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ASTRON Netherlands Institute for Radio

Over the last couple of months, we had

enlarged 37 times. Apertif is now about


some great results and activities. First of

to transition from development into

all, great news for LOFAR 2.0. An NWO

operations. Early Apertif surveys will

Our mission is to make discoveries

Groot Grant has been awarded to

start on 1 January 2019.

in radio astronomy happen, via the

ASTRON and Leiden University by the

development of novel and innovative

Netherlands Organisation for Scientific

Like last year, we organised our open

technologies, the operation of world-

Research (NWO) in order to build and

day. More than 500 people visited the

class radio astronomy facilities, and the

deploy DUPLLO: the Digital Upgrade for

ASTRON/JIVE/NOVA open day during

pursuit of fundamental astronomical

Premier LOFAR Low-band Observing.

the Science Weekend (Weekend van de Wetenschap). The day was filled with

research. In other LOFAR news, LOFAR will

activities around the theme 'Building


be able to carry out simultaneous

the world's largest (radio) telescopes'.

Oude Hoogeveensedijk 4

observations for several science cases.

We think the open day was a big

7991 PD Dwingeloo

This is possible because of the new


The Netherlands

brain for LOFAR, COBALT 2.0. This is a

Tel. +31 521 59 51 00

great update for LOFAR and is future

The telescope in our backyard, the

proof and is amongst the most energy

Dwingeloo Radio Telescope, helped


efficient (greenest) HPC correlators that

downloading an image of the Lunar far

Editorial team | Gina Maffey , John

is possible with the current technology.

side and Earth. The image was taken by a Chinese lunar orbiting satellite.

McKean, Roy van der Werp, Stefan Wijnholds.

Last September Apertif was officially

The satellite that took this picture


opened by deputy Cees Bijl of the

was launched in May together with

Drenthe province. The opening was

the larger satellite Chang’e 4 that


a great success and we were lucky

also carries the NCLE payload built by

Twice a year

enough to have fantastic weather.

ASTRON, the Radboud Radio Lab and

ISSN nr. 1871-6644

Besides the opening of Apertif, we


also celebrated the 50-year anniversary of the Westerbork Synthesis Radio

As always, enjoy reading the winter

Telescope with the release of the book:

edition of the ASTRON News and we

50 years Westerbork Radio Observatory.

wish you a Merry Christmas and a

A continuing journey to Discoveries and

Happy New Year.

Innovations. And because of Apertif, the field of view of the Westerbork Radio Telescope


ASTRON News / Winter 2018

ASTRON News Winter 2018  
ASTRON News Winter 2018