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Measuring Your Ingredients

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Precise measurement techniques are the cornerstone for great and delicious recipes. Though our grandmothers will beg to differ, since they produced finger licking foods without measurements — a little of this, and a little of that. Well, times have changed, and the ingredients as well as the quality of the ingredients have also changed. While some dishes can be made without exact measurements of ingredients, the outcome of some finished products like cakes and breads, depend on the exact measurements of the ingredients. Use standard measuring cups and spoons for your ingredients. These can be bought from dollar stores. There are measuring cups for dry ingredients and ones for liquid ingredients. The measuring cups for liquid ingredients are usually glass or plastic with a spout. This Fact sheet is provided by:

Measuring Dry Ingredients Fill the measuring cup/spoon lightly with the dry ingredients until the cup is full (do not pack except for brown sugar and fat). Using the straight edge of a spatula or a knife, level the measurements by sliding the spatula or knife across the cup or spoon. Brown sugar and fat, such as vegetable shortening, are measured differently. To measure brown sugar, or fat press or pack firmly into the dry measuring cup. Level off with the straight edge of knife. Brown sugar and fat will hold the shape of the cup when turned out.

Measuring Liquid Ingredients To measure liquids, place the measuring cup with the spout on a flat surface and read the measurement at eye level. Fill the cup to the line you need. The curve of the liquid should be on the line for exact measurement.

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Measuring Your Ingredients