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YOURS, ICELAND COLLECTING & SHARING EXPERIENCES Yours, Iceland is a project about connecting people and sharing information. Our research comes from our study of social reading. Social Reading can happen in many different ways. What these ways all have in common is a community with a certain background, that wants to share the same interests. Every moment gets more precious if you share your own thoughts with others and get new impressions to understand things better.

Inspired by Icelandic literature Our main contact for the project is the UNESCO City of Literature office in Reykjavík where we got verification of how important reading and sharing of information is. They are our main contacts with information on literature in Icelandic culture. We aim to collect this information and connect it with places you can visit here in Iceland. Our other contact is Gljúfrasteinn, the former home of author Halldór Laxness and today a museum dedicated to him. Halldór Laxness and his circle of friends influenced us a lot. We went there for a visit and the essays and articles that he wrote were really interesting. The topics he wrote about were influenced by the experiences he made in foreign countries. He shared his knowledge and experiences with the Icelandic people with the aim to better their lives, to raise nature awareness and to help people be conscious about their surroundings.

Non-touristic experience Our design team is made up of 50% exchange students. We took a look at the traditional way a tourist experiences the country and the truth is, that if you follow the guidebooks, like most tourist do, you end up seeing the same places as everyone else. That takes the personal experience out of travelling in our opinion.Together we found that there is an interest to experience the country in a more non-touristic way. We want to help people experience their travel in a more personal way. Our focus is aimed at the traveller who wants to experience the country in a conscious and informed way.

Do it yourself guidebook We decided to create a guidebook for the conscious traveller to experience Iceland differently than what seems to be the “norm“. The difference will be that we focus on tips about Iceland to find overlooked places and travel in a more localized and cultural way. Our take on the guidebook is that people make it themselves. We made a template for a Yours, Iceland-kit that people can print out. Inside this kit, which is completely DIY, will be two things, information on the place you plan to go to and our postcards. The information is aimed to be more cultural and localized than other information that people can easily find in other guides and the postcards are designed to help people collect experiences in a unique and personalized way. This travel guide will be more about a network, people sharing their experiences, travel tips, local tips and a sustainable green content. It will grow on its own, and link travellers togther to share their experiences and impressions.

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Lóa Auðunsdóttir and Massimo Santanicchia,


Martina Edelhofer Ástrós Traustadóttir Birkir Sveinbjörnsson Katharina Tannous Maren Götz Tómas Leó Halldórsson

Local Agents:

Lára Aðalsteinsdóttir Project Manager of Reykjavík UNESCO City of Literature Guðný Dóra Gestsdóttir Museum director of Gljúfrasteinn - Laxness museum

Yours, Iceland