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First step towards a Science Data Centre

d’ROOT will be used by various knowledge and research institutes and innovative companies from the region. d'ROOT also has facilities for high performance computing. These supercomputers with large processing power are required for scientific research and the processing of big data.

On 14 November minister Van Engelshoven (Education, Culture and Science) officially opened the Data Competence Centre d’ROOT in Groningen. The new Data Competence Centre of Bytesnet in Groningen is an innovative data centre with great added value for the Northern region of the Netherlands. ASTRON will be one of the tenants of d’ROOT. We are excited that we were part of the opening of d’ROOT. Where we plan to host our 15 petabytes WSRT-Apertif data archive. It’s the first step towards a Science Data Centre, which will become the hub for massive datasets that all scientists can access. "It is great to have Bytesnet Groningen as an enthusiastic partner as ASTRON develops towards the future. These data facilities are increasingly required for our research. With our focus on studying the Universe we will develop many talented data analysts who will also find careers well beyond research”, said ASTRON Director General Prof Carole Jackson. “Data from science must be accessible to everyone and this data centre is an excellent step”, said science minister Ingrid van Engelshoven.


ASTRON News / Winter 2018

ASTRON News Winter 2018  
ASTRON News Winter 2018