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September 30th, 2011

Club Sports Chronicle


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“The team is ecstatic and now even more determined to practice hard, play harder, and keep up the success!”

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September 30th, 2011

Club Sports Chronicle

For more information on any of the club teams, please visit our website at For more information, email: or contact any of the people below. Student Recreation Center (828)262-2100 Director of University Recreation: Joe Carter Director of Club Sports: Erin Carpenter Publicity Programmer: Sam Stroup Executive Officers of Club Sports: Lizzy Lagasse Michael Neve Lindsey Mullen

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September 30th, 2011

Club Sports Chronicle Equestrian The ASU Equestrian Team is gearing up to host the first show of the year at our farm, Foothills Equestrian Center, on Sunday October 2nd. The team is hosting an IDA show, which is the Intercollegiate Dressage Association. Dressage is a French term meaning “training”. Its purpose is to develop a horse’s natural athletic ability and willingness to perform, which maximizes its potential as a riding horse. Dressage is often called “horse ballet”. In Dressage competitions judges evaluate each movement a horse and rider complete with a score from 0-10, 0 being “not executed” and 10 being “excellent”. IDA has four different levels for competitors; Intro, Low Training, Upper Training, and First. Each rider is judged individually and the top three individual scores of each team are combined for a team score. To find out more about the Intercollegiate Dressage Association visit -article by Morgan Oliver (President)

Women’s Ultimate Practices have been going well for the Women's Ultimate Frisbee team. In preparation for our first tournament on October 2 at Duke, the team has gone over horizontal and vertical offense and defense as

well as zone. Some of the other teams attending the tournament are UNC-CH and Elon. The team shows much promise going in to the tournament season because of their dedication and willingness to do

conditioning workout as well as regular field practices. -article by Kasey Telfer (Team Member)

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September 30th, 2011

Club Sports Chronicle

Men’s Ultimate


Nationals! That is the word of the week for the Men’s Ultimate team. As the Vice President I am proud to announce that the Men’s Ultimate team has received a bid to compete for the UOA National Championship. The Ultimate Observers Association is an upstart

association in Ultimate and has only been around for about 3 years. This past weekend they hosted the Big South Conference tournament which Appalachian State was invited to. We accepted the invite with a great confidence that we could win this tournament, and that is

just what we did. It was a hard fought tournament but we came out 7-0 winning most of our games handily and even beating teams we have lost to in the past. The Championship game was awesome though. We faced UNCA and the entire game was a thriller as we traded

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September 30th, 2011

Club Sports Chronicle

“We accepted the invite with a great confidence that we could win this tournament, and that is just what we did” points back and forth until the very end when we managed to pull out a 15-13 victory. I cannot speak for everyone but I know I was speechless at the end of it, my lungs filled with excitement. This win was huge for the program because after a disappointing end to last year’s season

we knew we had the talent and potential to be one of the top teams in the state but it just did not quite pan out. This year we are even more focused and by opening our season with a bid to Nationals, I think is the right way to get our name out. So look forward to more articles

about the Men’s Ultimate team as we look to win more tournaments and take home Nationals.

- article by Daniel Niwinski (Vice President)

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September 30th, 2011

Club Sports Chronicle Men’s Lacrosse The Men’s Club Lacrosse team has continued to stay strong. In the third week of practice we have maintained our numbers, despite having to cancel practice due to weather. The amount of people returning every day for practice is very encouraging for the start of our season. This Sunday we will have our first game at Wake Forest. We plan to come out strong and put up our first win for the season!


-article by Scott Murphy (Secretary)

This fall semester, the Racquetball Club has been turning out a lot of players who are dedicated and having fun! Practice times are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays from 6-8p.m. in the Quinn. We had our first tournament this past weekend at Chapel Hill and are looking forward to our first home tournament coming soon, so come join us for some interactive competition! -article by Carly Moore (Team Member)

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September 30th, 2011

Club Sports Chronicle Women’s Lacrosse The Appalachian State Women’s Lacrosse team is well on their way to a successful season. The team’s first scheduled game on September 18th at NC State was unfortunately canceled due to flooded fields. The

team. Despite LeesMcRae’s confidence, Appalachian’s team came to State Farm Fields with the same mind set. The team was ready to play hard and show Lees-McRae and

disappointment only helped to their fans what they pump up the team to prepare could really do. A great for their home game. Luck crowd came out for the was “The game proved to be a great on the one, fast paced and high scoring” team’s side when the rain stopped game, both App and just in time for their home/ Lees-McRae fans. The game first game on Sunday, proved to be a great one, September 25th versus the fast paced and high scoring. Lees-McRae Varsity Women’s Lees-McRae was surprised Lacrosse Team. to find an extremely skilled Lees-McRae came and put-together Appalachian to Boone with the mind State Team. Appalachian’s set to win; after all; they Women’s Lacrosse team were just playing a club played with confidence and

class, resulting in a victory, 12-9! Appalachian’s smooth transitions, intense defense and hard shots were all factors that helped lead to the win. The team is ecstatic over the win and now even more determined to practice hard, play harder, and keep up the success! On October 8th and 9th the women’s lacrosse team will head to Radford for a weekendlong tournament. The team appreciates all of your support and promises to keep up the good work! -article by Anna Norwood (Team Member)

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September 30th, 2011

Club Sports Chronicle Swimming The swim team has been off to a great start this year and we couldn't be more excited for what is to come. This Saturday we will be hosting our home meet with 11 teams attending. Over 60 swimmers from our team will be competing, and a total of 260+ swimmers in all. Teams that will be in attendance include NC State, UNC, UNCG, UNCC, UNC Wilmington, Lees-McRae, Elon, Campbell, Davidson, Duke and Embry Riddle. This is the biggest meet we have ever hosted here at App. Looking past this meet we

are planning two away meets for the rest of the semester. Dates are not currently set but we will know within the next week as to where we will be traveling. For home meet result updates and

more information follow us on twitter! asuswim -article by Dan Wallace (Secretary)

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September 30th, 2011

Club Sports Chronicle Ice Hockey The Appalachian State Ice Hockey team kicked off their season this past weekend against UNC- Chapel Hill at the Extreme Ice Center in Charlotte. The Mountaineers started the game off strong earning a 2-0 lead from goals by Will Larson and Steven Rausch as freshman goaltender Zac

Fencing Fencing club is still hard at work teaching our new members the various aspects of fencing, ranging from proper footwork to learning how to direct a bout and judge various actions. On the 29th of September the club's first mock tournament will be held on campus during practice as a way of giving the club's new fencers a taste of the competitive setting. Virginia Tech will also be hosting an official tournament on the 15th or 16th of October, which the club plans on attending. It is expected to be an extremely fun time so any fencers with USFA membership who are interested are encouraged to come. -article by Alex Fogleman (Public Relations)

Johnson shut down the Tarheel offense. As the game progressed, Mike Skelton added a goal for the Mountaineers in the 2nd period making it a 3-2 score in favor of Appalachian State. After switching goalies, the Mountaineers felt the wear of their lack of roster depth in the 3rd period. Steven Rausch was able to add another goal, but the team fell short and lost to the Tarheels 7-4. Using this loss as motivation, the team will travel to Hillsborough this weekend to take on the Duke Blue Devils. To follow the team throughout the season, visit their website at or visit their Facebook page. -article by Steven Rausch (Vice President)

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September 30th, 2011

Club Sports Chronicle Volleyball

Appstate Women’s Club Volleyball had a great turnout this year! This season seems to be getting off to a great start with our competitive attitude and drive to succeed. We ended up with around thirty devoted girls divided up into the three teams. The three teams will be competing in regional tournaments as well as our top team traveling to the national competition in the spring. We have big plans to go to tournaments at Universities across the state such as NC State, UNCC, Duke, Highpoint, as well as holding a couple of home tournaments. Our first home tournament is going to be October 8th starting at 9a.m. with games lasting throughout the entire day! We will be hosting it in the SRC, Student Recreational Center, in lieu of Breast Cancer Awareness. A percentage of our earnings from the tournament will be donated to the Breast Cancer Association. We have shirts being made and they will be $11 dollars if you are interested in purchasing one! Everyone is welcome to the tournament and we encourage the support from the community in our effort to do our part for Breast Cancer Awareness. We will also be holding some fund raisers in order to help the club with travel expenses, equipment, and tournament fees. Make sure and keep checking back to see what we have in store! Don’t forget to come see us kick butt on October 8th! -article by Melissa Reavis (Public/Member Relations)

Club Sports Council There have been some date changes for the Club Sports Council Meeting. Listed below are the official dates for Club Council for the 2011/2012 school year.

Fall 2011: August 31 September 14 September 28 October 19 November 2 November 16 November 30

Spring 2012: January 25 February 8 February 22 March 7 March 28 April 11 April 25 Page 9

September 30th, 2011

Club Sports Chronicle Executive Corner

The Executives are finally done with most of the beginning of the season paperwork, and are moving into more exciting areas. Over the next couple of weeks we will be meeting with the leadership of both the Women's Basketball Club and the Quidditch Club. The goal will be to prepare them for their upcoming presentations to the CS Council. These will both take place at the next Council Meeting on Oct. 19th. We are also starting our preparation for the program's transition into the Tier System. The Executives would like to thank everybody for their hard work over the last month and a half that has lead to a successful start to the year. We would also like to remind teams to stay on top of all forms, particularly Travel Forms and Competition Reports. And lastly... good luck to everyone in your upcoming competitions! -article by Michael Neve (Executive Officer)

Upcoming Events

October 1, 2011 -Men’s Baseball @ UNC-Chapel Hill -Women’s Volleyball @ Wake Forest -Ice Hockey @ Duke -Swimming Home Swim Meet, Student Recreation Center October 2, 2011 -Equestrian hosts IDA Dressage Show, Foothills Equestrian Center, Taylorsville, NC -Women’s Soccer @ Radford University -Women’s Ultimate @ Duke University -Men’s Lacrosse @ Wake Forest October 1-2, 2011 -Cycling ACC Race -Climbing Hound Ears Bouldering Competition -Women’s Rugby hosts Rucktoberfest, State Farm Fields October 8, 2011 -Women’s Volleyball Ta-Ta Tournament, Student Recreation Center October 9, 2011 -Women’s Soccer Tri-match, State Farm Fields -Men’s Lacrosse Match, State Farm Field Soccer Stadium October 19, 2011 -Club Sports Council

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October 21, 2011

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September 30th Chronicle  

This is the September 30th Issue of the Club Sports Chronicle

September 30th Chronicle  

This is the September 30th Issue of the Club Sports Chronicle