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A Student Guide

Associated Students of the University of California University of California Berkeley, CA 94720-4500 Office of Student Affairs 510-642-4536 ASUC Auxiliary 510-642-5421 Event Services 510- 642-1141 Created by: Luis J. Diaz, Ellie Laidlaw and Kiesha Oliver

The ASUC is... a student-directed organization, operating as a non-profit association in the state of California on the Berkeley campus of the University of California. Established in 1887, its goal is to serve the needs of Cal students, and in so doing, enhance the education of the students who perform these services through direct experience, leadership opportunities and skills development. One important aspect of the ASUC is its role as the official voice of the student body. The ASUC represents student concerns to the University Administration through its student appointees on the Academic Senate and Chancellor’s Advisory Committees, and its executive officers. The strength of the ASUC comes from student involvement in all aspects of its programs. Most positions in the ASUC are held by students, including the elected officers and the 20-member Senate. A second component of the ASUC is the Graduate Assembly with its own distinct organization representing Berkeley’s graduate student community. Thus, the ASUC serves to enrich the educational experience of students by offering positions of responsibility. The ASUC is supported by an administrative unit called the Auxiliary. Created by agreement with the campus, some form of administrative apparatus has complemented student programs and activities since the 19th century.

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The ASUC at a Glance ASUC Commitments ASUC Funding/Non-Profit Standing ASUC Student Government/Graduate Assembly The ASUC Auxiliary ASUC Business Services ASUC Student Services Student Events Calendar The Office of Student Affairs Types of ASUC-Sponsored Student Groups Student Initiated Service Groups (SISG) Student Activity Groups (SAG) Publications (PUB)

The ASUC at a glance Student Government • • • • •

Student Executive Positions Student Senate Student Judicial Council Graduate Assembly ASUC Store Operations Board

Student Services • • • • • • • • •

Multicultural Center ASUC Lecture Notes Online Student Entertainment Board (SUPERB) ASUC Archives Blue & Gold Yearbook Open Computing Facility ASUC Auxiliary Publications Center Office of Student Affairs (Student Group Advising)

Business Services • • • • • • • • • • • •


Cal Student Store Cal Lodge at Donner Summit ASUC Lecture Notes Online Credit Union for Berkeley Students (C.U.B.S.) MLK Student Union Event Services and Room Reservations Berkeley Art Studio Bear’s Lair Campus Pub Bear’s Lair Restaurants Tully’s Coffee The Coffee Spot Saigon Eats Subway

ASUC Commitments Community The ASUC is committed to providing services to the extended campus community as well as contributing to the area in which most students reside. The groups and programs that the ASUC sponsors are as diverse as the people they serve, Steve McConnell / UC Berkeley including student tutoring of grade school children, free health programs, and a number of different resource groups for students on campus.

Students and Diversity The ASUC also provides a forum for individuals to express their views by offering facilities at little or no cost to students and student groups. This enables students to educate one another by sharing their knowledge and concerns. In addition, the ASUC funds over 400 student groups, representing a wide spectrum of cultural, social, and special interests. The ASUC negotiated and maintains the campus Multicultural Center that offers programs and activities that support social and cultural diversity.

Steve McConnell / UC Berkeley


ASUC Funding The ASUC is funded by student fees. In addition, the ASUC manages commercial activities that return revenues to student government. These commercial activities, such as the Cal Student Store (the ASUC Bookstore) the Bear’s Lair Pub, and Food Court housed in the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union, and the Cal Lodge at Donner Summit, are managed by the ASUC Auxiliary, and overseen by the ASUC Store Operations Board. They are contracted by the ASUC to ensure quality business services. The board meets once a month and consists of students, faculty, and administrators.

For more information, visit and click on: “About Us” --> “Store Operations Board”

A nonprofit organization The ASUC is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization, recognized as such by the Internal Revenue Service in 1949 to support the educational, cultural, and social missions of the students of the University of California. When a group is officially sponsored by the ASUC through the annual ASUC Senate legislative process, and in accord with University policy, the ASUC may accept donations of goods, services or funding from donors to help ASUC–sponsored organizations support their mission. These donations may be claimed as charitable by the donor.


ASUC Student Government •

The ASUC Senate meets in the 1st floor Senate Chamber of Eshleman Hall Wednesdays at 7 p.m. during the regular academic term. This is a public meeting open to all.

Minutes from meetings are available one week after each meeting at the ASUC website,, or upon request from the ASUC Senate Secretariat (2nd floor Eshleman) or the Office of Student Affairs (4th floor Eshleman).

All student government offices are on the 2nd floor of Eshleman Hall.

All Officers and Senators have mailboxes on the 2nd floor of Eshleman Hall.

Contact information for all elected officials and more information about how to get involved can be found at

The ASUC is advised by the ASUC Auxiliary.

Get involved!

Graduate Assembly •

The Graduate Assembly’s vision is to engage and empower graduate students to work together for academic, political, and social change— both inside and outside the UC Berkeley community.

The Graduate Assembly is actively engaged in pinpointing graduate student needs, providing resources, and advocating for graduate students through campus and community activism.

The Assembly meetings are held in the Senate Chamber at Eshleman Hall on the first Thursday of every month.

The Graduate Assembly is located at Anthony Hall.

Contact information for all elected officials and more information about how to get involved can be found at

The Graduate Assembly is advised by the ASUC Auxiliary.


Organizational Chart PRESIDENT The President serves as the chief officer of the organization and is responsible for ensuring that student concerns are given due attention, and that the ASUC works to adequately answer those concerns. This position has regular meetings with the Chancellor and other campus administrators. The office also organizes a variety of campuswide projects.

EXECUTIVE VICE-PRESIDENT The EVP chairs the ASUC Senate meetings, trains senators, works with the ASUC Senate Secretariat, assigns and oversees Eshleman Hall space allocations and provides resources for student groups. This position is responsible for the ASUC website and sits on the Store Operations Board.



The EAVP advocates on behalf of students to local, state and federal governments. Serves on the Board of Directors of the University of California Student Association to defend students’ interests systemwide.

The AAVP represents student concerns to the UC Academic Senate, assigns students to a variety of academic committees and oversees a variety of grant opportunities for academic research and cultural development projects.

Each Elected Official’s office has a budget which is administered via a Chief of Staff and Program Directors. Each office also provides many internships and directorships to run their programs, providing invaluable leadership development opportunities.



The Auxiliary oversees…

Meets once a month to ensure quality business services.

• Office of Student Affairs • Business Services • Reservations • Operations/IT • Publications • Art Studio


• Lecture Notes • Facilities • Event Services • Commercial Activities • Auxiliary Budget Oversight

For more information visit

ASUC Student Government STUDENT ADVOCATE The Student Advocate’s Office (SAO) offers representation, help and advice to any student who is involved in a dispute with the University, including Code of Conduct issues, Financial Aid, grade disputes, residency, discrimination and harassment. http://www. ocf.berkeley. edu/~advocate

SENATE A 20-member policymaking body charged with the legislative and administrative authority over the Association, its budget and its services. The Senate meets every Wednesday of the Academic term at 7 p.m. in the Senate Chamber, Eshleman Hall. Minutes from each meeting are available one week after each meeting.



A nine-member body responsible for handling challenges over the meaning of the ASUC Constitution and By-Laws. Members of the Judicial Council are nominated by the President and approved by the Senate.

The GA has a separate legislative structure to address the specific needs of the Graduate Student community. Visit Anthony Hall for further information on programs or events. http:// ga.berkeley. edu

ATTORNEY GENERAL Appointed position to ensure all rules & regulations in ASUC constitution are adhered to.

FINANCE COMITTEE Reviews Senate Bills that involve the ASUC’s finances. FINANCE OFFICER Appointed position to monitor financial decisions committed by the Senate and to report on the financial health of the ASUC.



Reviews Senate Bills that involve the ASUC’s stance on University and external issues.

Reviews Senate Bills that involve the ASUC Constitution or ByLaws.


The ASUC Auxiliary The ASUC Auxiliary was created in 1998 by agreement between the ASUC student government and the Chancellor. It replaced an organization that had been managed by the students, and is charged with management of business operations on behalf of the student government; advising student government and organizations; operating facilities; and supporting the implementation of student programs and services. The Auxiliary is made up of student affairs and administrative professionals and student staff. The Auxiliary assists more than 400 ASUC-sponsored groups and organizations with programming, budgeting, skill development, and activities. We advise students who produce more than 65 student-run publications. We manage and maintain six websites showcasing our services and programs to the campus and broader community. We work closely with undergraduate and graduate student government in both formal and informal ways to provide an atmosphere of learning and consequential and responsible actions on behalf of the students. The Auxiliary oversees businesses, contracts, and services that generate over $20 million dollars each year. Since its founding, the ASUC has operated businesses to provide services to students that both offer convenient alternatives and generate revenues to support student activities and programs. The Auxiliary oversees operations and reservations in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Union, Eshleman Hall, Anthony Hall, the Cal Lodge at Soda Springs in the Sierras, and activities in Student Union Plaza (Lower Sproul).


The ASUC Auxiliary is led by Dr. Nadesan Permaul, a Cal graduate (B.A. ‘72, M.A. ‘73, Ph.D. ‘90). Dr. Permaul is a career professional at Berkeley and also a Lecturer in the Rhetoric and Political Science departments. He is the primary liaison between the ASUC and the campus administration and is responsible for the business and administrative operations of the ASUC Auxiliary.

ASUC Business Services Bear’s Lair Restaurants Lower Sproul

The Food Court, located near the Bear’s Lair Campus Pub, currently has great restaurants with indoor and outdoor dining: • Coffee Spot: Coffee and pastries • Saigon Eats: Family-owned Vietnamese restaurant • Subway Sandwiches: Quick food option from breakfast to late night. • Tully’s: Coffee and more at Oski’s Cafe (in MLK Jr. Student Union). Many of these restaurants offer catering for events—perfect for student groups!

Cal Student Store and The Scholar’s Workstation

Books, apparel and gifts, computer supplies, photo printing, office supplies and graduation needs. The Cal Student Store has it all!

Berkeley Art Studio Lower Sproul

The Berkeley Art Studio provides art classes, workshops or individual use of the Art Studio for beginning to advanced students.

Cal Lodge at Donner Summit

The Lodge is a full service lodge in North Tahoe that offers affordable rates for students and student groups alike. Open year round.

Bear’s Lair Campus Pub

Credit Union for Berkeley Students (C.U.B.S.)

The pub offers food, beer and soft drinks, and is a place to celebrate sporting events with great entertainment.

As the only financial institution on campus, CUBS offers superior rates to commercial banks. CUBS is run by a UC Berkeley student organization, and is located in Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union. ( Enter at hallway adjacent to Cal 1 Card office, see website for exact location!)

ASUC Lecture Notes Online

Lecture Notes Online is the University’s only authorized note-taking service approved by the UC Board of Regents.

Coming Soon: Kaplan Test Prep


ASUC Student Services Blue & Gold Yearbook

The Blue & Gold has been continuously published since 1875 and is the official yearbook for UC Berkeley.

Student Union Program, Entertainment & Recreation Board (SUPERB)

SUPERB produces a variety of entertainment events throughout the year including Sneak Movie Premiers, Noon Concerts, Comedy Nights and other fun activities for students.

Open Computing Facility (OCF)/Publications Center Ground Floor of Eshleman Hall

The OCF is an all-volunteer, student-run, student-initiated service group dedicated to free computing for all Berkeley Students. They offer free webspace, email, printing and work collaboratively with the Publications Center student staff to offer these services.

Office of Student Affairs Student Group Advising (OSA) 400 Eshleman Hall

The OSA provides support services to ASUC–sponsored and funded groups who are committed to providing UC Berkeley with high quality co-curricular activities. This includes financial management, planning, budgeting, conflict resolution, and goal setting.


Student Events Calendar What’s going on at UC Berkeley? Check out our own student events calendar with events by students for students maintained by the Auxiliary. Every year student groups hold various events like dance performances, culture shows, charity events and more! University events are also included! Special guest lectures, rallies, sporting events (like football games) and other events ranging from the prestigious to the social can be found here.

In addition, important dates like drop deadlines and holidays are included. All activities are on campus or university-affiliated. Do you have a student group? Feel free to submit your group events, like group meetings, fundraising events or culture shows, on the website. New additions are always welcome and contribute to the wonderful diversity at Berkeley.

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The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) 400 Eshleman Hall The Office of Student Affairs (OSA), a part of the ASUC Auxiliary, provides support services to ASUC-funded groups who are committed to providing UC Berkeley with high quality co-curricular activities and experiential leadership development. These services include: advisors who are available to assist in group development, programmatic and financial matters, manuals and brochures covering topics of current interest to student groups, office space in Eshleman Hall, access to mail services, fiscal management services, phones, computers, photocopy and fax machines.

Types of ASUC-sponsored student groups Student Initiated Service Groups (SISG) According to the ASUC By-Laws, Title II.1.1, SISG are “those groups whose main purpose is to provide humanitarian, medical, legal, financial, support or assistance for both the on- and off-campus community.�

Student Activity Groups (SAG) SAG cover a wide range of interests, such as majors, sports, the environment, career goals, dance and music. Activity groups contain groups whose main focus is either academic, educational, recreational, or social.

Publication Groups (PUB) Over 65 PUBs publish a variety of magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and journals for specific and general interest audiences. The publications advisor works with staffers and editors to advise them in matters of finances, advertisement, contracts, graphics, distribution, production, typesetting, editing and leadership.


ASUC-sponsored Student Groups Student Initiated Service Groups (SISG) New groups are forming all the time. For more information, contact the ASUC SISG Advisor Robert Jittrikawiphol at (510) 642-5349 or or visit

100 College Black Men Establishes a solid network of Black men by fostering solidarity through outreach to the community that enhances educational and economic opportunities for all African Americans.

Active Minds at Berkeley Seeks to increase awareness among students about mental health and available resources as well as become a liason between students and the mental health community.

bring about greater clarity, energy, and joy. Free yoga, meditation and stress-relief seminars to on-campus student groups.

ASUC Student Legal Clinic Provides a comprehensive legal resource center which offers legal options to Berkeley students and residents of the surrounding area.

Bay Area Environmentally Aware Conservation Network BEACN educates about the economic benefits of businesses adopting more environmentally sustainable methodology and provides them with the opportunity to implement these new skills in a real business environment.

Bears for UNICEF Raises funds and spreads awareness about the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), its programs and purpose on the Berkeley campus as well as with children in the local community.

Berkeley Project

Alternative Breaks Engages students in meaningful service and reflection during traditionally scheduled academic breaks and weekends. Fully student operated and supported, the Berkeley Project provides assistance to the public, aiming to create a lasting culture of service-learning among its participants.

American Red Cross at Cal

Berkeley Roots and Shoots Provides relief to victims of disasters and helps people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies.

Amnesty International Aims to raise awareness, research, and speak out against human rights atrocities throughout the world as a nonpartisan organization. Strives to educate and empower the Cal community to take action against human rights violations and engage in important dialogue about these issues.

Art of Living Club Offers workshops that teach practical, easyto-follow techniques that relieve stress and Fosters respect and compassion for all living things, promotes understanding of all cultures and beliefs, and inspires each individual to take action to make the world a better place for people, animals, and the environment.

Best Buddies Serves to improve the lives of those with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships and socialization with the community.

Black Students in Health Assn. Serves to retain and encourage Black students at UCB and increase underrepresented students in health related post-graduate programs through support and mentorship.


Student Initiated Service Groups (SISG) Black Recruitment and Retention Ctr. Serves to encourage high school and middle school students to strive for higher education and provide them with the necessary means.

BRIDGES Through multicultural projects, seeks to encourage underrepresented students to apply to all levels of higher education and to ensure that all current students have support to achieve at Cal.

Cal Camp

Serves to expose underprivileged East Bay youth to the great outdoors while also providing positive role models and guidance for the future.

Cal Community Music

http:// Serves the community by performing concerts at retirement homes and holds other musical and social activities throughout the year.

Cal in Local Government Connects students and community organizations through project-based internships in local government agencies in Berkeley, Oakland and other East Bay locations.

Cal Queer & Asian Provides a safe social support group dedicated to Queer and/or Asian Pacific Islander Issues. Personals of ALL races, ethnicities, genders and sexualities are both welcome and encouraged to attend. Cal Queer & Asian also holds a conference on Asian LGBTIQ Issues.

Cal Veterans Group Serves and supports veterans through concerted efforts to bring veterans together for the apolitical purpose of providing mutual support during the difficult transition from military service to civilian life.

CalPIRG CalPIRG stands up for the public on various environmental and social issues.


Camp Kesem Camp Kesem plans a week-long summer camp for children whose parents/guardians have cancer or have died from cancer. Students plan activities and raise money so it is free for all children.

Camp WOW (Week of Wilderness) A week long program in Yosemite for 8th graders from San Francisco. The mission is to empower students to understand the importance of being a positive member of one’s community.

Chicano Architecture Students Assn.

CASA commits to providing support and assistance to high school, junior college students, and UC Berkeley non-CED students with an interest in majoring in and applying for the college of environmental design.

Chicanos/Latinos in Health Education Strives to instill in UC Berkeley students the desire and dedication to serve humankind and in particular the Chicano/Latino community.

Community Legal Outreach (CLO) Targets homeless, HIV-infected persons, and low-income renters in the East Bay in need of legal/social services, and conduts outreach to seek out and locate members of these communities. Provides an educational/social outlet for 1st-year law students at Boalt Hall School of Law.

DeCal A program of progressive education based upon participation, dialogue and critical thinking. DeCal encourages the initiation of classes and internships that address diverse issues, concerns and academics.

Delta Sigma Theta

A Panhellenic (NPHC) public service sorority run by college and professional women that works to provide assistance to those in need. Programs based on five point thrust, promoting scholarship, sisterhood, and service.

Student Initiated Service Groups (SISG) Disabled Students Union

Gates Millennium Scholars Assn.

Diabetes: Unidos Lograremos Controlar esta Enfermedad

GIANT—UC Berkeley Filmmakers Serves students with disabilities and ensures any other students with social histories of injustices equal access to the physical campus, university events, housing and educational resources. Aims to increase awareness of diabetes prevention on campus and in surrounding communities, with the goal of teaching individuals how to manage and prevent the disease through workshops, health fairs, conferences and the DULCE Decal.

Educational Studies Program at Berkeley

Serves to provide exploratory opportunities in education for secondary school students, usually in the form of one-day events.

FACE AIDS at Berkeley GMS serves to promote academic excellence and provides an opportunity for outstanding minority students with significant financial need to reach their highest potential. Aims to bring people interested in filmmaking together to help each other’s films get made and make some friends with similar interests along the way.

Global Medical Brigades @ Berkeley A secular international network of university clubs and organizations that travel to developing countries to provide free, sustainable health care to communities without access to medicine otherwise.

Global Water Brigades – Berkeley Mobilizes and inspires college students to take action regarding the critical global issue of the AIDS epidemic in Africa. Our chapter sells beaded pins made by employed associations of Rwandans living with AIDS. Global Water Brigades is a group of socially conscious students that volunteers to lead projects aimed toward providing clean water access to developing countries through education, infrastructure development, and sanitation measures.

Feel Good

Greening the Greeks

Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children Serves to educate, inform, and inspire the Greek community into sustainable living by conservation of energy and reduction of waste. We will not only educate the community, but we will provide the necessary tools for living a greener life. Raises money and awareness for the end of world hunger, by distributing gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and accepting donations. Serves to raise and donate at least $500 each semester for the national branch and participate in at least two community service activities related to children’s health each year.

Gamma Zeta Alpha Gamma Zeta Alpha Fraternity, Inc. is a Latino interest fraternity. Gamma Zeta Alpha serves to be leaders on campus concentrating in providing: community service, academic support for its members and maintaining the Latino culture through brotherhood.

Habitat for Humanity Encourages students to raise awareness about the need for affordable housing, raises funds, and builds homes. Habitat also has a DeCal examining affordable housing issues.

Health and Medical Apprenticeship Program (HMAP) A student-run program that provides education and opportunities for students interested in health and medicine. Through classroom


Student Initiated Service Groups (SISG) learning, group discussions, informative lecture, and internship organizations, the group serves over 1200 students per year.

Hermanas Unidas Incorporated Hermanas Unidas combines academics, community service and social activities to unite and support Chinanas/Latinas in their quest for higher education, while emphasizing Hermandad.

Hermanos Unidos Latino male support group focusing on academics, social interaction and community service events.

Hispanic Engineers and Scientists The Hispanic Engineers and Scientists of the University of California, Berkeley serves to increase the number of culturally responsible engineers and scientists who succeed academically, lead professionally, and passionately contribute to society.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund Raises awareness about the importance of study skills and facilitates the development of good academic habits by connecting with mentors, tutors and learning assistance programs.

Hmong Student Assn. at Berkeley Provides a sense of home and community in which we are able to explore, learn, and promote awareness about the Hmong culture, history, and contemporary issues through the implementation of educational discussions, social activities, and outreach services.

Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Provides a sisterhood based on Unity, Love & Respect. Develops strong leaders who will provide and practice political, social, and cultural activities, promotes Latino Unity through charitable and educational programs, maintains a high standard of learning, and serves as a voice for the Universal Woman.


Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc. The sorority’s purpose is to open doors of opportunity to the Latinas of the Berkeley community. The primary focus is academic excellence and community service.

Let’s Rise Asian Mentorship Let’s Rise brings together the UCB students who are interested in providing educational and social support for the Asian Pacific American youth in the surrounding community.

Magnolia Project A student, staff and faculty initiative committed to raising campus awareness of the injustices surrounding Hurricane Katrina and serving the disenfranchised, low-income communities of the region by supporting political campaigns, providing mini-grants to non-profits in the area, and organizing service trips.

Microlending in Newly Developing Societies Focuses on lending money to small entrepreneurs in developing countries, emphasizing the effectiveness and power of grassroots, ground-up methods towards alleviating poverty and the problems that result.

Mien Student Union

Serves to promote cultural understanding among the Mein community through shared knowledge and dialogue about Mien history and culture.

Mobilizing Health

Serves to connect populations without access to emergency care to hospitals through mobile technology.

Multi-Cultural Greek Council Exists to foster values of scholarship, leadership, service, mutual respect, and cultural awareness as well as the values of the member organizations. The council serves to unify our organizations, create one voice and hold every member organization accountable to the decisions they make.

Student Initiated Service Groups (SISG) Native American Recruitment and Retention Center (NARRC)

Pilipino Academic Student Services (PASS)

National Council of Negro Women (NCNW)

Project RISHI Serves as cultural, social and academic support for students interested in Native American issues. Serves as a support group and community outreach organization for African–American women. Unites Black women on the campus by creating a network and a strong sisterhood. Provides retention for the Black community, specifically and primarily for young Black females.

Oakland Asian Student Educational Services OASES provides tutoring services for children of Oakland Chinatown.

Open Computing Facility An all-volunteer, student-run, student-initiated service group dedicated to free computing for all University of California, Berkeley students, faculty and staff.

Pacific Islanders at Cal

Offers space for all students who are Pacific Islanders or who support Pacific Islander issues.

Peace Corp at Berkeley Recruits students and community members to serve Peace Corps and helps educate underprivileged population and improve infrastructure in underdeveloped regions around the world.

People’s Test Preparation Service (PTPS)

http://www.ptps.prg/ Provides free 10-week SAT classes to urban high school students.

Phi Delta Epsilon A co-educational, international medical fraternity that helps with bonding and networking among future physicians. An entirely student-run service organization formed in 1985 to address the educational concenrs of Pilipino students in pursuit of higher education. Provides for the basic, healthcare needs of rural Indian villages and provides UC Berkeley undergraduates with exposure to community service, international outreach, and rural healthcare.

Queer Alliance and Resource Center (QARC) Works to create social events, educate the general Berkeley community about queer issues, and give voice and visibility to queer concerns. Various queer student groups on campus comprise Queer Alliance.

Queer Straight Alliance Creates a safe, inclusive environment (space) in UC Berkeley for students to support each other and learn about homophobia and other oppressions such as but is not limited to sexism, racism, transphobia, and classism.

RAZA Recruitment and Retention Ctr. (RRRC) Serves to increase the number of Chicano/Latino students in the UCB campus by carrying out a recruiting program in California high schools as well as working on retention of those recruited.

Reach! Asian Pacific American Recruitment and Retention Ctr. Committed to the service, empowerment, and mobilization of refugee, immigrant, and underserved Asian/Pacific Islanders by promoting higher education to empower these groups and challenge inequalities in these communities.


Student Initiated Service Groups (SISG) Re-Entry and Transfer Student Assn. (RTSA) RTSA’s mission is to create a support group and to encourage all re-entry and transfer students who attend or wish to attend UCB to succeed at their scholastic endeavors.

Remedy Music Project Inspires people to embrace a ‘closer to reality; perception of the world to people by engaging and promoting self-expression through music.

Renter’s Legal Assistance Provides information to the local community regarding rental issues.

Rising Immigrant Scholar through Education (RISE) Serves as a support group for immigrant students at UC Berkeley and informs high school and community college students. Parents and counselors about the different options undocumented students have in pursuing higher education.

Rotaract Provides opportunities for young men and women to enhance the knowledge and skills to assist in personal development, address community needs, and promote relations through friendship and service.

San Francisco Hepatitis B Collaborative at Berkeley SFHBC’s role is to interpret for and educate non-English speaking Asian immigrants in San Francisco on the effects and symptoms of Hepatitis B at various screening and vaccination clinics.

Sikh Students Federation

A space for Sikh students that are against major Sikh organizations today.


South Asian Mentorship (SEAM) html Fosters and develops youth leadership among students from Richmond area. Utilizes mentoring as a way to inspire, empower, educate, and politicize high school youth by creating a bond between mentors and mentees.

Southeast Asian Student Coalition Unites the Southeast Asian students on campus to address issues and foster cohesion through various activities.

Stop the Traffick A campaign whose purpose shall be to raise awareness about sex trafficking and modern day slavery throughout education and advocacy through the community and legislation.

Student Anti-Genocide Coalition (STAND) Increases consciousness about the crisis in Darfur (and other regions where genocide is occurring) both in the United States and abroad; raises relief for victims and refugees; takes political action.

Student Parent Associate Recruitment and Retention Center (SPARR) SPARR’s goals are to recruit student parents to UCB, retain already admitted parents, raise awareness of campus policies and services for student parents, as well as provide support and advisory input to the Student Parent Program Coordinator.

Student to Student Peer Counseling SSPC offers free and confidential counseling and referrals for students on a walk-in or phone-in basis.

Students for Ugandan Refugee Education (SURE) Educate! Is a volunteer based, student-run non-profit organization that provides scholarships to refugees and a select few under-

Student Initiated Service Groups (SISG) privileged nationals in Uganda and Rwanda, thereby helping them reach their full potential as socially engaged leaders of the future.

Students of Ailing Mothers and Fathers at Berkeley

Supports students who have an ailing loved one or who have lost a loved one.

Suitcase Clinic The Suitcase Clinic promotes the health and welfare of the homeless and low-income community.

Team HBV Raises awareness of the disproportionately high incidence of hepatitis B and liver cancer in the Asian and Pacific Islander community through outreach. Team HBV also servces as a pilot program for the Asian Liver Center.

Theatre for Charity Theater for Charity uses the performing arts to help the world’s most impoverished peoples.


A student-led initiative that aims to actively reduce the number of chronic and first0time student smokers by publically confuting the glamorization of tobacco, educating about the harms associated with tobacco abuse, and providing accessible cessation resources.


Volunteers Around the World at Berkeley

Sends students abroad for a month to collect information and gathers collected information back to Berkeley to further discuss and design ways to solve the problems facing the local residents.

Wonderworks Gets young students more involved and enthusiastic about their own education through fun science presentations in their classrooms.

Xinaxtli Xinaxtli promotes social, political and educational involvement on the UCB campus and in the community.

Young Queers United for Empowerment (YQUE!) php?groupid=30 Serves as a student group for those who identify as Queer and Latino/a. The group primarily focuses on providing safe space for dialogue, creating a social environment for networking and community building, and on being active on campus and the community at large.

Youth Support Program aboutus.php Mentors at-risk youth at local middle schools. TRENZA provides academic, social and cultural support for Chicana/Latina women on the UCB campus.

True Asian Leaders Mentorship Program (TAL) True Asian Leaders is dedicated to mentorship and empowerment of Asian high school youth in the communities of Oakland and Richmond.

V-Day at Berkeley Serves to stop violence against women worldwide and stages the Vagina Monologues every February.


Student Activity Groups (SAG) STUDENT ACTIVITY GROUPS (SAG) New groups are forming all the time. For more information, contact the ASUC SAG Advisor Millicent Morris Chaney at (510)643-3343 or or

AAF/ Imagi-Cal Known as Imagi-Cal on the Berkeley campus, we are a professional and student-run organization that prepares comprehensive marketing and advertising campaigns for competitions. Our team competes nationally in the name of UC Berkeley and the Haas School of business.

Acts 2 Fellowship Formerly Asian Baptist Student Koinonia, it is a Christian Fellowship for all students for training and learning Bible theology, philosophy and service.

Afghan Student Assn. Serves to assist the people of Afghanistan through humanitarian means; promote Afghan culture in the Afghan communities outside Afghanistan; assist Afghan youth in furthering their education by providing information.

Alpha Beta Zeta Alpha Beta Zeta offers professional development of women in all majors.

Alpha Epsilon Zeta AEZ is an organization of extreme diversity that aims at excelling academically, professionally, and within their community.

Alpha Chi Sigma Professional Chemistry Fraternity To provide service at both professional and academic levels in the chemical sciences.

Alpha Epsilon Zeta Fraternity, Inc. AEZ strives to enhance its brothers’ may skills and characteristics such as interpersonal abilities, confidence, and articulation. AEZ is an organization of extreme diversity as they aim at excelling academically, professionally, and within their community.

Alpha Phi Omega Co-ed community service fraternity dedicated to providing leadership, friendship and service to the community, campus and country since 1939.

American Institute for Architecture Students A chapter of the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS).

American Medical Students Assn. Represents both medical and pre-medical students at a national level and improves awareness of public health issues in the campus and community.

American Nuclear Society Serves to advance science and engineering relating to the atomic nucleus and of allied sciences and arts. To promote the professional development of its members and to contribute to the development of nuclear science andtechnology.

American Society of Civil Engineers A student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers with the purpose of serving the civil engineering community on the UCB campus.

Argentine Tango Club of Berkeley To encourage the growth of a community of tango dancers on campus.


Student Activity Groups (SAG) Anthropology Undergraduate Assn. AUA serves to create a cooperative academic and social network of Anthropology students.

Armenian Students Assn. The Armenian Students Association promotes Armenian historical and cultural awareness by organizing conferences, sponsoring lectures on Armenian issues and hosting on and off campus social gatherings.

Art Student’s Union

A club that seeks to promote a community for the Berkeley art students (whether they be art majors or a self-considered artist) through various activities like museum trips, private art shows, art parties, and other events.

Ascend Berkeley Student Chapter Serves to enhance the presence and influence of current and future business leaders of Asian and Pacific Islander descent and to serve as a collective voice for those business communities.

Asha Works for basic education in India for underprivileged children.

Asia Pacific Commerce Assn. Provides mentoring and social networking opportunities for students at UC Berkeley interested in pursuing business careers in Asia.

Asian American Assn. Serves to be at the forefront of uniting the Asian American Community at Berkeley; seeks to develop proactive and community-oriented leaders through a social, educational awareneess and service network. It enhances the quality of life at Berkeley through its focus on diversity appreciation.

Asian American Health Society Created to help everyone understand more health issues in the Unites States, in particular, diseases of Asian Americans.

Asian American Public Leaders

To develop the Asian American consciousness in the student body through the development of student leaders in student government and civic participation.

Asian Pacific American Coalition Currently serves 18 different UC Berkeley APA organizations. Its purpose is to educate and spread awareness about issues affecting the APA community within the coalition as well as to the greater University of California, Berkeley community.

Asian Studies Undergraduate Assn.

Strives to unify the Asian Studies majors to ultimately ensure our continuous survival of our major department and to further develop the Asian Studies program on campus, especially in the light of the current economic situation in our university.

Assn. for India’s Development (AID) A volunteer movement committed to promoting sustainable, equitable and just development. In solidarity with non-violent people’s struggles, AID supports grassroots organizations in India and initiates efforts in various interconnected spheres such as education, livelihoods, national resources, health, women’s empowerment and social justice.

Astronomical Society of Berkeley (ASB)

nick_roth@berkeley,edu Our purpose is to provide an environment in which people can learn about astronomy. We also want to build a community that includes students and faculty of all majors to inspire, build, and expand on interests in astronomy.

Assn. of Muslim Professional Development A student organization dedicated to preparing Muslim students for careers in industry through networking, information workshops, and personalized coaching.


Student Activity Groups (SAG) Assn. of Psychology Undergraduates Serves to facilitate student/faculty interaction by social events and seminars and also providing students with access to info on graduate schools and more.

Baking Club at Berkeley (BCB) 04742&ref=ts BCB is a baking club which will not only teach the art of baking to those who wise to learn, but to also raise money with baked goods an help the homeless, including people and animals.

Ballet Company at Berkeley UC Berkeley’s first company, committed to excellence in both ballet and the enrichment of the arts community at UC Berkeley, as well as expanding the aesthetic horizons of both dancers and audiences.

BAMN – Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action By Any means Necessary Aims to build the new civil rights movement for equality and dignity.

Berkeley American Civil Liberties Union (BACLU) To promote discussion and awareness of civil liberties issues and to safeguard civil liberties both on campus and off.

Berkeley Baha’i Club Promotes the values and beliefs of the Baha’I Faith: diversity, unity, equality, justice, and the oneness of all religions and humankind.

Berkeley Ballroom Berkeley Ballroom works closely with UC Ballroom Dancers, a sports club with Intercollegiate Athletics & Recreational Sports, in order to teach and promote ballroom dance at UCB.

Berkeley Bhangra Club

Serves to teach, perform and promote awareness of the choreography and music of the


Bhangra folk art by holding classes and organizing performances for interested students at Berkeley.

Berkeley Cambodian Student Assn. Serves to unite all people who share an interest in Cambodia and Cambodian culture in addition to promoting esprit de corps among fellow Cambodian and Cambodian-American students.

Berkeley Chinese Students and Scholars Assn. Serves to represent Chinese students and scholars at UCB, develop and promote cultural, social and academic communications among Chinese students and scholars in the Berkeley region, and develop and promote friendship and cultural exchange of its members and other communities.

Berkeley Cambodian Student Assn. Serves to unite all people who share an interest in Cambodia and Cambodian culture. To promote esprit de corps among fellow Cambodian and Cambodian-American students.

Berkeley Carillon Guild Serves to foster relationships among students, alumni and staff of the Sather Tower Carillon and to address the problems of new and continuing carillon students on campus in addition to providing awareness regarding the Berkeley carillons.

Berkeley College Republicans Serves to work for the election of Republican candidates to public office, to contribute to the growth and influence of the Republican Party, and to work towards making it the majority party.

Berkeley Consulting Serves to educate students about the consulting profession and provide them with opportunities to work on real world projects.

Student Activity Groups (SAG) The Berkeley Group Serves to use innovative ideas, academic training and passion to enable non-profit organizations to make a better world.

Berkeley National Organization for Women Serves to bring women into full participation in mainstream society, exercising all privileges and responsibilities thereof in truly equal partnership with other members of society.

Berkeley Students for Life (BSL) Serves to educate others about pregnancy resources and alternatives to abortion as well as other right to life issues through fundraising and volunteer work and by providing speaker events on life issues.

Berkeley Undergraduate Sociology Assn. (BUSA) A group of undergraduates committed to the study of sociology and the creation of a thriving community, both academic and social, at Cal.

Berkeley Women in Business home Serves to educate women about contemporary issues facing women in the business world. Berkeley WIB is also an excellent networking outlet for females.

Bioengineering Honors Society (bioEHS) Serves to confer recognition upon students of Bioengineering who have demonstrated exceptional academic talent and abilities in their field, to encourage advancement and quality of Bioengineering education and to serve as a representative on behalf of Bioengineering students.

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union of the University of California at Berkeley serves as the unifying voice of all Black campus organizations and

students in attempts to create an inclusive experience for all members of the greater Black community at Cal.

Business and Technology Assn. (BTA) The purpose of our club is to promote the fields of computer science and business to the students of the University of California at Berkeley.

Business Careers in Entertainment Club (BCEC) To provide internships, job opportunities, career information, and hands-on experience to undergraduate students interested in the business end of the entertainment industry.

Buddhist Compassion Tzu-Chi Foundation Serves to promote Buddhism on campus through community service.

Business and Technology Assn. Formerly Computer Sciences and Business Association, the purpose is to promote the fields of computer science and business to the students at UCB.

Cal Actuarial League Purpose is to inform interested students about the variety of careers available to actuaries, and provide members with an ongoing opportunity to interact with companies seeking actuaries.

Cal Berkeley Democrats Pledges to support the philosophy and candidates of the Democratic Party.

Cal Cooking Club Culinary seminars, hands-on clinics, restaurant visits, live cooking shows, and other cultural activities in the community.

Cal Dragon Boat Serves to make more accessible to UCB stu-


Student Activity Groups (SAG) dents the opportunity to practice and compete in the sport of Dragon Boating.

Cal Undergraduate Public Health Coalition

Cal Hawaii Club Serves to help students gain R.E.A.L. experience in the field of public health through Research, Education, Action, and Leadership and to give students skills, experience, opportunities and support in the field of public health.

Cal Hiking and Outdoor Society (CHAOS)

The Californians Serves to provide a forum for people to organize trips in the outdoors and meet other people interested in outdoor activities. Serves to foster a dynamic group dedicated to campus and community service, provide leadership development and class unity for the purpose of making active students today into active alumni tomorrow.

Cal in the Capital

California Mock Trial (CMT) Serves to allow members from Hawaii to meet with people from a common thread and to welcome anyone to learn about the culture in Hawaii. Serves to assist UCB students in obtaining summer internships in Washington DC.

Cal Japan Club To promote Japanese culture and language by providing socializing, networking, and career opportunities to Japanese and JapaneseAmerican students, as well as students learning Japanese at UC Berkeley. Serves to teach undergraduate students trial advocacy skills so that they can compete in American Mock Trial Association (AMTA) sanctioned mock trial tournaments.

CalSol Design, build, test, and race solar vehicles.

CFC – Youth for Christ at Berkeley

Cal Pre-vet Club (PVC) The mission and vision of CFC-Youth For Christ at Berkeley is based on the words of scripture: to “unite all things in Christ” (Eph. 1:10). It is a response to the call of our Church leadership and our university to proclaim Christ to everyone.

Cal Running Club (CRC)

Chabad Jewish Student Group at Berkeley To connect UCB pre-veterinary students with one another in a supportive community and to provide opportunities to learn about the field of veterinary medicine. Serves to promote the activity of running throughout the community.

Cal Slam Serves to bring the art of performance poetry into the everyday lives of students and give interested students a venue to explore their poetic abilities by organizing poetry slam, spoken word and other poetry events on campus.

Cal Taiko Serves to promote cultural expression and musical creativity through the medium of Japanese Taiko drumming.

26 Open to every student, regardless of affiliation, background or level of religious observance. Discover meaning in living Jewishly and develop an appreciation for your heritage and identity. Participate in the stimulating programs and get involved in our engaging activities.

Chi Epsilon The Civil Engineering Honor Society.

Student Activity Groups (SAG) Chinese People Union (CPU) Serves to provide opportunities to Cal Chinese students to exchange academic ideas and to encourage students to have a better understanding of Chinese culture.

Chinese Student Assn. Serves to provide better social and extracurricular activities for Chinese students and to promote fellowship and unity among Chinese Americans and non-Chinese Americans on the Berkeley campus.

Circle K International Serves to promote community service, leadership and fellowship.

Cognitive Science Students Assn. Serves as an organization that comes together out of a mutual interest in Cognitive Science, educating the general student body about interesting issues in cognition and providing a community for those interested in the field.

College Ski & Snowboard Club (CSSC) Formerly Cal Ski and Snowboard Club, it serves to provide a forum for winter sports enthusiasts to meet each other.

Committee for Korean Studies Serves to study and participate in various Korean and Korean-American issues.

Computer Science Undergraduate Assn. Serves to educate the undergraduate computer science student body and other associates and representatives; to provide a forum for the academic and social interaction of persons involved in computer science and much more.

Crossroads Christian Fellowship Crossroads Christian Fellowship is the college fellowship at Chinese for Christ (CFC) Church in Berkeley. Our vision is to seek and raise up

believers and to nurture a maturity amongst them that will transcends their college years.

CyKorean Serves to help Koreans to meet one another easily and provide an inventory of ideas and information.

Danceworx (DWX) Danceworx was founded in 1984 as a creative outlet for students to choreograph, dance, and perform in a safe and supportive environment. We proud to be UC Berkeley’s oldest student-run dance group.

DeCadence Serves to sing, perform and enjoy a cappella music.

Delta Phi Epsilon Co-ed Professional Foreign Service Fraternity Serves to promote professional and academic interest in international relations and professional careers through the encouragement of research, teaching, publication and exchange of learning and ideas among students and staff.

Delta Sigma Pi (DSP) A professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in university and to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice.

DiaKonos To enhance focus in our lives and release stress through the practice of meditation, and to spread light to everyone who is open.

East Asian Languages and Cultures Undergraduate Student Assn. EALC USA is a vehicle for articulating concerns, for facilitating a broad, multidimensional undergraduate education in East Asian languages and cultures, for encouraging faculty-student contact, and for advancing the


Student Activity Groups (SAG) interests of students in East Asian languages and cultures classes.

and to show our culture to the school community.

East Asian Union (EAU)

Fei Tian Dancers (Chinese Dance Theatre)

To unite East Asian cultures and promote it to the bigger population on campus. To provide a medium for cross-cultural exchanges, as well as a platform of support for intra-club interclub endeavors.

Eggster Serves to provide a free egg hunt to all children in the Bay Area (especially disadvantaged children) and to raise money for children’s agencies.

Ego EGO’s mission is to share the joy and beauty of Korean traditional drumming, also known as PungMul. In doing so, we hope to spread awareness of Korean culture in the Bay Area and beyond.

elecTONIC elecTONIC is a student group whose overall goal is to promote all forms of electronic music. elecTONIC will help expose everyone to this music through speakers like DJs, musical festivals, and with collaborations with other student groups.

Electrochemical Society, Student Chapter at Berkeley

Serves to spread an understanding of and interest in electrochemistry.

Engineer’s Joint Council Serves to increase participation of engineers in engineering society as well as foster a sense of camaraderie between engineering students.

English Undergraduate Assn. Provides a social meeting place for English majors and the departmental information they need to succeed.

Ethiopian Student Union Serves to help each other to retain our culture

28 UC Berkeley’s only Chinese dance performing group, Fei Tian Dancers (FTD), strives to cultivate an on-campus atmosphere that welcomes and appreciates the abundant diversity of the Berkeley community.

Fellowship in Christ Berkeley (FiCB) Serves for Christians gathering together in worship and fellowship in Jesus Christ.

For Christ’s Sake (FCS) For Christ’s Sake is a Christian a Capella group that seeks to glorify God and share the gospel of Jesus Christ through song.

Foresight Pre-Optometry Club html Serves to provide pre-optometry information to undergrads at UCB.

Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) We design, fabricate, and compete with small formula-style racecars against other colleges from around the world. The FSAE set of rules is in place to test our engineering skills and creativity.

Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda Serves to provide college students opportunities in business, business related fields, and/ or other majors to develop vocational and career supportive competencies for business and office occupations and business teacher education.

Girls in Tech @ Berkeley Girls In Tech @ Berkeley is an extension of the Girls In Tech professional enterprise. We’re dedicated to empowering, educating and mentoring female college students interested in entering the technology field.

Student Activity Groups (SAG) Global China Connection at Berkeley

Through the promotion of GCC’s various programs, we hope to facilitate meaningful cultural and language exchange which would provide opportunities for foreigners to immerse themselves in the Chinese culture.

Golden Apple Award Student Committee on Teaching The Golden Apple Student Committee on teaching is a group of students who are actively engaged in their undergraduate educational experience and feel strongly that faculty should be commended for their work with students via the Golden Apple Award for Outstanding Teaching.

Grupo Folklorico Reflejos de Mexico Serves to educate the community about the Mexican culture through dance.

Heart Chan at Berkeley Serves to explore the philosophy of Heart Chan and to provide Cal students/faculty/staff opportunities to practice and experience the benefits of Heart Chan meditation.

Hindu Student Council Serves to provide a forum for students to learn about the various aspects of Hinduism.

Human Powered Vehicle Design, fabricate, and ride a high speed vehicle that uses only human power.

Humanity First at Berkeley

The primary purpose and intention of Humanity First is to value human life dearly by means of undertaking disaster relief efforts, as well as human development projects for socially disadvantaged communities.

Hong Kong Student Assn. Serves to provide a means for its members, in particular for Cantonese-speaking students, to socialize and interact and to promote the unique culture of Hong Kong in the at UCB.

IAS Student Representative Council

The purpose of the IAS Student Representative Council is to provide students of IAS with a voice in the decision-making process in regards to their majors and curriculum.

Indian Student Assn. Serves to educate, inform and present issues pertaining to the Indian sub-continent.

Indus Serves to organize and engage in activities designed to preserve South Asian culture among its membership.

Institute for Health Improvement Open School, Berkeley (IHIB)

The purpose of the IHI Open School of Health Professions is to engage health professions students in learning and applying the principles, methods, and tools of patient safety, quality improvement and cultural humility.

Institute of Transportation Engineers

The purpose shall be to promote the advancement of transportation engineering by fostering the close association of students with the transportation engineering profession and the Institute.

International Assn. of Business Communicators Serves to share career info and resources with one another, provide mentorship to junior professionals, network via the online database and develop new career enhancing skills through courses offered.

International Justice Mission

IJM UC Berkeley Chapter works to fight against injustice and oppression in the world in the following ways: participating in activities to spread awareness about human rights abuses and fundraising to support IJM’s work.

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Serves to establish and advance witnessing communities of students and faculty who fol-


Student Activity Groups (SAG) low Jesus as Savior and Lord; growing in love for God, God’s word, God’s people of every ethnicity and culture and God’s purpose in the world.

KASO. Serves to promote a balanced fellowship where peers may project one voice in celebration of our unique culture and common heritage.

Iranian Student Alliance in America

Kesher Enoshi: Progressives for Activism in Israel Serves to increase the general public’s awareness regarding Iran and Iranian issues, provide a forum for discussion on Iranian topics and promote the Iranian/Iranian-American community, identity, and culture. Kesher Enoshi is a growing community of students dedicated to engaging directly with social change organizations and activists in Israel.

Iranian Students’ Cultural Organization

Koinonia Serves to promote Iranian culture through cross-cultural events and activities. Christian Fellowship for all students - for training and learning Bible theology, philosophy, community service, and much more.

Italian International Students Assn.

Korea Campus Crusade for Christ Serves to spread the understanding of Italian culture.

jericho! Improv and sketch comedy, including entertainment and charity work. Korean Chamber Ensemble is Berkeley Korean student-led instrumental ensemble group which seeks to find another foundation for Korean community solidification by means of music, holding weekly practices and concerts open to everyone in Berkeley community each semester.

Jewish Business Assn.

Korean Chamber Ensemble (KCE) Serves students who are interested in both business and Jewish culture; to unite students who are concentrated on business through Jewish-themed career development opportunities, networking seminars and social events.

Jewish Student Union Serves to inform, educate and engage the Jewish and non-Jewish students about Jewish life at Cal and in the world.

Kairos Christian Fellowship (KCF) Kappa Gamma Delta Dedicated to providing academic, social, and emotional support to the premedical community. We are also committed to various events and projects in the community.

Korean American Student Assn. Formerly Korean Student Association and

30 Korean student-led instrumental ensemble group which seeks to find another foundation for Korean community solidification by means of music, holding weekly practices and concerts open to everyone in Berkeley community each semester.

Korean Networking Assn. of Berkeley “CyKoeran” shall mainly operate as a connector between Koreans to meet one another easily and an inventory of ideas and information.

Laotian American Student Representative Promotes Laotian culture, and provide a support group for all Laotian students and those interested in Lao culture.

Student Activity Groups (SAG) Latino Pre-Law Society

The Movement ([M])

Lebanese Students Assn. at Berkeley

Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano/ Xicana de Atzlan Serves to provide a solid networking foundation within the Latino community in the legal profession and the Latino population at UCB. Serves to promote a greater interest in the field of law on campus by providing support for students. To bring awareness about the Lebanese culture and create a community for Lebanese students, alumni and anyone interested in the Lebanese culture.

LiNK Outreach: Bay Area Formerly Liberty in North Korea, serves to educate the world about North Korea; advocate for human rights, political and religious freedom, and humanitarian aid for North Korea; empower citizens of the world to take effective action.

Longboard Connection at Berkeley php?gid=172812920832&ref=nf Uniting longboarders throughout campus to cruise, dance, bomb, and slide together.

Mathematics and Aesthetics of Origami

A student Organization aiming to explore the beauty and creativity in the traditional Japanese art, but as well as manipulating the idea and concepts of mathematics in origami to apply to modern techniques and skills.

Main Stacks Dance Team Dance group about giving people a chance to perform, creating a nice family atmosphere, bringing diverse people together, giving dancers a venue to continue their practicing and performing.

We seek to provide a space for Xicana/Latina students to promote the reclamation by and representation of our gente at University of California, Berkeley. Â

The Music Connection A club at UC Berkeley promoting music education for youth in the Berkeley community.

Muslim Student Assn. Formerly Muslim Student Union, MSA serves to promote political awareness to the UCB community about Muslim issues.

Net Impact Berkeley The Berkeley chapter of Net Impact, an international organization of 15,000+ interested in making a positive impact through business.

Nikkei Student Union Serves to organize both social and community service activities and to promote interaction and communication between students of Japanese ancestry and for those students interested in the Japanese American culture. Main Stacks Dance Team aims to promote growth of dancers and choreographers in the community through performances, workshops, and competitions.

Objectivist Club of Berkeley

Mixed Student Union

OUA Student Ambassadors of Berkeley To represent and build a community of people from all mixed backgrounds (multi-racial, multi-cultural, mixed heritage, transracial adoptee) based on commonalities within our multifaceted experiences and shared support of diversity. Serves as a forum for learning about Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand, and hanging out with like-minded people.

OUASAB assists the Office of Undergraduate Admissions with its mission to enroll a talented and diverse student body by reaching out to prospective students and promoting the Berkeley campus.


Student Activity Groups (SAG) Pilipino Assn. for Health Careers Serves to act as a support network and resource for students pursuing health careers and to educate Filipinos about health issues facing the community.

Pakistani Students Assn. Serves to promote unity among students and to increase awareness of the Pakistani culture.

Partnership for Pre-Professional Pilipinos (P4) Serves to build community and network, provide opportunity in graduate and professional programs, and to encourage career paths among Pilipinos.

Phi Alpha Theta Our purpose is to promote the study of history through the encouragement of research, teaching, publication, and exchange of learning and ideas among historians.

Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity (PS) Serves to promote leadership, scholarship and fellowship.

Photography Club Serves to spread interest in the photographic arts to UCB students and faculty; to provide a creative outlet and support for those already interested in photography.

Pi Tau Sigma Serves to foster the high ideals of the engineering profession, to stimulate interest in coordinated departmental activities and to promote the professional welfare of its members.

Pilipino American Alliance (PAA) Serves to promote a network of social support through the encouragement of political struggle, academic excellence and cultural awareness while celebrating cultural diversity.


Pre-Pharmacy Informational Learning and Leadership Society (PILLS) Serves to inform students about opportunities in pharmacy and to educate students in applying to pharmacy school.

Portuguese Club at Berkeley

The purpose of this group is to bring UC Berkeley students, faculty and staff together who are interested in the Portuguese language and/or the culture of Lusophone countries or Lusphone regions such as but not limited to Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, São Tomé and Príncipe, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, East Timor and Macau.

Pre-Dental Society Access to information and field trips for students who are interested in dental schools.

Psi Chi Serves to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology, and to advance the science of psychology.

Public Relations at Cal (PR@Cal) Gives its members hands-on experience with formulating and carrying out PR plans for real clients.

Queer Straight Alliance

Serves to create a safe, inclusive environment (space) in UC Berkeley for students to support each other and learn about homophobia and other oppressions, such as but is not limited to sexism, racism, transphobia, and classism.

Quiz Bowl Serves to promote and encourage participation in academic quiz competitions at Berkeley and other universities.

Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholar Assn. Serves to encourage and provide academic, social, and communityinvolvement among Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholars.

Student Activity Groups (SAG) Saving Mothers Research Team

Speech and Debate at Berkeley (SDB)

SEEDS: Strategies for Ecology, Education, Diversity, and Sustainability

Strait Talk

Â Team of students from the School of Public Health who research ways to improve the health and well-being of pregnant women, especially in rural and foreign areas. A professional coed pre-law fraternity established to encourage the study and practice of law. Intends to educate members on the various disciplines in law and prepare them through a variety of workshops, field research and internships.

Sikh Students Association Serves to educate and inform students, staff and community about the Sikh religion, its beliefs and history.

Singapore Malaysia Student Assn. Serves to be an excellent center of cultural, social, recreational and professional activities for Singaporeans and Malaysians in Berkeley.

Society for Agriculture and Food Ecology (SAFE)

To Provide information, support, and dialogue about sustainable food systems on the UC Berkeley Campus.

Society of Hong Kong and Chinese Affairs

Serves to discuss issues and events concerning the global Chinese Diaspora and the development of China and East Asia, observing the impacts and changes happening today and how it affects the development of these communities.

Student Organic Gardening Assn. Serves to manage the UCB Student Garden and to provide information and resources for students interested in organic gardening. It also sponsors classes and educational events. A student-run organization providing an opportunity for students to learn, compete, and excel in parliamentary debate and individual speaking events. Creating a generation of peacemakers.

Student Coalition for Marriage Equality (SCME) The purpose of the Student Coalition for Marriage Equality is to advocate for equal marriage rights for same sex couples.

Student Commuters at Cal Our goal is to help commuter students in their academic and social transition to UC Berkeley campus by building a relationship and a network among past and current commuter students.

Student Food Collective A group dedicated to providing fresh, local, healthy, environmentally sustainable and ethically produced food at affordable prices to the Berkeley campus and greater community.

Student Human Resources Assn. (SHRA) To increase awareness within students of the growing field of Human Resource. To enhance each of our members professional skills and provide a venue where students are able to interact with professionals that are currently part of HR.

Students for a Nonreligious Ethos The primary purpose of SANE is to provide a forum in which open-minded individuals may meet, socialize, and discuss topics of mutual intellectual interest. SANE attempts to create a peaceful and enriching environment.


Student Activity Groups (SAG) Student for Legal Access to Medical Marijuana (SLAMM)

and social environment, while encouraging environmental volunteer work. A group that works to provide eligible students the information and resources necessary to legally attain a license for medical marijuana.

Taiwanese Student Assn.

Students for Hip Hop

Taiwanese-American Student Assn. Serves to cultivate hip-hop culture in the campus community and spread awareness of the musical, social, and political issues that surround it.

Students for Integrative Medicine (SIM) We are students who have a deep interest in healthcare, both in the western modalities of medicine as well as the vast number of alternative global and cultural forms of medicine that many are unaware of.

Students for Justice in Palestine A diverse group of students, faculty, staff, and community members at the University of California, Berkeley, organized on democratic principles to promote justice, human rights, liberation, and self-determination for Palestinians.

Students for Liberty

Students for Liberty is a non-partisan organization to promote the ideals of limited, responsible government.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) Mobilizes and empowers young people to participate in the political process, pushing for sensible policies to achieve a safer and more just future, while fighting back against counterproductive Drug War policies, particularly those that directly harm students and youth.

Surfing Club at Berkeley (SCAB) To unite Berkeley’s surfing community through cooperative trips and events, providing a fun

34 An organization aimed at bringing social, cultural and academic events to Cal to educate students about the Taiwanese culture. Serves to promote and spread awareness of the Taiwanese culture to the Berkeley community through social, cultural and community service events.

Teo-Chew Assn. To advocate for the preservation of Teo-Chew and Chinese culture and for the general welfare of the Teo-Chew community.

Theater Rice Rice! Provides a space for UCB’s Asian American performing artist to work, train, and encourage new artists, and expand the image of Asian Americans.

Theta Tau (Epsilon Engineers of Berkeley) The purpose of Theta Tau is to develop and to maintain a high standard of professional interest among its members and to unite them in a strong bond of fraternal fellowship.

Tikvah Serves to advocate Zionism: the national movement of the Jewish people to their homeland in Israel.

Tzu Chi Compassion Relief Foundation The organization strives to improve social services, medical care, education, and humanism in the community.

Turkic Student Assn. at Berkeley Serves to bring together students of Turkic backgrounds and students interested in Turkic

Student Activity Groups (SAG) cultures. To celebrate various Turkic cultures and discuss current events.

UC Berkeley Model United Nations To learn more about international affairs while attending and hosting intercollegiate conferences that simulate the United Nations.

UC Berkeley Russian Club To unite a Russian-Speaking community at UC Berkeley promoting social activities, networking, cultural support, and leadership opportunities.

UC Jazz Ensemble Serves to promote Jazz in the University community by providing opportunities for learning and performing.

UC Rally Committee Serves to promote spirit and uphold traditions of the University. We have been serving and promoting the Spirit of California since 1901.

Undergraduate Finance Assn. / Undergraduate Management Consultants Group (UFA / UMCA) This organization was established to introduce undergraduates interested in finance and consulting to employers, improve the quality of finance and consulting classes, and expand the number of learning opportunities for people interested in finance and consulting.

Undergraduate Economics Assn.

dergraduate political science education and enhancing faculty-student contact and advancing the interest of political science students.

Undergraduate Real Estate Club Serves to increase awareness of the real estate industry, to provide a network for students interested in the real estate industry and to function as a representative organization of the undergraduate student body interested in real estate at UCB.

Unicycle Basketball Club

To promote the play and appreciation of unicycle basketball.

Unión Salvadoreña de Estudiantes Universitarios (U.S.E.U.) php?gid=47190083613&ref=ts Seeks to empower the Salvadoran student community by: developing an awareness of cultural, political, and economic issues that directly affect the Salvadoran community in El Salvador and the U.S.; preserving the historical and cultural identity of El Salvador; and by mobilizing the Salvadoran student population to take action through higher education.

Vietnamese Student Assn. Serves to encourage and assist members of the Vietnamese community in academic matters as well as preserve and cultivate Vietnamese culture. Serves to provide academic, professional and social activities for people interested in economics.

Undergraduate Marketing Assn. Serves as a bridge between students and the marketing world.

Undergraduate Political Science Assn. Serves to provide a vehicle for articulating concerns for a broad, multi-dimensional un-


Publication Groups (PUB) PUBLICATION GROUPS (PUB) Students who are interested in starting their own publication should make an appointment with the adviser by calling (510) 643-2981 or stop by the office on the fourth floor of Eshleman Hall. Students may contact the publications groups through their mailboxes in the Publications Center, 300 Eshleman Hall.

BARE Fashion Magazine Serves to publish a prominent, studentproduced fashion magazine with a uniquely Berkeley twist, embodying the diversity of looks and trends on campus as well as the blend of students’ talents for expression.

Berkeley Fiction Review Publishes biannually a high-quality literary magazine.

Copies of the current issues of the publications produced by the sponsored groups are available in Eshleman Hall and in shelves outside the Publications Center as well as in the Cal Student Store (Bancroft and Telegraph entrance).

Berkeley Human Rights Review

Over 40 ASUC-sponsored student publication groups publish a variety of magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and journals for specific and general interest audiences. The publications advisor works with staffers and editors to advise them in matters of staff development, finances, advertisement, contracts, graphics, distribution, production, editing, typesetting, and leadership.

Berkeley Jewish Journal

Academian Times

Berkeley Political Review

Al Bayan Newspaper Publication for Islamic Issues.

Alternative Breaks Publication Group Purpose is to compile, design, print, and distribute Alternative Break Portfolios in order to document the meaningful service and reflection that occurs on Alternative Winter and Spring Breaks.

AMSA Survival Guide An American Medical Student Association (AMSA) publication meant to provide Berkeley students with information regarding premedicine and healthcare here at Cal.

36 Serves to raise awareness about contemporary events occurring in the world and moreover aim to provide readers a forum for the dialogue and exchange of ideas from a variety perspectives. Purpose is to provide a medium for discourse for the Jewish campus community to inform the campus Jewish community, and to give a voice to the Jewish campus community.

Berkeley Poetry Review Serves to promote the serious consideration of student creative writing at Berkeley by various methods including readings, workshops, and publications. The Berkeley Political Review is a non-partisan magazine that is intended to educate readers in a variety of political issues and spark academic debate and discussion on the UC Berkeley campus.

Berkeley Science Review A science journal detailing current research at Berkeley, written by and for the graduate student community.

The Black Album

The Black Album provides annual coverage of Black events, issues, moments, and traditions within the Berkeley community. The Black Album also serves as a historical record and represents the experience of those who indentify as Black on Cal’s campus.

Publication Groups (PUB) Blue & Gold Yearbook The purpose of Blue & Gold Yearbook is to aid readers in the recollection of events, issues and moods of the Berkeley campus during a given year. Regional, national and world events; issues and moods will also be covered.

Cal Literature & Arts Magazine Serves to publish a magazine consisting of poetry, prose, photography and art.

Caliber Magazine Caliber Magazine features interesting, useful, and edgy articles to its audience of Berkeley students, staff, and residents.

CalTV CalTV is UCB’s way of redefining your TV. No more big media telling you what you should think, that’s your job! It is time to flex your jaw muscles and stretch your fingers.

Clio’s Scroll

Hardboiled Serves to give voice to the pan-Asian Pacific American (APA) community by increasing awareness.

Harvest Moon Undergraduate Philosophy Journal Serves as a forum to publish undergraduates’ best philosophical works.

Heifeng Magazine Serves to provide Berkeley Chinese students with a platform to voice their opinions on issues relating to Chinese students overseas, and to create a stage for writers, Chinese or Non-Chinese students who are interested in Chinese literature, to exhibit their talents in Chinese literature.

Heuristic Squelch Serves to ferret out Evil, wherever it lies, and dispatch it with swift and fearless judgment. Clio’s Scroll, the Berkeley Undergraduate History Journal, is an ASUC-sponsored journal produced by UC Berkeley’s chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, a national history honor society. It aims to provide undergraduates with the opportunity to publish historical works and to train staff members in the editorial process of an academic journal.

Issues Berkeley Medical Journal

Connect the Dots

Liberator A monthly UC Berkeley arts and culture zine. Its purpose is to create a dynamic publication that showcases the involvement of Berkeley students within their school and community.

Ensorcelled Magazine Ensorcelled is a student-run print and online publication dedicated to the publication of works of fantasy and science factor that will improve the quality of entertainment. Our goal is to show that works of fiction—namely fantasy—can be just as worthwhile as any ‘literary’ piece, as well as to provide a source of clean entertainment.

Jussie’s Comix La Voz de Berkeley Serves to document the issues/events relevant to the Raza community, both in and outside of campus. A journal for the Emerging New Civil Rights Movement

{m}aganda Magazine A Filipino-American literary magazine.

Onyx Express The Onyx Express provides information, news and resources to the African American community of UCB. The paper covers news, arts, events, editorials and resources pertaining to the African American community.


Publication Groups (PUB) Perspective Magazine Perspective is a bi-annual magazine and is affiliated with the Iranian Student Cultural Organization. Our mission is to provide an outlet for the exchange of dialogue pertaining to Iranian culture.

Pre-Med Perspective Serves to provide pre-meds at Cal with a resource and information guide, and to facilitate a successful career in the medical field.

Psychology at Berkeley: Undergraduate Journal of Psychology A biannual publication that allows undergraduate students who have completed scientific studies in psychology to disseminate their findings to the scientific community at large, thereby promoting excellence in and encouraging further undergraduate research in psychology.

The Smart Ass Serves to act as a campus forum for progressive issues and public policy concerns with a mixture of news, humor, commentary, satire, and analysis.

To an Unknown God A journal of Christian thought at Berkeley.

The Triple Helix Serves to publish a bi-annual journal that promotes the understanding of the impact of science and technology on society and their interaction with the law.

Troika Magazine Vagabond Serves to promote cultural awareness on campus to encourage creativity and artistic innovations and to establish a cultural legacy on campus by publishing high quality multilingual, literary works.


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