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The Forgotten Bathroom Necessities We often don’t consider our bathroom furniture and accessories until it’s too late. Items and units can slip under the radar until you need it most. Whether you are simply missing your toothbrush holder or an adequate mirror, stocking up on the supplies to make the most out of your bathroom is absolutely essential. Whether you are moving into a new house, having a complete overhaul of your bathroom with a new DIY project, or simply want to make adjustments for the better, making the changes for a better and more efficient bathroom is easier than you think.

The Small Essentials Picking out the bathroom cabinets which are ideal for your needs and suit your chosen decorative style should be one of the first things you decide when putting together your newly redesigned bathroom. Matching cabinets and equipment can go a long way to making an attractive and desirable bathroom furniture collection. A wall-mounted bathroom cabinet can be priceless for storing those bathroom essentials such as toothpaste and mouthwash, but it is an idea to keep a number of items as spare stock. By purchasing these when goods are on offer and then storing for later use in your bathroom cabinets, not only can you save significant amounts of money as the total spend accumulates, but you will never be caught without. A couple of spare supplies here and then can make the world of difference when you really need them.

The Right Material A good quality bathmat should be absorbent enough for stepping straight out of the bath or shower onto, but also appropriate for the matching décor. Shower curtains can do much to tie the room together, ensuring a neat and tidy appearance while also protecting the floor from any potentially nasty spillages.

Reading Supplies There’s nothing wrong with a little reading material to pass the time as you are … *ahem* using the facilities. No matter the size of your bathroom, there is always room for one or two books or magazines to be placed down. Should your cabinet have a spare shelf, then this is even better.

Air Freshener If you are not lucky enough to have an extractor fan present in your bathroom, purchasing air freshener to keep in your bathroom cabinets is an absolute must. As bathrooms are one of the most used rooms you will use in your house, it is imperative that they are kept hygienic and pleasant. Keeping a supply of air freshener in your cabinets allows for any lingering odours to be quickly and efficiently removed. The variety available should cater for all tastes, with aromatherapy recipes specially concocted for ensuring your bathroom remains fragrant for all users. If your bathroom is looking a little outdated why not give it either a complete overhaul or simply touch up a few areas. Even simple things from changing the doors on your bathroom cabinets to buying a new air freshener can make the biggest difference. Author Bio

Jon Smith is a frequent contributor for Asturias Bathrooms and has written many articles pertaining to all things regarding bathrooms and bathroom suites especially on such subjects as making the best of your bathroom furniture and vanity units.

The Forgotten Bathroom Necessities  

We often don’t consider our bathroom furniture and accessories until it’s too late. Items and units can slip under the radar until you need...

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