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Summer To Do List a summer bucket list of things to do around the nation


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Summer To Do List

a summer bucket list of things to do around the nation

Winning Daily Battles Anthony Brown

Q&A: Blacks in Baseball Adam Jones


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Letter from the Publisher

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Ah… summer. It’s the time of year that our inner child longs for throughout the year. The weather, the beaches, the barbecues, the vacations, the family time, and all of the other traditions associated with summer always manage to evoke the essence of human existence: happiness. From seeing children ecstatic to be out of school, to admiring beach bodies that most of us work so G@QCSN@SS@HM VD@KV@XRƥMC@QD@RNMSNADDWBHSDCENQSGDRTLLDQ (ME@BS  some people become so infatuated with the summer months that they create to do lists full of tasks and goals (similar in a sense to the resolutions people come up with during New Years). People often attempt to cram a year’s worth of fun into the time frame ranging from the beginning of Memorial Day to the end of Labor Day. We at Astute Magazine are here to help you, and have compiled a summer bucket list of things to do around the nation in order to help you have more fun in the sun.

DC Jazz Festival - June 1st-13th (Washington, D.C.): Annual jazz festival in the D.C. metropolitan area

National Freedomfest - July 2nd4th (Washington, D.C.): Annual Independence Day celebration held in the nation’s capital

American Black Film Festival - July 6th-9th (Miami, FL): International ƥKLEDRSHU@K@MCENTQC@XQDSQD@S Atlanta Greek Picnic - June 8th12th (Atlanta, GA): Gathering for members of NPHC fraternities and sororities, featuring events such as a step show hosted by comedian Lil’ Duval

National Black Arts Festival - July 7th-17th (Atlanta, GA): Festival of art, music, and culture of those of African descent

Smithsonian Folklife Festival June 30th-July 4th, July 7th-11th (Washington, D.C.)

MLB All-Star Week - July 8th-12th (Phoenix, AZ): All Star festivities for Major League Baseball

Artscape - July 18th (Baltimore, MD): Arts and crafts exhibition held annually in Baltimore

Lollapalooza - August 5th-7th (Chicago, IL): Music festival featuring acts such as Eminem, Coldplay, and Foo Fighters, and more.

Rock The Bells - July 20th-August 10th (Various Cities): Hip Hop music festival headlined by Nas, Lauryn Hill, and Erykah Badu, featuring acts such as Cypress Hill, Common, and more.

Opening of the 9/11 Memorial - September 12th (New York, NY): Memorial for the infamous September 11th attacks will become open to the public ten years later

We at Astute hope you are able to make it to some of these events this summer in between your trips to the amusement park and cook outs with the family. Astute 8


daily battles

   by  Zeke  Walters  

“I like to be direct, to state my intent or purpose, and to encourage people working with me or under me to be innovative and creative in promoting that purpose or intent.”

The death of Osama Bin Laden helped refocus attention on the bravery exercised by members of the United States military. Not only did people honor the members of “Seal Team 6” which carried out the mission that JHKKDC!HM+@CDM ATSSGDXBGNRDSNGNMNQ@MXNMDVGNG@RENTFGSHMNMDNE LDQHB@ŗRNMFNHMFBNMƦHBSR  Anthony Brown is a veteran of the Iraq War, having been deployed to the country in 2004, while a member of the Maryland House of Delegates. “In many ways I’m a product of the U.S. Army,” he said. “My leadership style is to lead by example.” 6GDMHSBNLDRSNCHQDBSHMFGHRRS@ƤGDR@XRGDHRBKD@Q@ANTSVG@SGDV@MSR KD@UHMFKHSSKDQNNLENQLHRHMSDQOQDS@SHNM NQ@K@BJNEDƤNQSVGDMHSBNLDRSNLDDSHMFSGDMDDCRNE,@QXK@MCDQR “I like to be direct, to state my intent or purpose, and to encourage people working with me or under me to be innovative and creative in promoting that purpose or intent.” !QNVMHRƥFGSHMFC@HKXA@SSKDRSNL@JDSGDSXODRNERXRSDL@SHBBG@MFDRGDSGHMJRVHKKKD@CSNSGNTR@MCRG@UHMF better lives. /QHNQSNLNUHMFHMSN@MNƧBDHM,@QXK@MCŗR2S@SD'NTRDGDV@R@RS@SDKDFHRK@SNQ@MCK@VXDQG@R@RSNQXRHLHK@Q to his Harvard Law School classmate Barack Obama. Both are attractive, highly educated, engaging, charming, and highly successful young politicians, and both men are also bi-racial. Brown the product of a black father and a white mother.

9 Astute

YOU SHOULD KNOW !QNVM VGN G@R B@KKDC SGD BNLO@QHRNMR Ʀ@SSDQHMF V@R @ RSD@CE@RS supporter of Obama’s during the 2008 election and served as co-chair NESGD FDMBX1DUHDV3D@LENQSGD4 2 #DO@QSLDMSNE5DSDQ@M Ƥ@HQR  on the Obama-Biden Transition Team. This role allowed him to put to use his government and military experience. Back home in Maryland, the Lieutenant Governor works closely with Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley on a number of initiatives from BRAC !@RD1D@KHFMLDMSR@MC"KNRTQDR SGDHQDƤNQSRSNBQD@SDLNQDDBNMNLHB opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs, and one of his true passions, improving the quality of education at all levels across the state.

As one who often speaks of the nobility of public service he sees a role for them going forward, helping to make the state of Maryland a better place. Brown whose military service began just after BNKKDFD JMNVR ƥQRS G@MC SG@S XNTMF ODNOKD RNLDSHLDRƥMCHSG@QCADHMFRDKƦDRR  “Early on life we tend to naturally focus on ourselves.”

“I joined the local high school PTA before I had kids. I volunteered for the mock trial team at Largo High School,” he said.

Yet he knows people grow up and become better able to step up.

Later he served on the board of Prince George’s Community College.

“You have to look inward and outward. You to have to look outward into your community and neighborhood and world,” he said. “If you continue look not only inward but outward into the world around you, you will follow a calling to serve.”

Brown who still resides in Prince George’s County knows of the area’s popularity with a diverse group of young professionals. He wants to ensure that the economic and educational opportunities which exist don’t just bring them to the area, but make it a place that they ultimately want to call home.

Some leaders are born others are bred, for Brown it may be a combination of both. He cites his father’s example as being very HMƦTDMSH@K VGDM HS B@LD SN GHL OTQRTHMF public service. ř,X E@SGDQ KDC @ GNTRDGNKC @MC Q@HRDC ƥUD children,” he said of his Jamaican born father who moved to U.S., as did his Swiss wife for the opportunities living here presented. The elder Brown a doctor worked throughout the state of New York where the Lieutenant Governor was raised serving patients of CHƤDQDMSLD@MR “I was raised in a house where my father by example showed me the value of service to others.” While Brown is now on the clock 24-7 as an elected leader family remains of great importance to him. He has two children. “My free time is my family,” he said when asked about life-work balance as a political leader. “I put on my professional calendar my family, not just my son’s baseball games but his practices, not just my daughter’s orchestra festivals but her violin lessons.” While he says he can’t make everything, the DƤNQSHRSGDQD Continued on page 30





with Campus


1. What was the main theme or slogan of the platform you ran on? We ran under the name The Union as we wanted to bring back the inclusiveness SGA once had by reestablishing the connection between the Student Body and the Student Government. 2. What do you never leave home without? I keep a notepad on me at all times so I do not miss a beat. Everyday RSTCDMSR E@BTKSX @MCRS@Ƥ@OOQN@BGLDVHSGOQDRRHMFHRRTDR BNMBDQMR@MC suggestions and it can be overwhelming. I may not be able to address their concerns immediately but writing it down is something quite simple and helps tremendously when it comes to strategically planning what issues we need to address. I encourage my board members to do the same. 3. Other than homecoming what is the “can’t miss” event on your campus? Why? SGA’s Annual Women’s Empowerment Week that takes place during the 1st week of March. This event was the brainchild of my mentor Danyel Jones, SGA President 2008-2009, and is always one of the year’s highly @MSHBHO@SDC DUDMSR  6D OQNLNSD TMHSX @MC BNMƥCDMBD @BQNRR SGD EDL@KD population through self-help sessions that cover everything from health and wellness to professional etiquette. Last year, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Chrisette Michelle, and prominent DSU Alumnae came back to impart knowledge to the Women of Delaware State on how to be cunning, strategic and successful in a celebrity led panel discussion. Moving forward, we will begin a Men’s Empowerment Week this academic year as well, so be on the look out! 4. What is a piece of advice for the incoming freshman class?

Jessica C. Horton Delaware State University SGA President

11 Astute

If you haven’t connected spiritually to a Higher Power, now is the time to do so. I call Him Jesus, but no matter what you believe, there is no better time than this to embrace and strive for a new level of spirituality as you begin this journey.

1. What was the main theme or slogan of the platform you ran on? ^ 3GD OK@SENQL NE^ LX B@LO@HFM^ V@R 14- ,24 3GD @BQNMXL “RUNâ€? stands for Reviving the Morgan Spirit, Uniting Morgan students, and Navigating to a better future. My running mate, KHBH@)NMDR @MC(CDBHCDC^ SNTRDSGHROK@SENQLADB@TRDNTQ main objective is to enhance student life on campus by reviving school spirit and creating unifying fronts that have longevity. The theme for the campaign was extremely symbolic as we chose to model it after the civil rights movement of the R 6DSQHDCSNDLTK@SDSGDDƤNQSSG@SV@ROTSENQSGAX activist such as Ralph Abernathy, Angela Davis, and Stokley Carmichael as we campaigned and rallied students to support our vision. Metaphorically speaking, we substituted the nation with Morgan State, U.S. citizens with Morgan students, and called our campaign a “movementâ€?. We wanted students to realize their importance to the University, apply a greater @LNTMS NE DƤNQS HMSN SGDHQ @B@CDLHB OTQRTHS  @MC SN S@JD advantage of the overall college experience. ^  ^6G@SCNXNTMDUDQKD@UDGNLDVHSGNTS ^ I never, ever, ever leave home without my cell phone, watch, portfolio or chap-stick. I utilize my cellular phone for any and everything. I believe everyone should have a watch because arriving on time is critical in the game of life. My portfolio has LXC@HKX@BSHUHSHDR@MCNUDQ@KKRBGDCTKD (M@CCHSHNM ^ (KHJDSN brainstorm and write things down throughout the day. Lastly, I always carry chap-stick because I hate dry skin/lips. I’m ENQBDCSNROD@J^@KNS@MCHSRUDQXTRDETK 

Daquan Lawrence Morgan State University SGA President

3. Other than homecoming what is the “can’t missâ€? event on your campus? Why? ESDQ^ NTQ GNLDBNLHMF  SGD Ĺ™B@MĹ—S LHRRĹš DUDMS NM^ ,NQF@M







Blacks in Baseball By Rhett Banks

Astute Magazine (AM): who or what got you interested in the RONQS !@RDA@KK^

Adam Jones (AJ10): Well I was 12, and one day after our rec RD@RNMV@RƼMHRGDCNMDNELXEQHDMCR@RJDCLDHE(V@MSDC to play some baseball. I made the allstar team, and fell in love with the game. AM: Was it a big deal at times being one of, if not the only, black person on your team? AJ10: Well most of my team was black and mexican even in highschool. It wasn’t until I got into travel ball that I started to RDDSGDCHƤDQDMBD ^ AM: 6GNVDQDRNLDNEXNTQHCNKRHMSGDRONQSFQNVHMFTO^ AJ10: Tony Gwynn for starters. The Mariners teams of the 90’s VDQD@KKNUDQ^35NMSGDVDRSBN@RS AM: Give me your take on some of the acquisitions your organization has made over the season? AJ10: It still comes down to pitching and thing I’m looking forward to is being competitive ^ ,In your opinion why is black participation in baseball so low? ^ ): It’s a lot of factors, but if you look on TV. you see athletes

15 Astute

Adam Jones Twitter: @SimplyAJ10 MLB All Star 2009 Position: Center Fielder Hometown: Oakland, CA Team: Baltimore Orioles

with fancy cars, and what not, but football and basketball players are easier to market than baseball players....the amount of equipment that it takes to play baseball is another and basketball only takes a ball. ^ , Would you say it takes a person who has a higher mental capacity to play baseball since it’s more of a mental sport? AJ10 : Any job is a mental job so to speak...when it comes to baseball it requires you to be more durable if anything...I wouldn’t wish our schedule on anyone...162 games isn’t easy, especially when you have day and night double headers thrown in there. AM: Being a minority, does it feel you to succeed at times? AJ10: Not really...just lets harder...I promised Buck, give it my all every time AM: What could be Baseball to increase awareness in the sport AJ10: Right now Major has done a good job Rbi, Reviving Baseball has done a great job. do my part here in an hour out of my day, one kid, let alone 20

like there is more pressure on me know that I need to work orioles manager, that I would my numbers called. done by Major League black participation and of baseball? League Baseball reviving the sport. in the Inner city, I myself can even Baltimore. It only takes and if I can reach out to or 30, I’ll do it any day.

Chantal R

FEATURE There’s an age old debate about whether it’s possible to have a useful combination of both brains and beauty. Some say it’s not, and others would argue that there are plenty of examples out there which prove once and for all that it’s possible for a person to be both attractive and intelligent all in the same package. One such example might be Chantal Raymond. Raymond is the reigning Miss Jamaica World having claimed the title in August 2010. A particularly special moment in the young life of the 25-year-old who had competed for the title once before and come up short. ř SSGDSHLDHSV@RƥMDADB@TRD(MDUDQDMSDQDCVHSGSGDHMSDMSHNMNEVHMMHMF Ś she said. For the goal-oriented task master, there was the realization that sometimes it takes circling back to a dream to make the dream come true. This year after picking up the title she went on to compete in the Miss World Competition in Sanya, China.

“The world is getting closer, everyone is connected”

Raymond A woman of many

talents who has the best of both worlds by Zeke Walters

The experience of living in China for a month while competing against 119 other beauty queens from around the world, she says was eye-opening. She had the unique opportunity to learn about the countries and cultures of her fellow contestants when the ladies got to know each other. Several of the contestants already had an appreciation for her native country and her culture. More than one beauty queen discussed being a listener of reggae, and an avid fan of the late Bob Marley, the pioneering singer and songwriter who is viewed as the most remarkable reggae musician of alltime. Raymond says because of Jamaica’s stellar performances at the 2010

Olympics many of the Chinese locals G@C @ CHƤDQDMS @OOQDBH@SHNM ENQ Jamaica and the Jamaican people. Usain Bolt and the other members of Jamaica’s famous track teams made what turns out to have been a lasting impression. Meeting those who have an appreciation and respect for Jamaica and its people is just one perk for the avid traveler, who has an interest in HMSDQM@SHNM@K@Ƥ@HQR “The world is getting closer, everyone is connected,” Raymond said while QDƦDBSHMFNMGDQDWODQHDMBDR@AQN@C Raymond herself has a truly global perspective due in part to her being a dual citizen of the United States and Jamaica. When she was seven she, her mom, and her younger sister

immigrated to the U.S., so growing up the girls split their time between Miami, and Jamaica where their dad still lived. She has also travelled extensively, something she frequently encourages others to do, “I tell people, you can read a book all day, you can read any magazine you want, but it’s nothing like going to visit a country. It’s nothing like seeing things face to face or learning @ANTSCHƤDQDMSBTKSTQDR Ś The worldly Raymond doesn’t just look the part, but she speaks it. It’s clear from speaking to her that she’s a woman who thinks before she speaks and she acts. There’s a sense that whatever she does is very deliberate. Pageantry has

Astute 18

not always been a part of her life, but there were signs it would play a role in who Chantal Raymond is today. As a youngster she was once named Miss Miramar Teen and even signed a modeling contract, but she says her parents kept her mind in the books and not with her looks. Early on she knew of the value in being wellrounded and developing many talents. “School was always a priority and my goal was always to get into a top 10 law school so I had to put everything else and let it take a backseat while I pursued my education,” she said. So how does one go about simultaneously excelling in the pageant world and in law school? It takes planning, performance, and perseverance. 1DLDLADQGDQƥQRS@SSDLOS@SADBNLHMF,HRR)@L@HB@ World. It came during the time when Raymond was applying to law school. She had just moved back to Jamaica from the states and wanted to meet new people. At the same time she was also thinking about what would give her a competitive on her law school applications, “I wonder how many beauty queens go to law school,” she remembers thinking. So while the pageant days helped her stand out @LNMFRS SGD BQNVCDC ƥDKC NE K@V RBGNNK @OOKHB@MSR  once enrolled in law school, becoming a pageant queen was placed on hold. Raymond focused intently on her studies yet also a found a way to incorporate who she is into her law school experience co-founding the Harvard Caribbean Law Association. Though she didn’t win the Miss World title, people shouldn’t feel sorry for Raymond that’s because the recent Harvard law school grad will have plenty of other opportunities to make her mark globally. She will hold on to the Miss Jamaica World title until next summer. She says she’ll use her notoriety and her attention to raise attention for causes and issues important to her. She hopes to bring attention to the need for improvement of Jamaica’s freedom of expression laws. After her reign is up she hopes to practice corporate law and one day to become the CEO of an international business based in the Caribbean. Raymond has already shown what she desires she dedicates herself to, and then is disciplined in following her plan. Friends aren’t surprised by her success and have certainly taken note. Continued on page 30

Astute fashion


ANTI: The Clothing MovementTM is socio-political art projected onto cotton. It is the meshing of geo-politics, hiphop, punk rock, skateboarding and surf culture into one expression

Designer: PJ Braham, CEO of ANTI:theClothing Movement, “ATCMâ€? and recent graduate of Howard Law Model Alexander Davisprofessional skateboarder EndWar, electric blue $24.99 0DÆDEXUJXQG\ $24.99

LOVE HANG OVER The art of seducing style allows us to joyfully FRPELQH WKH YLQWDJH ZLWK WKH PRGHUQ :H ÁLUW with the trends, but timeless pieces will forever hold your heart. It feels like a new adventure ZLWK DQ ROG ÁDPH $ WKURZEDFN ORYH DIIDLU

Models: Crystal Miller Edward Morton-Green Clothing Credit Zara- Downtown Nostalgic- 119 Calhoun Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45219 Paris J Boutique- 9797 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242 Clothing Description: strappy orange dress from Zara sequin top and denim shorts, vintage brown leather jacket, vintage from Downtown Nostalgic nude babydoll dress from Paris J Boutique

Top 5 Summer Movies By Adom Cooper (Coop-Scoop!)

1)Green Lantern (Watch Trailer) [June 17 release]

The human race is granted a chair at the table of intergalactic guardians in the form of Hal Jordan, played by Ryan Reynolds. The green-glowing, ringRKHMFHMF BNLHB ANNJ QNX@KSX ƼM@KKX gets a shot at the big screen. This superhero’s power is his imagination and you won’t want to miss much@MSHBHO@SDC ƼKL  VGHBG HR @KK ATS RTQD to garner sequels.

2)Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Watch Trailer) [June 29 release]

Michael Bay’s third adaptation of the hit 1980s cartoon has plenty of work to do after 2009’s Revenge of the Fallen achieved relative failure. This time around, the robots in disguise are tagged as the catalyst for the 1960s space race between the US and the USSR. Megan Fox has been replaced by a Victoria Secret’s model. Judging from the trailers, this movie should feature some of the best and polished action sequences of the summer.

3)Captain America: The First Avenger (Watch Trailer) [July 22 release]

The last piece of the puzzle to RDSTO ,@QUDKĹ—R CQD@L SD@L HR ĆĽM@KKX GDQD  6GHKD ĆĽKLHMF NE SGD UDMFDQR has already begun in Cleveland, Christopher Evans takes up the most recognizable shield in comic

book folklore back in a WWII setting. With knowledge that Captain Capitalism becomes the lead Avenger, it should be intriguing to see how his roots as a scrawny soldier end up blossoming into a weapon of fortune. An Austin Powers-like cryogenic freezing is inevitable here, rest assured that Marvel most surely has a better vision in store for us.

4)Cowboys and Aliens (Watch Trailer) [July 29 release]

Jon Favreau, director of Iron Man, brings SGHRORDTCN 6DRSDQMƼKLSNKHED "NVANXR @MC(MCH@MROTSSHMFSGDHQCHƤDQDMBDR@RHCD to deal with body-snatching ETs from the skies, seems plausible right? Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford head up a strong cast that should serve at this summer’s dark GNQRDENQSGDADRS@BSHNMƼKL 6HSG@KKSGD @CU@MBDR HM ƼKL SDBGMNKNFX @MC FDMQDR  it’s fresh to see a director try to tackle the 6DRSDQMSNƌHOSGDRBQHOSMNOTMHMSDMCDC 

5)Rise of Planet of the Apes (Watch Trailer) [August 5 release]

One of Hollywood’s best-known franchises takes a chance at redemption after Tim Burton’s 2001 disappointment. Prequel is the trend these days, ladies and gentlemen. James Franco plays a young scientist whose ambitions have deadly consequences for humanity when experimenting with chimpanzees. Man vs. beast with man’s smarts. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Coop-Scoop Rule #3

If you are “encouragedâ€? to see a chick ĆŚHBJ VHSG @ BDQS@HM EDL@KD SG@S G@R XNTQ attention, make like a good boy and do your GNLDVNQJQDRD@QBGNMSGDĆĽKLADENQDXNT see it. >Nothing scores points quicker than interest, whether farce or not.

Astute 28


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Chantal Raymond continued.... “My friends tell me I inspire them because I’m doing what I really want to do and I’m having a lot of fun doing it.” *MNVHMFSG@SRTBBDRRVHSGQDF@QCR to her public life and her private life is very important, Raymond says motivates her to pursue those things which will leave her fully R@SHRƥDC @MCVGNKD “My mother always said she knew I would be successful, but she didn’t know if I would be happy. That’s something that always stuck with me and I said at the end of the day I really want to be happy. So, I’m just going to follow my passion and my dreams and what I want to do. If you make goals for your self and XNTƥFTQDNTSGNVSNL@JDHSVNQJ then you can do it.”

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Winning Daily Battles: Anthony Brown continued...

Astute Magazine Spring/Summer Fashion Editorial

Focusing on what’s important he noted is one of his keys to success.

Photographer- Floyd Johnson Stylist-Alex Morton-Green Hair & Makeup- Julietta Ladipo

“If you walk down the street and look too far out into the horizon, you will stumble into a pothole or over a stone.” Brown says as a leader he works towards incremental progress. The words of educator and activist Marian Wright Edelman stick with him, “We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big CHƤDQDMBD  HFMNQD SGD RL@KK C@HKX CHƤDQDMBDR VD B@M L@JD VGHBG  NUDQSHLD @CCTOSNAHFCHƤDQDMBDR that we often cannot foresee.”

Special Thanks: Goldshoes Band The Greenwhich- 2442 Gilbert Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45206 Down Town Nostalgic Alex’s Bio Alex Morton-Green is a small town girl with big city dreams. She is from Cincinnati, Ohio by way of Iowa City, Iowa. She is a Morgan State University graduate, fashion show producer, event coordinator, and artistic director.

For future leaders he says pay attention to what happens around you, and be prepared to use the skills and knowledge you have to lift up yourself, and others who need you. “Watch the gap for yourself, but be LHMCETK NE SGD F@O SG@SŗR @ƤDBSHMF our communities. Technical Editor: Morgan Fletcher ,DCH@*HS#DRHFM!Q@MCDM/GHKKHOR ,DCH@*HS QS#HQDBSNQ KDWHR#D5@MBD 2ODBH@K3G@MJR MFDK@*DX ,DKUHM, 6GHSD %Q@MBHR7 &@KK@FGDQ 3GNL@R #D@M 1NADQS(MFQ@L 'NV@QC"NMC@X ,DKUHM) 6GHSD ,@QBTR'HBJR *XKD Taylor, Shara White, Andrew Dickinson, Bryan Jettson , Jordan Thomas, Johnathen Luckette, Maurice Hart, Michael Love and Whitney Hampton