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A look at Alpha Sigma’s athletic history


2 Fall 2013 Alpha Sigma Fiji Newsletter

Letter from the president

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John Sullivan ’13 Publications chairman 313.701.1761 Austin Peck ’14 Corresponding secretary 480.246.1950 Greg Leach ’16 Graduate relations chairman 925.858.7810


Dear undergraduate and graduate brothers, The past year was a great one for Fiji. We initiated 45 new brothers, 33 last fall. We held our first philanthropy in many years, the Phi Gam Beach Jam, which was very successful with five sororities participating. Our adopted street continues to be kept very clean near our complex on Lemon and Terrace. The house GPA continued to rise to 3.1, the third highest of any Interfraternity Council organization at ASU. As the previous IFC president, I am very involved in the Fraternity and Sorority Life Office. One of the greatest strengths that I bring to the Alpha Sigma chapter is that I have seen how chapters rise and fall at ASU. I have a strong hope that we will continue to stay on the upside of ASU. Our university adviser, Jameson Root, sees great potential in the Alpha Sigma chapter and will be working closely with

“I plan on focusing a large amount of our time and effort in community service and philanthropy.”

Jeb Schmidt ’14

us this year. I plan on focusing a large amount of our time and effort in community service and philanthropy. There are so many opportunities that we can partake in to help better our image and the community. Secondly, I plan on creating a plan for sustainability.

Now that our house is over 100 men, I would like to keep it that way. Fraternally, Jeb Schmidt ’14 Perge! Reach Jeb at 631.512.6052 or

Brother Profiles


From the cover


From Olympic gold medalists to professional athletes, Alpha Sigma has had its share of athletic success stories. Today, we profile two of them.

Bando recalls ASU baseball, Alpha Sigma’s early days


N 1965, THE YEAR Alpha Sigma was chartered, Sun Devils Baseball won the College World Series and the ASU Fiji flag football team won the intramural championship. One man, brother Sal Bando ’66, played on both teams. Today, Bando is remembered for far greater accomplishments, like three World Series wins and his long Major League Baseball career. But, he said, he still looks back fondly at his college days. Born in Ohio, a baseball scholarship and a chance to play for Coach Bobby Winkles brought Bando out to ASU. “When I was here, nobody lived in Tempe, there was nothing there, and the school was nowhere near as big,” Bando said. “It was really a small, intimate school.” Both the Sun Devils baseball program and the Fiji chapter were relatively new on campus, but both organizations made a strong showing from the beginning. The ASU baseball team was founded in 1959 and within a decade had already won three National Championships. It has remained a college baseball powerhouse to this day, being nationally ranked every year in its history, holding the highest winning percentage of

Sal Bando ’66 is interviewed while being inducted into the College Baseball Hall of Fame last summer.

any Pac-12 school and having more consecutive 30-win seasons than any program in the nation. The fraternity chapter, meanwhile, had just finished its colony period and was off to a strong start, featuring student body presidents, ASU football and baseball athletes and other student leaders. “For a new (chapter), it was very strong with a lot of good guys that were on campus already that hadn’t belonged to fraternities,” Bando said. Bando’s favorite memories included the social atmosphere, athletics, camaraderie, get-togethers after football and basketball games and on weekends, Fiji Islander and Pig Dinner — “just meeting people, becoming friends and enjoying life.” After college, Bando played for the Kansas City and Oak-

land Athletics (1966-76) and the Milwaukee Brewers (1977-81). Upon retirement, Bando served as a color analyst at NBC alongside Bob Costas, was general manager of the Brewers from 199199 and, to top it all off, made a cameo appearance on The Simpsons in 2006. The highlight of his career was playing on the most dominate MLB team of the ’70s. Bando captained the A’s during their 1971-75 championship years and led the team in RBIs three times. He was the second American League third baseman to hit 200 career home runs. Bando said his fraternity and athletic experiences complemented each other. “Being in a fraternity is much like being on a baseball team,” Bando said. “You’ve got teammates, you’ve got fraternity brothers. You play as a team in baseball, you function as a team in a fraternity. They are very similar, and my athletic experience helped me to fit in with the fraternity experience.” Last year, Bando was inducted into the College Baseball Hall of Fame. “He’s one of the people who put ASU baseball on the map,” ASU Senior Associate Athletic Director Don Bocchi said in

a university release. “He had some really good teammates, but he was one of the guys who was on top of the pack. Sal Bando was out front in paving the way for the legacy that is ASU baseball.” Bando’s Sun Devils team won a national record 54 games. In the 1965 National Championship game, Bando scored the winning run against Ohio State, which helped him get named MVP of the College World Series. His number was retired in 1996. “It was a very nice honor to be put in the College Baseball Hall of Fame,” Bando said. “I’m very appreciative, I’m humbled by it. It’s one of the highlights of my professional career.” Bando suggests that undergraduate students “enjoy their experience in school. Treasure it before you have to get into the real world because everything changes.” Today, Bando is retired and lives in Wisconsin and Arizona. He spends time with his wife of 45 years, three sons and seven grandchildren. He still comes to ASU frequently and roots on the football and basketball team — and, of course, the baseball team, which is continuing his legacy today.

4 Fall 2013 Alpha Sigma Fiji Newsletter

’70s grad and son make golf history


FTER OCTOBER’S Homecoming football game, former ASU golf player and brother Dave Derminio ’74 was sitting in a box in the stadium with Sun Devils Golf Coach Tim Nicolson. “Timmy and I were just talking after the game and a guy came in to clean up the box and said, ‘You wouldn’t believe what some of these fraternity guys did — it looks really cool,’” Derminio said. He and Nicolson left the box and saw the word Fiji burning in the flares in the side of A Mountain. “I walked out and said, ‘Those are my brothers!’” Derminio said. “I took a bunch of pictures and sent them to all my old fraternity brothers.” A top five golf program, an acclaimed business school and an escape from snow brought Derminio to ASU from New York in the early ’70s. And the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree: Three decades later, his son Mike would also play for Sun Devils Golf. The pair made history in 2001 when they were the first father-son duo in 48 years to quality for the U.S. Amateur Championship at the same time. Dave was ranked top 10 in the country in long driving, was a member of the 350 Club in the late ’80s and won the Arizona Masters Championship. Mike lettered three of his five years at ASU (he was injured the other two), played in the U.S. Open and won 21 amateur events.

Of Dave’s six children, two are ASU graduates and one is a current junior — “She’s not a Phi Gam because she’s a girl,” Derminio said. But golf was only one part of Derminio’s undergraduate career: “I was an officer in the chapter, I was an officer in the Interfraternity Council and also playing golf and waiting tables and parking cars in my free time,” he said. One of Derminio’s favorite memories of his time as a Fiji undergraduate were pick-up games that would materialize in the backyard of the fraternity house on Alpha Drive. “It was the camaraderie, it was the brotherhood, it was the way we all stuck together and stuck up for each other,” Derminio said. “At that time we had guys on every athletic team at ASU and then we had four out of the last six student body presidents. We had a good grade point average, we were one of the best intramural all around teams. We just had a fantastic bunch of guys.” The L-shaped house on Alpha Drive had 16 rooms and housed 32 brothers. Derminio recalled some of the antics that used to take place: “Being an officer, I had keys to the house. When guys would come home real late and be rowdy and drunk and some of us had early classes in the business school, we’d go in the kitchen and get pots and pans when we got up at about 6:30 in the morning and go into their rooms and we’d be their alarm clock next to their heads,” he said. But there was also serious-

Dave Derminio ’74 and his son Mike are the only father-son duo to letter in golf in ASU history. Here they pose with Dave’s daughter, a current junior at ASU, before the Pac-12 Championship game.

ness and accountability. “We did well academically. We had guides and study groups. We took pride in our grade point average,” Derminio said. “We had guys in law school and others that really set the tone of have a great time, but at the same time, you’re planning for your future.” Mike Engler ’72 was instrumental in recruiting Derminio to join Fiji went he arrived on campus. “There were guys like Mike that saw potential in me that as a 17 year-old freshman I didn’t see in myself,” Derminio said. “Those guys I really owe a debt of gratitude to. They helped me achieve things I probably would never have achieved if it hadn’t been for their belief in me. I’ve spent my entire business career looking for potential in

people that they didn’t see in themselves and helping them realize potential that they most likely wouldn’t have achieved if it wasn’t for mentoring.” Derminio has had a long history in the medical device industry and is currently a vice president of Biomet in Phoenix. “When I look back at my family tree, my pledge granddad is a cardiac surgeon, my pledge dad is a radiation spine surgeon and one of my pledge sons is chief of staff at Scottsdale Memorial Hospital,” Derminio said. “I’m the black sheep of the family because I’m on the business side of medicine.” He credits some of his career success to his college days in Fiji. “(The fraternity) helped mold me to be the person

Fall 2013 Alpha Sigma Fiji Newsletter 5

that I am — to value relationships, to think of others and do all things with the highest integrity,” Derminio said. “It was a phenomenal experience and anyone who is not part of it really misses a lot during their college days, there’s no question about that.” Watching fraternity brothers grow their careers and families has been a reward part of being a graduate brother, Derminio said. “It’s fantastic. You just have wonderful warm feel-

ings for those that do really well,” he said. “Unfortunately when something bad happens to one of your brothers, you feel horrible. We’ve lost two brothers from our era. It really becomes an extended family, so much more than a bunch of guys you went out drinking with in college.” Derminio’s black diamond Fiji ring has helped him meet many brothers from other chapters over the years, including six Fijis at his golf club and executives at his

company. “I have met some of the most wonderful people on airplanes, at airports, on golf courses and other places literally around the world, which is fantastic,” he said. Derminio keeps in contact with a handful of the brothers from his era regularly. After recently moving back to the Phoenix area, he said he plans on getting together with a wider group on a regular basis. Watching the undergradu-

ate chapter over the year has had its ups and downs, Derminio said. “It’s been gratifying when the guys fulfill the traditions and the history of the chapter and carry it on and do the right things and really frustrating when a few bad apples tore down the Phi Gam Alpha Sigma name,” he said. “Hopefully the chapter will continue to develop potential in young men so they can contribute to society and help those that follow behind them.”

New Cabinet outlines plans Jeb Schmidt ’14

Greg Leach ’16

James Fulgenzi ’16

Jeb is a senior studying chemical engineering. When not in the library, he enjoys snowboarding and hanging out with the Fiji brothers on Mill Avenue. Having just finished a terms as ASU Interfraternity Council president, he hopes to use what he has learned over the past year to bring Fiji to the top.

Greg is a sophomore from Danville, Calif. As the previous graduate relations chairman, Greg helped with the planning of Pig Dinner and is looking forward to the 49th and 50th Pig Dinners. He enjoyed attending Fiji Academy in St. Louis and is excited for the semester.

James is a sophomore from Westchester County, N.Y. studying English secondary education with a minor in political science. He has dreams of owning and operating his own education consulting firm. Currently serving as the Interfraternity Council vice president of membership development, James looks forward to a great term working with ASU’s Greek community. In his free time, he enjoys good company and the great outdoors.


Nick Szwed ’15 Treasurer

Nick is from Renton, Wash. He enjoys swimming, exercising and bonding with Fiji brothers. He loves European cars (and putting hardworking Americans out of work). He plans to go on to graduate school at ASU and receive a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. His dream is to move to Europe and work for a European automotive company.

Corresponding secretary

Ben Albrecht ’15 Recording secretary

Ben is a supply chain management junior from Oshkosh, Wis. He plans to attend law school after graduation. Prior to his position, Ben worked as pledge educator and on the risk management committee. Ben was a letter winner in swimming and tennis in high school. He still enjoys hitting the courts with anyone who is up for the challenge.


The undergraduate Cabinet was elected in December for a 2014 calendar year term. Its members braved a snow storm to attend Fiji Academy in St. Louis over winter break.





Reach the Cabinet at exec@ Fulgenzi


Semester in Review New members Congratulations to the 32 new brothers from the Gamma pledge class. Pictured: Some of the Gammas root on the intramural football team. Hunter Reed Josh Ingle Ahren DePonte Chad Masters Louie Garcia Alec Anson Bjorn Johnson Ryan Rodenbaugh Jared Johnson Tory Rothgeb Ragen Anderson Chris Trefry Carl Murphy Ryan Pelaez Kevin Leong Jacob Wagner

Jay Hartgraves Ryan Hess Mitchell Tibbs Tyler Peairs Daniel McCoy Zachary Kendle Dan Azoulay Rick Montgomery Cameron Tingey Nathan Heeney Bret Vanaskey Stone Hanlon Matt Filippelli Taylor Waters Vincent Barnett Hunter Desmond

Briefly House improvements

No more white paint and muddy front lawns. The Fiji Complex received several upgrades this semester, including a sandblasted exterior, rocks, a freshly painted pool area and more (see pictures). Brooks Sneed ’12, housing manager, and Craig Roth ’80, head of the chapter Housing Corporation, were instrumental in making this happen.


Fiji volleyball, led by C.J. Berg ’14 and a number of team newcomers, continued its reign of dominance with a fourth consecutive undefeated intramural season (see picture). Football ended up 5-1-1, losing the semifinals game by

Above: Fiji volleyball finished its fourth consecutive undefeated season. From left to right, Eric Sandman ’15, C.J. Berg, Daniel Coronado and Austin Peck, all ’14 and Chris Trefry, Jay Hartgraves and Ahren Deponte, all ’17. Left: Numerous improvements at the Fiji Complex have the place looking Spic and Span.

Fall 2013 Alpha Sigma Fiji Newsletter 7

one touchdown. Basketball had a strong showing with a 4-2 season. Harry Biemer ’15 led the team on the court.

IFC VP elected

James Fulgenzi ’16 was elected vice president of member development on the ASU Interfraternity Council.

Newsletter honored

The Alpha Sigma received a third place Coon Plaque for best chapter publication for 2012-13. John Sullivan ’13 served as publications chairman.


The chapter partnered with Chi Omega to raise money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation over ASU Family Weekend Sept. 28. Fiji volleyball won the volleyball portion of Pi Beta Phi Arrowspike Oct. 5.

Community service

Pledges and brothers participated in ASU’s New Member Day of Service Oct. 26. Several local charities benefited. Lemon Street has never sparkled quite as much as it does now, thanks to the hard-

working Fijis who keep it clean year-round.


The Black Diamond Formal was held Nov. 9-11 at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Anton Nikodemus ’85 helped make the trip happen. Brothers enjoyed a “Rep Your Hometown” themed social with the ladies of Alpha Gamma Delta Oct. 3. Burr! A snowstorm hit Tempe Dec. 6. A few tons of artificial snow were brought in for a Winterfest ’86 party.

Graduate get-together

Dozens of graduate and undergraduate brothers from different eras of Alpha Sigma gathered at the Stockyards Restaurant in Phoenix Dec. 19.


The Fiji on the Mountain tradition continued Oct. 19. Graduate brothers from around the country attended as the Gamma pledge class lit up A Mountain, displaying Fiji pride for all the city to see.

Semester in pictures

Counterclockwise: Brothers play broomball Nov. 6 ... Brothers and their dates attend the Black Diamond Formal in Las Vegas Nov. 10 ... Alex Mallison, Nick Szwed and Austin Johnson, all ’15, sip on O.J. before leaving on the bus to Vegas ... It’s never a threesome without Cole Goodyear ’16. Goodyear, Mike Krejci ’14 and Mike’s date pose in Kingman, Ariz. on the way to Vegas ... Michael Juby, Ben Albrecht and Mallison, all ’15, attend Fiji Academy in St. Louis during winter break.

8 Fall 2013 Alpha Sigma Fiji Newsletter

Counterclockwise: Brothers listen to annoucements at a brotherhood retreat Aug. 31 in Flagstaff, Ariz. ... Brothers hang out outside the retreat cabin ... We had to fit some old guys in this collage! Jeff Frank ’91, Kevin Schultz ’88, Tod Owens and James Crossman, both ’93, Todd Ludwig ’90 and Jody Watkins ’91 tailgate the Holiday Bowl Dec. 30 in San Diego ... Eric Shilling ’16 and Mike Krejci, J.T. Marino and Tyler Bradshaw, all ’14, help freshmen move in during the sweltering heat of August ... Rick Montgomery and Vincent “Tears” Barnett, both ’17, help unload snow, presumably made from Tears’ tears, before the Winterfest ’86 party Dec. 6 ... Nick Szwed ’16, Daniel Coronado and Austin Peck, both ’14, and Rob Merkel ’15 watch a polo match in Scottsdale ... C.J. Berg ’15 gleefully skates around during a social. He normally dresses like that ... Tailgate chairman John Woodford ’16 knows a thing or two about handling hot dogs.

Fall 2013 Alpha Sigma Fiji Newsletter 9

Counterclockwise: Daniel “Bambi” Tyler and Alex Smithers, both ’16, attend Winterfest ’86 ... It’s a tough job, but someone needs to do it. Fijis clean up Lemon Street ... Members of the Gamma class set up FOTM Oct. 19 ... Brothers at a sorority cluster before a social ... J.T. Marino, Austin Peck and Mike Krejci, all ’14, hang out at the brotherhood retreat Aug. 31. J.T. appears to be picking his nose as usual ... Brothers attend the Phi Beta Pi Arrowspike philanthropy event. Fiji won the volleyball portion ... Brothers overlook Tempe from a balcony of the Hub, a new apartment building on campus ... C.J. Berg ’14 and Nick Szwed and Alex Mallison, both ’15, attend fall break in Rocky Point, Mexico in October ... Cody Zimmer ’14 and his date prepare to board the bus to Las Vegas before formal ... A group of Fijis attend a Family Weekend dinner fundraiser benefiting Make-a-Wish Foundation ... Bret Vanaskey and Ryan Hess, both ’17, get violent during broomball.


Semester Ahead

Over 70 undergraduate brothers and 50 graduate brothers (pictured) attended the 2013 Alpha Sigma Pig Dinner.

Countdown to the big one

49th Pig Dinner looks to gain momentum for 50th Dynamite speakers Tim Kinnerup ’81, John Lutich ’70 and Bill Kilburg ’83 will provide keynote addresses at the the 49th Annual Alpha Sigma Frank Norris Pig Dinner. The event will be held Saturday, March 29 at Crowne Plaza Phoenix Hotel. The hotel is conveniently accessible by lightrail and to Sky Harbor International Airport by tram. Join brothers from all eras of Alpha Sigma and encourage your pledge brothers to attend! More and more graduate

brothers have been attending Pig Dinner in recent years. We’re gaining momentum as the chapter’s 50th Pig Dinner approaches. Save the date for March 28, 2015. Mike Engler ’72 has been instrumental in planning the event along with the undergraduate chapter. Tickets will be on sale soon. Watch your email for details. For questions or comments, please contact corresponding secretary Greg Leach at or (925) 858-7810.

Spring 2014 graduate brother calendar 29 January


Spring 2014 rush begins Know someone who would make a good Fiji? Let us know at



Bid night/pinning dinner


49th Annual Pig Dinner

6 p.m., location to be announced. RSVP to

Watch for our basketball and baseball tailgate schedule.

Tickets will be on sale soon. Look for information coming soon via email.



Fall 2013 Alpha Sigma Fiji Graduate Brother Newsletter  
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