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LOFAR for Space Weather: Evolving the System Design The LOFAR4SW design, being undertaken under a Horizon2020 design study project, is developing rapidly following a recent Science and System Definition Workshop, and is now being prepared for the Preliminary Design Review.

The workshop focussed on finalising and

cases) scenarios and how the telescope would

defining the space-weather science and

need to change modes automatically to

monitoring desires, converting the science

capture the increased science opportunities

requirements that were fed into the

during enhanced space-weather activity.

workshop into the higher-level requirements

Initial thoughts on the Operational aspects

needed to further develop the hardware and

of the LOFAR4SW system were discussed,

software design.

alongside much valuable work on the HBA tile beamformer design and potential

These are key steps in the progress towards

implementation of it based on the “evolving�

the documentation for the Preliminary

requirements throughout the workshop

Design Review (PDR) scheduled for 2-4 February 2019.

The workshop was a very-intense affair, and has set us on a strong path for PDR

The core set of observing requirements for


general space-weather monitoring were set along with space-weather science (interesting

Pieter Benthem (, Mario Bisi (UKRI), Richard Fallows (ASTRON) The LOFAR4SW design study addresses all conceptual and technical aspects required to upgrade the LOFAR radio telescope, systemwide, to take on a parallel role as a highly innovative new facility that enables largescale monitoring projects generating unique data for the European (and worldwide) space weather research community, offering great potential for improved precision and advance warning of space weather events affecting crucial infrastructures on earth. The main goal of the Science and System Definition Workshop, hosted in Cardiff, 1720 September 2018 was to to translate the LOFAR space weather use cases into science and system requirements. The workshop was hosted/organised by UKRI (formerly STFC). There were a total of 21 participants from across all partners. A photograph of the majority of the participants can be found as figure 1.


ASTRON News / Winter 2018

Figure 1: Group picture of the attenees of the LOFAR4SW Science and System Definition Workshop at Cardiff.

ASTRON News Winter 2018  
ASTRON News Winter 2018