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Supermarkets Vs. Farmers Markets Many people tend to gravitate toward buying at supermarkets because of convenience, price and availability. However, as more and more farmers markets are emerging, we have more choices and healthier options for ourselves and our families. Listed below are reasons why farmers markets are a healthier and a wiser choice.

Seasonal Produce:

Our bodies need different nutrients over different seasons, like root vegetables for warmth during autumn and winter and to ‘ground’ us during the cooler months.

Interactive Experience:

You can speak to the farmer about the product and ask questions about how it is prepared.

Supporting Farmers:

Purchasing from farmers markets helps keep farmers in business and contributes to the local economy.

Nutrient Packed Produce:

Farmers markets sell local produce, which means it traveled small distances and was just harvested to provide you with the most vitamins and minerals for your health.

Tasting Samples:

You will always discover new fruits and vegetables that some farmers will offer to try, especially if it’s something uncommon.


At the farmers market you find an amazing array of produce that you don’t see in your average supermarket: red carrots, a rainbow of heirloom tomatoes, purple cauliflower, chicories, green garlic, watermelon radishes, kohlrabi, wild mushrooms, and much more.

Knowing Where Your Food Comes From:

Meeting and talking to farmers and food artisans is a great opportunity to learn more about how and where food is produced.

Hidden Gems:

Most markets will sell all-natural body products, locally sourced chocolates, homemade ice cream and homemade baked goods.

Resource: Farmers Market Foundation Revised and redistributed by Helen D. Brooks, Marketing Coordinator, ASUEP.

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Supermarkets vs Farmers Market