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the art of summer merry making

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I'd rather have

flowers on my table than diamonds on my neck. — Emm� Goldma�


24 DIY Projects


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garden party

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Founding Editor & Creative Director: Victoria Hudgins Copy Editor: Matthew Hudgins Graphic Designer: Samantha Wagner


s the sun warms up and our thoughts begin to linger into summer I am pleased to bring you issue six of Styled. magazine. All about florals! Whether bunched in a small windowsill or set out onto a gorgeous table display, bringing flowers into our celebrations will liven up the many reasons we are gathering this season. This issue is filled with pretty inspiration for summer events, easy projects to incorporate flowers into your everyday celebration moments and tips and tricks to make handling them a cinch!

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This will be our last issue of the season and I look forward to inspiring you to enjoy the celebrations that come with the turning of the weather to warmer and warmer. We will be back in late summer with even more features, photos and ideas for you to love. Until then, join me on the blog everyday and email if you want to be a part of what we are doing.

Styled. magazine is a lifestyle celebration publication produced by Victoria Hudgins. All work and photography included is presented under the Creative Commons license. Please feel free to share with proper linkage and crediting. For press images please see here. All featured bloggers, designs and editorial content in this issue has been expressly chosen by Victoria Hudgins. The magazine is made possible by the generous support of our advertisers. I'd love for you to visit them. Thanks!

Floral inspiratioďż˝ from the archives

A few tips for arranging flowers: Photography: Jacqueline Jaszka

The surest way to lose another woman's frien is to try to improve her flower arrangem

— Marc

ndship ments.

celene Cox

Make it Personal Displaying flowers is a skilled craft, yet each arrangement has its own beautiful personality. Make a goal to learn the art form this summer. Treat yourself to a simple bouquet every week and begin practicing the tips.

. . . n i y t Par

Text: Victoria Hudgins Photography: Athena Plichta There are shops upon shops to explore when planning an event in San Francisco with flagships looming above and gorgeously styled independent boutiques lining many of the city's (one way) streets. There is one place though, that beats them all for planning the perfect party in this city. Take a leisurely stroll down

to the Ferry Building Marketplace to find anything you could need from flowers, to cheeses, gorgeous dessert stands, balloons, even a shop solely dedicated to the selling of pig parts. It is a party stylist’s dream and a wonderful adventure to happen upon no matter your reason to visit.


Date Night Give Flowers Photography + text: Candace Prokopets

Giving flowers is a tried and true way to express love. Go out on a whim (guys) with 10 ways to give flowers that will wow your girl for anniversaries, Mother’s Day or any other day.

Men thrive on being affirmed. Make your man feel special for being a great husband, dad or friend this season with 10 easy ways to surprise him with your words.

1. S  tand outside her work after a hectic day, waiting with her favorite flowers.

1. Start his day off right by leaving a post-it note on the bathroom mirror.

2. L  eave flowers in a vase where she likes to read or relax.

2. For his next business trip, hide a card inside his suitcase for him to find upon arrival.

3. M  ake her smile in the morning by leaving a flower on the windshield of her car.

3. S  end him a sweet text message right before he heads into an important meeting.

4. If she’s sick, include flowers when you deliver her cold medicine. 5. L  eave flowers bedside, so it’s the first thing she sees when she wakes up in the morning.

4. L  eave a note in his favorite tea mug so he’s surprised when he goes to pour. 5. Send snail mail to his office to arrive in the middle of a stressful week.

6. L  eave a path of petals that leads directly to you.

6. T  ype out a letter and leave it open on his desktop for him to find.

7. R  eplace her bookmark with a stem of her favorite flower.

7. F  old up a note and leave it in the pocket of his pants.

8.Leave a flower at her place setting to add a little romance to any meal.

8. Place a note inside his current must-read; your words will beat any best-selling novel.

9. After a walk with the kids, be sure to bring home handpicked flowers for mommy.

9. Brighten up his morning commute by leaving a card on the dashboard of his car.

10. Meet her for a lunch date, but arrive with flowers…just because.

10. T  ie a note on his gym shoes; it will inspire him to run extra hard.

D.I.Y. Projects

roSE branch

candelabra Project design: Brittany Watson Jepsen, The House That Lars Built Photography: Hilda Grahnat During the Christmas season here in Denmark, many people take branches and hang them from the ceiling adorned with beautiful ornaments. I wanted to figure out a way to prolong the use of branch so I came up with a floral version ready for spring: candelabra. This would be perfect for a centerpiece or by a window for a little light. To make a floral candelabra; spray a rose branch gold and let it dry. Create the various-sized paper roses by first cutting out a pattern similar to the shape of a lemon. Cut out 11 “lemons” for each flower. Then curl 7 of the “lemons” on the horizontal around the paintbrush. Curl the remaining 4 on the vertical. To create the center, take a horizontal-curled petal and dab some glue on the outside tip and form a cylinder. Add two dabs of glue on either side of inside of another horizontal-curled petal and mold it around the center, then do the same to the opposite side of the center with another petal. Continue around the petal until you’ve used all the horizontal-curled petals. To finish the rose, take the vertical-curled petals and add a dab of glue onto the base of the flower. Repeat around the rose. Create many flowers in various sizes and colors and glue the inside of the center onto the ends of the branches. Cut out leaves in various green shapes and glue to the branch. Take the candles and the metal cups and glue gun to the nooks and crannies of the branch. The metal cups prevent any fire hazard.

flower party poppers Project design: Kersey Campbell, ARDOR

These flower party poppers can be used at weddings, garden parties, anniversaries… Pretty much any spring celebration! Make them all to look alike, or spice it up with a variety of colors and petal shapes. Your guests will love wearing these fun and festive poppers as brooches & boutonnières. Make them by cutting tissue paper to fit a purchased confetti party popper. Make the inside of your flower a little shorter than the outside tissue paper. Also make sure not to cover the opening for the confetti. Then trim the tissue paper to have the petal like edges. Using double-sided tape secure the end of the first color for the inside “petals” and wrap the tissue paper around the popper. Do the same with the second color tissue paper for the outside “petals”. Cut a length of floral tape and wrap the bottom part of the popper. Fluff the petals out. Add small magnets with a dab of strong glue to make them boutonnières or brooches.

Floral Antler Piece Project design: Elizabeth Kartchner, Dear Lizzy

Carry on the antler theme into spring and brighten up a long table in a bold way. To make the floral antler decoration first paint your antler white and then dip the tips into bright gold paint. Find small vases to use for the florals and attach them to the antlers in succession with bright neon string. Fill the small vases with spring flowers for a centerpiece that will draw all eyes in.

terrariums Project design: Kat Geiger Photography: Victoria Hudgins

Make your own terrariums to center tables and act as gorgeous accents for your next celebration. They are easy to plant and incredibly resilient to life. Use them to decorate and then give away to guests or to grace your own home this summer. To make a terrarium you will need: A bag of soil, a bag of drainage material, moss (reindeer moss is bright green and mood moss is darker green), plants, a wooden dowel slightly longer than the length of the terrarium, spray bottle of water (for misting), and pebbles for decoration if desired. See the complete instructions here.

tulip and twig hanging centerpiece

Project design: Rebecca Beach, A daily something Photography: Robert Tomas

Nothing says Spring quite like a giant hanging centerpiece made from freshly picked twigs and bright pink tulips. To make your own, you will need these supplies: scissors, wire cutters, gardening clippers, floral wire, fishing line, a screw hook, grapevine (for the base circle), twigs (10-20 inches long), and fresh flowers.  For a fixture approximately 24” in diameter, I used nearly 150 twigs and 25 tulips.  First, shape the grapevine into a circle and secure with floral wire.  Then attach twigs to the grapevine using the wire.  Eventually, you will be able to layer and nestle the twigs with each other and won’t need much wire.  

Continue until you are satisfied with the fullness of the centerpiece. Make as neat or as wild as you wish.  Then, gently stick the tulips into the twigs - they will be held in place by the nest you’ve created.  Hang over your table from the ceiling or from a doorway using fishing line and a hook!


DI Y dyed flowers

Project design + photography: Victoria Hudgins

Dyed flowers 2 drops of coloring per cup of water Let rest for 2 days

Centerpiece Tutorial Here

Bohemian Florals Editorial styling and floral display: Dolce Designs Studio Editorial planning: Details Event Planning Photography: Samuel Lippke Linens: La Tavola Stationary: Cherish Paperie Rentals: Town & Country

Rich, jewel-toned dÊcor brings a strong bohemian feel to this table. Each of the containers sitting atop the wood table bring in a unique decorative element to the picture. Vibrantly colored glass lanterns are suspended in the air, while exotic floral arraignments of irises, peonies, orchids and hydrangeas adorn the table below. Succulent fruits resting among the vases reflect the linen and table’s color scheme to tie together this earthy shoot perfectly for spring showers, parties or brunches to honor a great mom.

Our favorite tips for creating your own bohemian floral brunch.

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Keep the water fresh — your flowers will live for over a week and sometimes 2 weeks with fresh water! Always keep the leaves out of the water — it prevents contaminating the water! To keep the work light but the look interesting, create a variety of monochromatic floral arrangements. Be creative, no one says the arrangement has to be pure flowers — mix it up with some textured greens, herbs, branches and even fruit! Don’t let the flowers be the only thing that makes a statement, the container can be just as important! For a capturing look use mix-and-match containers in all shapes and sizes.

Garden Party Editorial Styling and photography: Camille Styles

With spring having officially “sprung,� my entertaining philosophy has shifted completely to outdoor gatherings that celebrate blooming flowers and sunshine on bare shoulders. What better way to embrace the season’s bounty that by hosting a garden party, complete with loads of colorful vegetables (preferably picked straight from the garden!), a refreshing citrus cocktail and delicate blooms arranged haphazardly in vintage containers?

Easy tips

for transforming this look to any springtime soirée ❊❊Serve a simple menu of light bites that can be served at room temperature. This frees up the hostess from rushing back and forth to the kitchen so she can actually enjoy the party with her guests!

❊❊Greet guests as they arrive with vodkaspiked rosemary lemonade. Combine 1 part vodka to 2 parts fresh-squeezed lemonade, garnish with a long sprig of rosemary and serve simply in a mason jar tied with colorful ribbon. ❊❊Create a feast for the senses by moving a long table outside and layering it with details in shades of white and green. Start with a long white linen that falls to the floor, then top with a botanical runner made by cutting 3 yards of gorgeous upholstery straight from the bolt (no need to hem!) Pretty white plates with linen napkins or rustic dishtowels make lovely place settings, especially when topped by seed packet favor bags bearing guests’ names. (For these, we were inspired by Chelsea's tea party favors and made a few garden party-worthy tweaks!).

❊❊Ash from The Byrd Collective created the stunning centerpiece using poppies, daffodils, cabbage, geranium leaves and other interesting foliage. Think outside the vase and get creative with vessels; these blooms would look gorgeous displayed in mason jars, vintage medicine bottles, terra cotta pots, watering cans or drink pitchers. And not to worry if your flowers look less than “perfect”... these arrangements should appear as though they’re wild and growing straight from the garden! ❊❊For a fun activity, ask guests to bring a favorite flower or gardening book for a book swap! Each guest introduces her book during the meal, and afterwards everyone gets to choose the book they’d like to take home with them. ❊❊For favors put together “gardening kit” to encourage post-party green thumbs! Line a terra cotta pot with kraft paper, then fill with springtime bulbs, pretty gardening gloves and pruning shears. It’s such a sweet way for guests to remember a lovely day surrounded by food, flowers and friends!

Use small bowls of fresh spring vegetables to brighten up the table and tempt your guest’s palettes.

Wood grain printable tags Design by: Katie Woodard, Twigs Print Studio

Download Here

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