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CLASSIC 2000 -


a replica of a 1950´s masterpiece comes to life

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28.01.2009 10:45:40 Uhr

CLASSIC 2000 - a replica of a 1950´s masterpiece comes to life Inspired by the chrome lightning road cruisers of the 50’s, Wurlitzer introduced the Model 2000 in 1956. It became one of the most famous jukeboxes of that era.


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A Registered Trademark of the Gibson Guitar Corporation

100 CD changer Philips CD Pro player Stereo amplifier with 2x55w rms Mono subwoofer with separate amplifier Bill acceptor ready (USA) Electronic coin acceptor Microprocessor controlled. Programme individual songs or play complete CDs. Free Play, Continuous Play and Background Music modes available Easy to connect to external speakers and microphone kit Full-function infrared remote control for volume, mute, cancel, and song selection CD title cards contained on 80 card, motor driven system Presentation of all title songs and cover photos from 100 CDs in a leather bound book Coloured illumination of the CD mechanism CD Title card software

Power supply ➔ 100 – 240V, 50/60cps - USA 117V, 60cps

Optional ➔ Output transformer ➔ Microphone kit

Dimensions The songs are shown on max 80 title cards. The pages are turned automatically at the touch of a button and give full view of 8 CDs at the same time.

GERMANY Deutsche Wurlitzer GmbH Wurlitzerstr. 6 D-32609 Hüllhorst Tel.: +49 (0)5744 941-0 Fax: +49 (0)5744 941 220

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Height – 145cm / 57” Width – 90cm / 35.4” Depth – 75cm / 29.5” Weight–170kg/375lb Option: Microphone kit

Full-function remote control

GB-M-6.2 5010 Printed in Germany. Subject to alterations.

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