polls in his favor, the nation watched as President Barack Obama’s reelection was announced, placing him in the White House for four years more. However, several ASU students were more concerned with state and local results than they were with the presidential race. Congressional hopeful, and prosecuting attorney, Democrat Scott Ellington ran against Republican

Xinzhong Zhao | Staff Photographer Cody Jackson, a freshman political science major, and fellow ASU Young Democrats celebrate Obama’s win in Virginia on election night in the Black River Room.

Rick Crawford for the District 1 house seat, where Crawford won with 56 percent of the vote and Ellington received 39 percent. Ellington’s son, Jack, is a freshman at ASU and

said he supported his father in his race while at the watch party Tuesday evening. “It made me nervous because I know how much he cares and that he takes pride in whatever he does,” Jack Ellington said. “He does still have a job for the next two years as the prosecuting attorney, which we’re thankful for. I think he did a great job overall.” Jack Ellington isn’t the only ASU student with a parent running for congress, and while he was defeated, senior Austin Copenhaver’s father, Harold Copenhaver, was named as the state representative for District 58. “I’m extremely proud to see my dad be elected as state representative, he will be a positive voice for Jonesboro, northeast Arkansas and Arkansas State University, qualities that his incumbent failed to exELECTION, 4

What do you think about the election results? Compiled by Beth Bright

Darius Davis, a senior CIT major of Batesville

Chris Earnhart, a junior psychology major of Lake City

"I was a little shocked. You see all these people voting for one person, but the electoral vote is really what matters. I also thought the differences in the coverage on each channel was interesting based on whether they were more for Obama or Romney."

"I thought it would be a lot closer than it was."

“I didn't hear a valid issue addressed in any of the debates. Had they talked about bringing down the Federal Reserve we could get out of our trillions of dollars of debt."

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This week in history:

In 1988, George H.W. Bush was elected as president of the United States. Bush won the six electoral votes in Arkansas.

Brandon Jenkins, a senior finance and CIT major of Greenbriar

Austin Sandy, a freshman graphic design major of Jonesboro

"It was what I expected, but not necessarily what I had hoped for. It was a much closer race than I thought it would be."

"I was excited. I was very surprised at how many states appeared to be for Romney in the beginning, but then Obama jumped ahead."


Stevie Oatsvall, a senior nursing major of Trumann

Using your religion to prevent someone from having the same rights you do is the opposite of liberty. It’s oppression.


Days left until Fall break


THURSDAY, NOV. 8, 2012


Our View

Election gives us a fresh start Barack Obama was re-elected as the 44th President of the United States Tuesday night, defeating Republican challenger Mitt Romney by a count of 303 electoral votes to 206, making Obama the 21st president to be elected to a second term. After two years of endless primary and presidential debates and countless campaign ads, the 2012 election is over. No matter what outcome an election has, there will be finger pointing and name calling from both parties. Social media was alive soon after Obama was declared the winner. As news streams were filled with statuses celebrating success, as well as those decrying the loss of their candidate or proposition, we watched young Americans voice their opinions across the country. The election was hard fought by both sides. Even though there are those who think Obama shouldn’t have been re-elected, the president won both the electoral vote and popular votes. Whether you like it or not, Barack Obama is our commander in chief for the next four years and he deserves the respect the office commands. We have the Constitutional right to vote for who we want to lead the country, and no one should be belittled for accepting that right, whether they voted for Obama or Romney. Don’t place blame for the election result on anything other than what voters truly wanted; saying it is anything else only weakens what should be an important moment in our lives. It has been a rough campaign, but we hope this election gives people a chance to finally set aside their differences and work together toward a better future for the U.S. “Our View” is written by the editorial staff. The opinions are not necessarily reflective of the student body, faculty or administration of Arkansas State University.

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Kardashians.” • “Tasteful classy things like, you know, Playboy Magazine.” •

“Who is Maya Angelou? Is she the girl from the Multicultural Center?”

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Why you should be happy about Obama’s re-election The glaring political polarization of America is news to no one. So it is no surprise many people are upset with Obama’s re-election. The cries from the right are full of fear: government spending, health care and allowing gays to have the same rights as other human beings. If you watch FOX News or read the average neoconservative blogger, all these things are evils that are threatening our nation right now. Luckily America saw through this, so I get to explain to you why our future is bright. Of all the important policy issues centered on presidential elections, it seems like people in the South often focus on things that are irrelevant to the position like gay rights and abortion. So I’ll start there. Gay rights are a simple issue of human rights and Evangelical dogma is the only reason it’s even an issue. The arguments used by the religious conservatives against gay rights are the same exact arguments used in support of segregation. Using your religion to prevent someone from having the same rights you do is the

“The real economic issues are job creation and taxation on the middle class. Obama is great for America on both of these issues.”

-Clint Simpson opposite of liberty. It’s oppression. In terms of abortion, the issue is pretty clear. No one supports abortion, only the right to get one. It’s just morally deplorable to not allow abortion in instance of rape, incest or if the child will be born into extreme poverty. If you think it’s better to just put them up for adoption, go look at the numbers and see if that works. A hint: it doesn’t. For a few years now the right has been attacking the Affordable Care Act from any direction they can. So let’s look at the facts. The GOP said the bill will cost $2.5 trillion dollars over 10 years. What they don’t tell you is that $250 billion per year is a pretty great deal for provid-

The only silver lining in the election results is that the Republican Party maintained control of the House of Representatives. Had the Democrats retaken the House and obtained a super majority, America would have made a fairly immediate slide into European social democracy. It will still soon reach that path – but with the GOP House ready to block what will surely be a torrent of statist legislation regarding education, taxation, immigration, etc., we can slow things down. Deficits will still exceed a trillion dollars, and the national debt will surpass $20 trillion before the end of Barack Obama’s second term. The Affordable Care Act will permanently alter the relationship between government and citizen. The welfare state will expand, and entitlements will be largely untouched, crippling the nation’s finances in the process. But for at least two more years, GOP leadership in the House will stop the acceleration of Keynesian economics in America. Had Mitt Romney won, the roles would be reversed – we would still largely continue the policies of the past four years because the Democrats retained control of the Senate. So if we couldn’t have achieved meaningful change (regardless of what you believe that change should be) in America despite who won the presidency, how should we feel about the political

“I am using it as an example of the innovative, unorthodox thinking I believe to be necessary to begin solving problems faced by modern society.”

- Zachary Lott process? I believe it is time to begin thinking about politics in a completely new manner. Bill Whittle, a writer and pilot from Los Angeles, proposed in a video streamed on UStream Tuesday night after the election what he calls “parallel structures” – that is, free associations of individuals seeking to do for themselves what the government has failed to do. One of his core examples – education – was especially impressive. He talked about the idea of Americans each contributing $10 a month to a web-based school that would instruct students in all aspects of education. With 1 million Americans contributing, that would be $120 million a year available



ing millions of people with health coverage they didn’t have before. Our defense budget for 2012 is $1 trillion; four times the cost of health care, but Romney was okay with that. Thanks to Americans making the right choice, we have a president that will favor the health of 17.6 million children with pre-existing conditions over a massive weapons company’s profit margin. Many people are worried about the national debt. Debt-hawks have been fear mongering for years, saying “any day now” the nation will collapse. I encourage everyone to read an article by Paul Krugman, a Nobel winning economist, titled “Nobody Understands Debt.” He does a great job of explaining why the “fiscal cliff ”

is essentially a myth, and it’s a terrible shame that Americans have been electing politicians on this issue alone. So the real economic issues are job creation and taxation on the middle class. Obama is great for America on both of these issues. I point the reader to the American Jobs Act. This bill includes the $245 billion dollars in payroll tax cuts. That’s money that goes directly into the pockets of American workers. This alone is great for getting people spending again, and subsequently getting the economy back on track. The bill also includes: a) $50 billion to infrastructure projects, b) $35 billion to protect the jobs of teachers, police and firefighters, c) $30 billion to public schools, and d) $15 to construction projects on foreclosed homes. All of these things either directly create jobs or prevent job loss. This is intrinsically good for the American people. Clint Simpson is a senior political science and philosophy major of Russellville.

It’s time to think outside of the box after election


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for use. Ten million Americans would give $1.2 billion. Costs would go toward paying instructors and providing students with necessary tools like reading materials. Teachers would host online streams of lectures, and each state could have its own model and curriculum. Think of a rigorous, cooperative home schooling program on a massive scale. People would still pay their taxes, ceding to the government whatever it asked to maintain the public school system. But such online schools would run parallel with the existing government-run ones. This idea may appear utopian, and that may be a fair criticism. I am not necessarily endorsing it – I am using

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it as an example of the innovative, unorthodox thinking I believe to be necessary to begin solving problems faced by modern society. This idea can be applied to all manners of things, including labor. Instead of viewing ourselves as workers for a specific company, society can begin organizing itself as a collection of private contractors. If this sounds appealing to you, research “crowd sourcing government.” You’ll find people of all ideological stripes toying with these ideas. Think Kickstarter and apply it to issues such as bridge-building. I don’t know if I’m ready to fully embrace crowd sourcing, but it’s far more appealing than fighting the same political battles each election cycle. It’s time to think outside the box. Zachary Lott is a freshman journalism major of Jonesboro.

Editorial Policy Opinions expressed in personal columns are those of the writers and may not reflect the opinions of the staff as a whole. “Our View” represents the opinions of the editorial staff and is written by members of the editorial board. Columns, letters to the editor, cartoons and other content on the opinion page are the views of the author. Content does not necessarily represent the opinion of The Herald.



THURSDAY, NOV. 8, 2012

‘I find your lack of faith disturbing’ Disney buys Star Wars, plans future movies CALEB HENNINGTON #LIFE EDITOR

Four billion dollars; that’s the price it costs for one major creative corporation to buy another. On Oct. 30 The Walt Disney Co. purchased the rights for Lucasfilm Ltd. from George Lucas in a deal that will spawn a new trilogy of movies, and the first in the trilogy, “Episode VII,” is set to release in 2015. George Lucas, who once said he would never make another Star Wars movie for the silver screen, said in an interview posted on YouTube he was giving the rights to Disney so the films would have a much longer life. “I get to be a fan now…I sort of look forward to it. It’s a lot more fun actually, than actually having to go out into the mud and snow,” Lucas said. Lucasfilm Ltd., which was founded as an independent film making company by Lucas in 1971, produced its first film, “American Graffiti,” in 1973. The first Star Wars film, which was given the secondary title “Episode IV: A New Hope” after the movie’s theatrical re-release in 1981, was the only Star Wars film to actually be directed by Lucas, before he returned for the prequels beginning in 1999. “Episode VII,” which has yet to be given a title, director or screenwriter, will be followed by Episode VIII and IX and will continue the story past the events of 1983’s “Return of the Jedi.” The trilogy could possibly continue the story of the original trilogy’s protagonists Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia. The $4.05 billion buyout not only gives Disney ownership of Lucasfilm, it also includes the hightech production companies Industrial Light & Magic and Skywalker Sound. Disney will also own LucasArts, the video game development company that produced “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” and “Star Wars: Battlefront,” the Cartoon Network television series “The Clone Wars,” and the Indiana Jones movie franchise. Matt Pierce, a sophomore physical therapy major of Jonesboro and longtime Star Wars fan, said he has mixed feelings about the buyout. “I honestly don’t know how I feel about it. I

mean, Disney has done great with movies like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘The Avengers,’ but this is Star Wars,” Pierce said. “I hope they realize how delicate this is and how serious the fans take Star Wars.” Fans of the Star Wars movies are very dedicated and adamant about their movies. When “Episode 1: The Phantom Menace” was released in theaters in 1999, it introduced a number of new characters, including the Gungan Grand Army General Jar Jar Binks. Binks was added to the film mainly for comic relief, but fans’ reactions to the character were less than encouraging. Pierce also expressed concern over the new movie’s direction and how Disney being the owner could affect the saga. “I’m crossing my fingers on this and hoping Star Wars isn’t ruined and Princess Leia isn’t dubbed as a Disney Princess,” he said. The current co-chairman of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, will be taking over as the division’s president once the deal is finalized, and she will be required to report to the Alan Horn, the chairman of Walt Disney Studios. Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm isn’t the first time the historical film company has bought another large company. Disney also owns the rights to Pixar, ESPN, ABC and Marvel comics. Brittany Roe, a junior English major of Jonesboro, is another longtime fan of the Star Wars saga. She also is equal parts excited and worried about the next stage for Star Wars. “Honestly, my initial reaction was happiness. I love Star Wars, so hearing that there would be more of them made me excited,” Roe said. “But I started thinking about it and I just sort of started thinking ‘why beat a dead horse?’ Those movies are

-Disney bought Lucasfilms for $4.05 billion -“Episode VII” will be released sometime in 2015


America’s sweetheart country artist Taylor Swift has topped the music charts with her fourth studio album, “Red.” Swift’s country-pop twist album was released Oct. 22. The 22-year-old singer’s new album sold 1.2 million copies in the U.S. alone in its first week. Taylor Swift holds the record of the first woman to reach the 1 million mark twice, consecutively at that. Her third studio album, “Speak Now,” was the first album to reach the 1 million mark with a total of 1.04 million copies. “Red” sold a skyrocketing 1.2 million copies. Her first million plus record debuted on the Billboard Top 200 chart in 2010. “Red,” recorded on Big Machine Records, reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart and the Country Albums chart. Swift’s record breaking success comes at no surprise. Ever since the artist released her first debut single “Tim McGraw” in 2006, the singer has risen to stardom. From taking home five American Music Awards to an MTV Video Music Award – which Kanye West stole the spotlight from with his “Beyonce had the greatest music video of all time” comment – Taylor Swift has had nothing but success. The album incorporates a combination of different genres. The music flows from country to pop to rock, and even a little dubstep on the song “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Swift collaborated with artists like Ed Sheeran on the song “Everything Has Changed” and Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol on the single, “The Last

Time.” Her leading single is “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” which was performed at the VMA awards this year. The first song on the album, “State Of Grace,” starts off with a rock rhythm. The edgy beat continues with the next single, “Red,” which is the title song of the album. “I called it (the album) that because of the tumultuous, crazy adventures in love and loss that it chronicles. In retrospect, it all looks red,” Swift said. Swift slows it down later in the album to the country-pop beat fans are used to listening to. “Treacherous” speaks about an unhealthy relationship, yet as she says “…I like it.” In the single, “22,” Swift sings about feeling 22. This party song is about forgetting about all the worries, flirting and having fun. The single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” which is speculated to be about actor Jake Gyllenhaal, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Country Songs charts. Swift’s break-up song is about an on and off relationship. Swift has clearly

-“Episode VIII” and “Episode IX” will follow after the release of “Episode VII”

classic and to revamp it for profit could potentially stain the whole series if not done right.” The announcement of more movies also brings up the question of “who will direct the new movies?” “I’m caught between Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class) and Joss Whedon (The Avengers). I loved the intense story lines in their movies and would love to see what they could do with the new Star Wars trilogy,” Pierce said. Whatever direction the new films take, Star Wars fans and enthusiasts will surely be praying “May the Force be with you” under their breaths in hopes that the films midi-chlorian counts are high enough for their hungry Sci-Fi appetites.

Courtesy of Alex Quattlebaum

set it in stone that she and her ex are “…never ever, ever, ever getting back together like ever.” On November 1, Swift performed her last single on the “Red” album, “Begin Again,” live from Nashville, Tenn. for the 46th Annual CMA Awards. The singer delivered a heart-felt performance, which received a standing ovation. The six-time Grammy Award winner is scheduled to have “The Red Tour” in 2013 from March to September. Next month, Swift will co-host the “Grammy Nominations Concert Live: Countdown to Music’s Biggest Night” with LL Cool J at the Bridgestone Area in Nashville, Tenn., and it will air Wednesday, Dec. 5 on CBS.

‘Wreck-It Ralph’ wrecks the competition MICHAELA KABERLINE STAFF WRITER

With the strongest debut ever for a Walt Disney Animation production, excluding Pixar titles, “Wreck-It Ralph” soared to No. 1 in this weekend’s box office after sales hit $49.1 million. The film, which cost $165 million to produce, debuted in 3,752 theaters according to CNN. “Wreck-It Ralph” averaged $13,086 in ticket sales per theater. Wreck-It Ralph is a villain in the videogame “Fix-It Felix.” Ralph becomes depressed and lonely after years of being treated as an outsider for always wrecking buildings in the game. The other characters in the game, including Felix, tell him he can’t come to the 30th year anniversary party of “Fix-It Felix.” Ralph decides to leave the game to find a medal so he can join his fellow game-mates in the celebration. After leaving his game, Ralph, voiced by John C.

-”Wreck-It Ralph” obtained the top spot in this weekend’s box office sales. -The film cost $165 million to produce. Reilly, travels through the videogame train station, which is actually the surge protector all the games in the arcade are connected to. His first stop is “Hero’s Duty.” In this game, the objective is to kill all of the giant fly-looking creatures before they reproduce more eggs. Ralph creates havoc in the game and ends up flying a shuttle into the game “Sugar Rush.” “Sugar Rush” is a racing videogame. The racetracks are covered with lollipops, gumdrops and peppermints. Ralph becomes attached to a little girl named Vanellope von Schweetz, also known as “Glitch” by her fellow videogame characters.

-Chromebook costs $249, or $329 for the 3G version. MICHAELA KABERLINE STAFF WRITER

Swift’s ‘Red’ sells 1.2 million ADEEJA ANDERSON

Google releases new, more affordable laptop

Vanellope is voiced by Sarah Silverman. Ralph goes through this game destroying several different things but also helping a friend. This film has the normal kid-like qualities. By using almost robot-like functions for the characters in the movie, this film truly makes the viewer believe they are watching a videogame. “Wreck-It Ralph” also has a love story written in and the traditional good guy vs. bad guy theme. Viewers may look at this movie as a “just for kids” movie, but adults can relate to some of the games that are in the film. Games such as Pac-Man, Dance Dance Revolution, Frogger and many more appear throughout the movie. “Wreck-It Ralph” came in first at the box office, with “Flight” starring Denzel Washington coming in second at $25 million. Ben Affleck’s “Argo” came in third for its fourth weekend with $10.2 million. “Wreck-It Ralph” was given an 85 percent ranking by Rotten Tomatoes.

Apple iPad, Microsoft Windows Surface, Android Tablets and now introducing the new Samsung Chromebook from Google. Google said the product “looks like a laptop, feels like a laptop but…” is a new type of computer. It was only a matter of time before Google would come out with a new Chromebook that is faster and better than the original Chromebook. The second generation Chromebook 550 has a 12.1inch display and weighs 3.3 pounds. The new third generation Chromebook has an 11.6inch display and weighs 2.42 pounds. Although, the new Chromebook is slightly smaller than the 550, Google said it is a lot faster, saying on its website, “fast meets faster.” With more than 6.5 hours of battery life, the new Chromebook runs the Chrome Operating System. Chrome OS came out last year with the original Chromebook. According to the Google website, this system has “Google applications built-in, it’s easy to share and stays up to date automatically.” Chrome OS also has multiple layers of security so users do not have to worry about updating security software. The program automatically updates when an upgrade is available. The HD-capable screen allows users to watch highdefinition movies on the Chromebook or users can connect it to a monitor or TV using an HDMI hookup. A point Google touches on under the features section of the Chromebook points out that traditional computers can take more than 30 seconds to boot up, but the Chromebook takes less than 10 seconds. The Chromebook also has a 3G-enabled version, which allows users to connect on the go from anywhere. The book comes with built-in dual band Wi-Fi. It also comes with 12 free sessions of Gogo Inflight Internet, which can be used when on airplanes. The battery life on the new Chromebook lasts about 30 minutes longer than the Chromebook 550 and the new Chromebook has 2 gigabytes of RAM, a VGA camera and two USB slots. The matte outer shell of the Chromebook keeps fingerprints, dust and skin oils from appearing on the book, keeping the book looking new. Bloggers and several news sites said the Chromebook 550 isn’t worth the price compared to the new Chromebook, and there isn’t too much difference in the new Chromebook and the 550. The biggest difference is the 3G and Wi-Fi capability. The new Samsung Chromebook starts at $249, or $329 for the 3G version, while the Chromebook 550 starts at $449.


THURSDAY, NOV. 8, 2012

Honors continues to grow

standards, so did the Honors College. In doing so, the college gained more highly qualAlthough the Honors Livified students. ing Learning Community “Students now know it’s an (HLLC) was built only three institution of quality,” Oliver years ago, the Honors College said. “The right student at the has grown significantly since right time chooses ASU and then and is in need of more Honors College.” living areas. The Honors College avLast spring Rebecca Oliidly recruits by going to high ver, director of honors, realschools to set up appointized the jump in freshmen ments with prospective stuenrollment, from 191 in 2010 dents. Oliver and other directo 239 in 2011, would lead to tors of the Honors College a demand for more residence Alejandra Hernandez | Staff Photographer typically have an appointment halls. per day with possible Honors “We knew that at some The new HLLC building is continuing its construction and will add 102 more beds for incoming honors freshmen. students. point we would have to build “We work really hard to more housing, but we didn’t the third floor of Kays, believes living make sure this is the best think it would be this soon,” with upperclassmen benefits freshmen place for our students,” Oliver said. “We Oliver said. believe that when it comes to choosing a The construction for the fourth Hon- Honors students. “HLLC benefits first-year students by college, it has to be a right fit.” ors hall was a week behind schedule due Oliver said the Honors College and to weather delay, David Handwork, di- providing a welcoming community that rector of engineering services, said at gets the students involved with the cam- ASU recruit hard but it is actually the pus and the Honors College,” Lee said. students who recruit without even realthe Oct. 9 SGA meeting. While they don’t live with the Honors izing it. “They’ll catch up pretty quickly, and “Students tell their friends about their then they’ll turn it over to the university community, Lee said the freshmen living in Kays have become a close-knit com- experience in Honors College,” Oliver July 1 of next year,” Handwork said. said. “Not just students, but parents tell The HLLC can hold 219 residents, munity. “The majority are so focused on other parents about what their kids are and holds students of all classifications. “For this fall we wanted freshmen to building a community here that they doing with Honors College and they are have the experience of the Honors com- don’t think about the option of staying in interested.” Honors next year.” Lee said. “I do believe Students are constantly explaining munity,” Oliver said. With 232 Honors freshmen, the col- they will be excited about it, if they can their experiences to friends as well as high school students and Oliver believes lege got creative and made the third floor all be near each other.” Lee said there is an increase in Hon- that is the biggest reason of the fast of Kays Hall its own Honors residence. “The new dorm will add 102 more ors students because more incoming growth of the Honors students. students are realizing how beneficial “We have a brochure that tells the beds,” Oliver said. With the Honors College having a Honors can be, not just for graduating facts and numbers of the Honors College but word of mouth and the experitotal enrollment of 815, not all students purposes. “Honors knows who they are and ences of our students mean way more to can live in the Honors housing. The Honors College allows for a very when students visit, they see that Hon- prospective students and you can’t put mixed living situation. N’Deea Lee, a ors does what it says it will do,” Lee said. that on a brochure,” Oliver said. When ASU raised its admissions sophomore honors student and RA for



ELECTION, Continued emplify,” Copenhaver said. “He’s the man for the job, he will move our economy forward and do what’s best for his community.” Other issues that Arkansans faced while at the ballot booths included a road sales tax, which passed with 58 percent of the vote for. However, the most talked about issue was the vote for medical marijuana in Arkansas, which wasn’t passed in this election after a vote of 51 percent against. As far as the national election, several students were hyped about the results, as well as several against. Junior communication disorders major, Bailey Mustain of Benton, said she voted for Obama and is excited to see his re-election. “I stayed up last night while I was registering for classes and watched the results come in,” Mustain said.

“I was so excited to see that President Obama got the most Electoral College votes and won the election.” Mustain said that she voted for Obama because of the way he’s handled in the White House in his first four years. “I think President Obama is doing the best a president can with the cards he’s been dealt,” Mustain said. “I feel like he’s working to help me out as a young adult from the middle class. I feel like he’s looking out for my best interests.” Shelby Fiegel, a junior public relations major of Lewisville, said she was 50/50 on the candidates. “They’re both in the middle as far as their issues and I don’t think they differentiated enough on them,” Fiegel said. “I felt like they changed their policies near the end of the campaign.”

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THURSDAY, NOV. 8, 2012

Travis Sharp | Staff Photographer More than 100 students gathered outside the IT Store last Wednesday in hopes of winning one of the iPads given out during the noon giveaway. There were more than 140 students at the 8 a.m. giveaway as well, as students were able to win MacBooks, iPads and in-store vouchers.

IT Store celebrates grand opening on Halloween BETHANY GALLIMOR STAFF WRITER

The ASU Information Technology store celebrated its grand opening Oct. 31 with drawings, sales, giveaways and free food. Located on the back side of Wilson Hall, the IT store offers students a wide range of technology products, including laptops, speakers, USB drives and gaming controllers, conveniently located on campus. Although the doors have been open for business since Oct. 15, the official opening of the store was met with much enthusiasm from students and staff alike. Giveaways, prize drawings and sales throughout the day drew hundreds of visitors. Many of the drawing winners expressed their excitement and initial disbelief at

receiving their prizes. “I think it’s awesome. I couldn’t believe I won,” said Blake Stanago, a sophomore interdisciplinary studies major of Hot Springs Village. Stanago won an 11-inch MacBook Air at the 8 a.m. drawing. Emily Elmore, a sophomore animal science major of Maumelle, won a 13-inch MacBook Air. “I couldn’t believe it was real, because I never win contests or raffles,” Elmore said. Niki Pullam, a sophomore radiology major of Pleasant Plains, was exuberant after realizing she had drawn one of the winning tickets for a MacBook Air. Pullam’s enthusiastic response was videoed by onlookers. “Send it to Oprah, send it to Ellen! I want to win a car next,” Pullam said.

Key Points: -The IT Store celebrated its grand opening Oct. 31. -More than 100 students lined up before its doors opened. -The store had a costume contest and prizes for lucky winners. Other prizes included third-generation iPads, Beats headphones, and in-store vouchers ranging from $5 to $100. The first drawing kicked off at 8 Wednesday morning, with the first 100 people into the store drawing vouchers for a chance to win an iPad or one of five MacBook Airs. “It’s been upbeat all day, not a dull moment,” Jenness said. At 7:45 a.m. the line for the first drawing was nearly 140 people long. Often shiv-

ering in the 40-degree weather, customers were welcomed inside with complementary coffee, hot chocolate, doughnuts and muffins. Two students camped overnight in front of the store to ensure their place in line. Gabriel Black, a sophomore of Wynne studying to be a physical therapy assistant, arrived at 10:30 the night before to pitch his tent on the sidewalk outside the store. Travis Sharp, a senior graphic design major of Mau-

Phishing emails bait students and faculty ALEJANDRA HERNANDEZ STAFF WRITER

Several students and faculty at ASU have recently fallen victim to multiple phishing email attempts. “Phishing emails are terrible emails that people send to try and get people’s information,” Darla Fletcher, director of technical services and support at ASU, said. “They’re usually phishing for account information, passwords, pins, date of birth, social security, any kind of personal information so that they could steal an identity or access someone’s email or myCampus,” she said. More than one phishing attempt has occurred at ASU this semester, and Fletcher said this is a national issue as well. According to a CNN article, experts noted Internet fraud scams cost people billions of dollars globally each year. There are several types of phishing scams. Some are links to websites made to look like legitimate websites, such as a bank’s website, or emails that look like they’re from someone the victim knows claiming to need help or are in need of money. At the beginning of the semester, there was a phishing attempt at ASU in which several students received an email notification claiming the servers at ASU were being upgraded and their account information was needed to keep it active. When she found out about it, Fletcher immediately sent

out an email to students to not respond to the email and told anyone that had to change their password right away. “ITS (Information Technology Services) will never send out any emails that say, ‘click here to provide your account information or verify you account,’ or ‘your email is almost full, click here to give us your data so we can increase it,’” Fletcher said. “Anytime a student sees that, they need to delete it immediately,” she said. Fletcher encouraged students who fall for any phishing attempts in the future to change their password to something completely new and to not change it to the old password after a couple days because that information is already out there. Haley Chambliss, a sophomore mathematics major of Newport, said she received the email but knew it was a phishing attempt. “They asked for my information but specifically the password to my myCampus account,” Chambliss said. Chambliss said she deleted the email without hesitation but expressed her concern for the safety other students and their accounts at the university. “I feel like people should know not to put their personal information in an email, especially with all the warnings against it that you see on television and other places,” Chambliss said. “I think IT (Services) should make it clear that they can’t stop phishing emails, so you

Key Points:

Fletcher said there wasn’t really a way to keep up with how many phishing attempts were being made because they all target different groups of people. A stolen password is dangerous because students only use one password to log in to several different services like their email, Blackboard, myCampus or their self-service accounts. Fletcher said IT Services is working on a way to help stop phishing attempts on campus. “We’re working on something that will help identify (phishing attempts) as suspicious mail. We’re going to start with the faculty and staff; it should be turned on within the next week,” Fletcher said. “This will be the first step. We’re going to try and flag those emails and warn someone before anything happens,” she said.

also offers training courses for iPad and MacBook users, as well as basic technological support for all computer troubles. “We try to help as many people as we can,” Fleeman said. “We are just super excited about all of this. We’re going to keep this exciting because technology is exciting,” Darla Fletcher, the IT store’s director of technical services and support, said. Fletcher said the grand opening is the first of many events the IT store is planning. To find out about the IT store’s sales and special offers, visit its Facebook page, ASU IT Store, or follow it on Twitter and Instagram, @ asuitstore.

Campus Crime

Oct. 27

-Phishing emails are dangerous; they can take your passwords, pins, date of birth, social security and any kind of personal information. -Students who fall for any phishing attempts in the future are encouraged to change their password to something completely new and to not change it to the old password. -IT Services is working on a way to filter out phishing emails, but it’s at its early stages and will be tested out on faculty first. shouldn’t put your personal information in an email.” Fletcher said it’s difficult to know who exactly sends out phishing emails and students who receive them are picked at random. She also said phishing attempts like this happen periodically, and IT services tries to send out emails immediately after they know a phishing attempt has been made. “Another one that has been pretty bad is one that if you provide your information, it puts a script through your email, so then it starts shooting emails from your email address,” Fletcher said. The reason these are even more dangerous is because when someone opens the email and their information is stolen, phishing emails are sent to multiple people from the victim’s email address. If someone else opens it then it steals their information and sends out more emails to more people from the new person’s address.

melle, joined him around midnight. Although the two only received $5 vouchers, Black said it was worth the experience. Sales and special discounts also attracted many students. IPads, cellphone cases, earphones, laptops and more were marked down for the day, and students wearing their official IT store T-shirts received 10 percent off all full-priced items. For many people, one of the best things about the newly opened IT store is that it is a place to purchase technology on campus. “I would have to go all the way to Memphis (for Apple products), but now it’s right here,” Sharanda Crews, a sophomore political science major of Jonesboro, said. IT Store employee Andrew Fleeman said the IT Store

Around 1:27 a.m. Saturday, Officer Robert Peevey noticed Christine Matei walking from the Lambda Chi house, and she was staggering and swaying as she was walking, according to the report. She staggered and swayed around the parking lot for about eight minutes, according to the report. Peevey contacted Matei and asked how much she had to drink that night. She said she had only had two drinks, but her speech was slurred and there was an odor of intoxicants on her breath. She submitted a breath sample of .17 and was taken into custody for public intoxication. Around 1:47 a.m. Saturday, Officer Andrew Thrasher heard Lakin Cathy in front of Arkansas Hall being loud and disorderly. Thrasher contacted Cathy, who began to walk toward him unsteadily, according to the report. She was unable to state her birthday properly, according to the report. She said she had consumed a few alcoholic beverages and provided a breath sample of .124. She received an alcohol referral for public intoxication and minor in possession by consumption.

Oct. 28 Around 1:07 a.m. Sunday, Officer Robert Peevey noticed three males walking from the Lambda Chi house.

When Peevey passed them, Kyle Biggers yelled expletives at him. Peevey got out of his car to confront Biggers. He had a smell of intoxicants on his breath and a cup half full of whiskey, which Peevey threw on the ground, according to the report. Biggers submitted a breath sample of .17. He was taken into custody for disorderly conduct and public intoxication and received an alcohol violation.

Nov. 3 Around 1:30 a.m. Saturday, Ptl. Andrew Thrasher and Cpl. Kirksey arrived at the Sigma Pi house in reference to an unwanted guest. There was a group of people on the north side of the house, where officers noticed Jacob Freeze on the ground with another male on top of him restraining him, according to the report. Freeze was released, and Thrasher and Kirksey escorted him to the front of the patrol car. There was a smell of intoxicants coming from him, according to the report. Freeze attempted to pull away from Kirksey and was placed under arrest for public intoxication. According to the report, witnesses told officers Freeze had punched a vehicle with a key between his fingers before their arrival. Freeze also received a persona non grata for the ASU campus.

-Compiled by Chelsea Weaver, News Editor


THURSDAY, NOV. 8, 2012


Chelsea Weaver| News Editor Kristina Aubert, who finished first-team all Sun Belt Conference, is expected to lead the ASU women’s crosscountry team at NCAA South Central Regionals.

Athletes bound for cross country regionals LYNDSEY PATTERSON STAFF WRITER

The ASU Cross Country teams will compete in the 2012 NCAA Division I South Central Regional Championships on Friday, Nov. 9 in Fayetteville. This will be the first time regionals will be held in Fayetteville. Seven runners from the women’s cross country team will race, along with two runners from the men’s team. The women’s team achieved the highest team finish in ASU school history at the Sun Belt Conference race with a second place finish, and is hoping to continue breaking school records this weekend as they travel to regionals. Senior captain Sam Salinas has helped build the distance program over the course of four seasons, and is excited to compete in this weekend’s race. “Coming off of a strong finish at conference, our team is beyond excited to do well at regionals. Finishing the highest we have ever finished at conference has given us confidence that we can hang with the big teams at regionals, and our 9th place regional ranking going into the meet is proof that we can Salinas said. Finishing in the top 10 at regionals will also pull in some great recruits for the next year and help to continue building our program. I am proud of my team for working so hard and I have confidence that we will end the season with a bang.” Going into the meet, the women’s cross country team is currently ranked 9th by the United States Track and Field/ Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA) Division I South Central Regional Rankings, the highest regional ranking in the history of the ASU cross country program. The top five teams leading the South Central Region include Arkansas, Texas, SMU, LSU and Texas A&M. The South Central Region is made up of teams from Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana, representing eight different Division 1 conferences: the Big 12, Conference USA, Southeastern Conference, Southland, Western Athletic Conference, Southwestern Athletic Conference, Great West, and Sun Belt. Freshman Abbey Dixon and sophomore Rexi Parcells both received second-team all Sun Belt Conference honors, and will be key runners at regionals on Friday. “Our team has worked hard all summer and all season, and this shows in our number nine position in the South Central Region. Receiving the highest regional ranking in school history is very exciting, and motivates us daily in practice. Regionals is a very big race for us, and we are hoping to surprise some people,” Parcells said. The top two teams to finish in the South Central Region

Quick Facts:

-Nine athletes will compete in the 2012 NCAA Division I South Central Regional Championships -Women’s team completed the highest team finish in ASU history at SBC, giving them a 9th ranking in the South Central Region. -Top five teams leading South Central Region are UofA, Texas, SMU, LSU and Texas A&M. -Top two teams to finish are guaranteed a spot at Nationals. are guaranteed a spot at Nationals on Nov. 17, along with the top two teams from each of the other eight NCAA Division 1 Regional Sites. In addition, the top four individual runners that are not members of the top two finishing teams will receive an invitation to compete at Nationals. Redshirt sophomore Kristina Aubert is hoping to earn one of those invitations and have the opportunity to compete at the NCAA Division 1 Championship in Louisville, Ky. Aubert finished first-team all Sun Belt Conference, and her times in other races this season predict a solid chance for her to qualify for Nationals if she performs well in this weekend’s race. Although the men’s cross country team will not be competing as a team, two runners will be competing on an individual basis: sophomore Luke Lindsley and freshman Lance Beckman. Regarding Friday’s race, Beckman stated, “It is exciting to have the opportunity to race at the regional level and represent ASU to the best of my ability in a very competitive race.” Kyle Chandler, head coach of both the men’s and women’s cross country teams, is looking forward to Friday’s race. “I’m excited for our cross country runners who will be competing at the regional meet. For the men, Luke Lindsley and Lance Beckman will be competing in their first regional championship. Like the women, they are poised to run well, and it should be fun to watch their races patiently unfold. The women have the opportunity to finish in the top 10, which if they are successful, would be a first in program history.” The race will be hosted by University of Arkansas and will take place at Agri Park, a course that the team raced on earlier this season during the Chile Pepper race, allowing the runners to be familiar with the course and race environment. The starting gun for the women’s 6K is scheduled to go off at 11 a.m., followed by the men’s 8K at 12:15 p.m.

Liberty Bank Stadium ASU v. ULM

6p.m. Thursday Red Wolves Rising

Staci Vandagriff| Photo Editor Junior forward Kendrick Washington drives past a Henderson State player. Washington was five for eight with two blocks.

Reddies not ready for ASU Men’s basketball closes out exhibition games BENTON BAJOREK STAFF WRITER

On Tuesday, the Arkansas State men’s basketball team beat Henderson State University 95-65 in its last exhibition game of the season. ASU started to run up the score early in the game. With the game tied at 4-4, senior Brandon Peterson scored back-to-back baskets followed by a tip-in from junior Kendrick Washington. After two more field goals from both teams, seniors Trey Finn and Marcus Hooten made three-pointers to give the Red Wolves a comfortable 20-8 lead in the first six minutes. Finn would finish the night three-of-four from the floor and two free throws for nine points. Hooten scored 20 points on eight-of-nine field goals to lead the ASU attack. Peterson earned a doubledouble with 12 points and 11 boards. Washington, Worsham Raeford, and Ed Townsel contributed double digit scores for the Red Wolves. “I thought we got better tonight,” said head coach John Brady. “I thought we played better, particularly defensively the second half, and we were pretty consistent offensively throughout the game. I was proud of our team for playing better and doing better.” The Red Wolves were able to limit Henderson State’s offense to 23-of-64 (35.9 percent) in shooting. ASU also forced 16 turnovers, three blocks, and nine steals to add to the defensive effort. “The first half we didn’t pay that good… but [in the] second half we locked them down a little bit,” said Hooten when asked about the defense.

Quick Facts:

-Win 95-65 aginst Henderson State -Sixteen turnovers, three blocks and nine steals -Regular season begins against Dayton Saturday at 1p.m.

Depth began to play a factor as the game progressed. The A-State bench out-produced the Reddie bench 36-14. In addition to the scoring pressure, the deep bench allowed several substitutions to rest players throughout the game. “I thought our depth played a role in it,” stated coach Brady. “(It) gave our guys some breaks… and we kinda wore them down at the end.” Offensive production was high for the Red Wolves. In addition to holding a double-digit lead most of the game, they shot 38-of68 (55.9percent) from the floor and made eight-of-19 (42.1percent) from behind the arc. Junior Ed Townsel felt confident in the way the offense was clicking stating, “We feel good about the offensive end. We feel like we can score way more than we use too.” Townsel had 18 points on seven-of-nine shots from the floor. Twelve of those points were from three-point shots. The win closes out exhibition play for ASU as it prepare to start its season on the road against Dayton. “It will be a good test for our team,” coach Brady said. The first tip-off of the regular season will be at 1 p.m. on Saturday in Dayton, Ohio

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