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DESIGNERS WITH A STYLE OF ART IN FASHION RUNWAY THE HISTORICAL FASHION RUNWAY María Vanessa Ortiz Isaias A01350868, Carla Olivia Serrano Gasca A01207595, María Cristina Delgado Juaristi A01350717, Sara María Hernández Ruíz A01209999 Astrid Uribe Aquino A01350656

INDEX 01. About art in fashion runway 02. Importance 03. Why you? 04. Louis Vuitton 05. Yves Saint Lauren 06. Moschino 07. References

ABOUT ART IN FASHION The world is influenced by art, imagine that what we are using could be part of a piece of art. For that reason,  a runway with a style of art it's a topic for an art exhibit and the importance of body as a canvas  where an artist can express the most beautiful artwork in the history. The art exhibit is divided into two parts that happen at the same time, one of them have the artworks as part of the stage to create a better environment and to make it more deeper. The other part is a fashion runway where the model show the outfit related with an artwork that would be exhibit in the stage.  We are delighted to show you the brands which takes art to fashion.




The painting and brand personality goes hand by hand in such a way that they appropriate the piece with their designs and become part of their personality; like if they belong together.Â

The runway is looking to foment art and fashion, presenting a visual connection, inspiring the audience, artists or designers looking for inspiration. Brands will see a new way of showing their designs in a creative way, involving a whole historic, cultural and revolutionary.

TRASENDENTAL The brand personality has been recognized because of these designs and creating a persistence of art memory.

WHY YOU? Nowadays is important to be actualized of what is it happening in the fashion world even if you are a designer, fashionist, artist or art lover.  


MODERN ART AND DADAISM Louis Vuitton is a brand that has always been hand in hand with fashion and art, and that is why always they are looking for how to impose fashion and art at the same time, giant shoe sculptures, works of art with artistic currents such as modern art and dadaism have been created among others to express that we can have the best of both worlds. We can have access to a lot of pieces of artwork in the Fondation Louis Vuitton Mazen Saggar that is opened since 2014. In addition, the fondation have been looking for the creation of artistic ways that can improve the opportunity to express how the past art can be used as part of the new context, showing that it is just necessary to adapt to the trends.

COLLABORATION WITH JEFF KOONS IN 2018 They created the collection called “The masters” that include pieces of Da Vinci, Monet, Turner, Gauguin, Manet and Boucher. Jeff Koons, decided to launch the bags due to the fact that he want to prove that there were too many creative ways of art to be presented. He also mentioned that the art has a sense and an objective that comes from the origin of a concept, this mean, every single artwork shows how a strong concept can stay forever if it take a issues or situation that has sense for the world.


Focus in her smile and eyes because those are the more controversial elements of the painting. We do not know if the gioconda is smiling or not, if is a female or not, if is in a position that makes you feel that she is following you or not.

The Gioconda by Leonardo da Vinci (1503) 77 cm x 53 cm Louvre Palace (since 1797) Oil paint on canvas Renaissance

WATER LILIES Focus on the lilies flowers with different perspectives because the colors are different if you are nearly or not. It's important because they searched to transmit a part of the paintor´s life

Water Lilies by Claude Monet (1916) 219 cm × 602 cm Musée de l'Orangerie Oil paint on canvas Impressionism


Ancient Rome: Agrippina Landing with the Ashes of Germanicus by "J. M. W. Turner (1839) 91.4 × 121.9 cm Oil paint on canvas Romanticism

Focused in the water, sunset, sky with a romantic style. The brand is trying to transmit that life is a road (water) and past is important (reprsented with the ship) where the sunset is representing good moments of our life and the sky and the color of the water is representing the clarity of the road.

LE DÉJEUNER SUR L'HERBE People were accustomed to allegorical and mythological nudes, but on this canvas they are represented without the alibi of ideal beauty, what was considered vulgar and indecent, up to the present it is still. Le dÊjeuner sur l'herbe by Edouard Manet (1863) 2.08 m x 2.64 m Orsay Museum Oil canva painting Impressionism, Modern Art, Artistic Realism, Realism Painting

DELIGHTFUL LAND The controversial pictures was the best option for the designs and with this delightful land we could se the sensuality that is represented as in the painting as for the brand. In the design the focus is in the woman looking.

Delightful Land by Paul Gauguin 2.08 m x 2.64 m Ohara Museum of art Oil canva painting Impressionism, Modern Art, Artistic Realism, Realism Painting

RECLINING GIRL The treatment breaks with classical tradition, a childlike coquette in a deliberately licentious pose. The innocent in the design with the full body and the white sheets creating the focal point and fluidly softening the edges of lush pale yellow, pink and blue fabrics that the artist painted swiftly and fluidly. Resting Girl by François Boucher (1751) 59.5 x 73.5 cm Oil canvas painting Rococo Style

A FRENCH FASHION DESIGNER Recognized among the foremost fashion designers in the 20th century. He’s celebrated for approaching fashion in a different way at that time; he wanted women to dress in both, a comfortable and elegant way, so he introduced the tuxedo suit for women and rendered the fashion prêt-à-porter.

ART: ESSENTISL PIECE OF INSPIRATION In 1972, Yves Saint Laurent and his then companion and lifelong business partner, Pierre Bergé, began building one of the greatest art collections of modern times. "Yves and I were convinced that fashion is not an art, but fashion needs art to exist," Bergé once said said. And so, to keep Saint Laurent inspired, their collection grew into a mixture of styles and epochs. "Works that are on speaking terms with each other". For Yves Saint Laurent, art was a essential piece of inspiration and he admired the different styles, techniques and artists at its different periods and epochs. “Like proust, I’m fascinated most of all by my perceptions of a world in awesome transition. That fascination is the fate of our age and it’s also in my blood. My heart has always been divided between the vestals of constancy and the avatars of change”

MORE THAN 40 DESIGNS Inspired by famous artists and paintings, most of which are now part of a collection in the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Paris

PIET MONDRIAN INSPIRATION The founder of the Des Stiji (1917) consisted on the pure abstraction and reduction to the essentials of form, color and the simplification of visual compositions to vertical and horizontal. The designer took the liberty of embedding the artist’s paintings in a collection of six dresses very look-a-like; one of which appeared in the cover of French Vogue in 1965 and has since been a phenomenon in the fashion world. 

Composition C (No.III) with red, yellow and bluePiet Mondrian (1935) 91.4 × 121.9 cm Oil paint on canvas Des Stiji

NEOPLASTICIST STYLE The dress is simple in terms of shape and abstract as it consists on black bold straight lines, white and the primary colors. The design in itself is ideal for representing the graphic and flat plane visuals through “neoplasticist” style.

La Gerbe by Henri Matisse(1953) 2.94 m x 3.5 m Hammer Museum Abstract expressionism Paper, Gouache

L'Escargot by Henri Matisse (1952-1953) 2.87 m x 2.88 m Abstract expressionism Paper, Gouache

HENRI MATISSE INSPIRATION Henri Matisse-inspired evening gowns by Yves Saint Laurent, Autumn/Winter 1980-1981 collection. Black velvet and moire faille, multicolored satin applique leaves

EVENING LONG DRESS Both works of the artist consist on collages of cut outs Matisse made in his latest years. Saint Laurent imprinted the work of the artist in his designs through a repetition of the shapes and color palette Matisse used; although, the designer used a black background in the dresses while Matisse used the color white for the contrast on the back of his works.Â

VINCENT VAN GOGH INSPIRATION Vincent van Gogh-inspired short evening ensemble by Yves Saint Laurent, Fall/Winter 1988. Tribute to Vincent van Gogh by Yves Saint Laurent

Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh, 1888 93 cm × 72 cm Neue Pinakothek, Munich, Germany Post-impressionism Oil on canvas

Irises by Vincent van Gogh (1889) 71 cm × 93 cm J. Paul Getty Museum Post-Impressionism, Modern Art Canvas, Oil paint

SHORT EVENING JACKETS Saint Laurent used only the main elements of the painting and not the exact painting itself. As we can see in the photos, the designs consist on repeated irises and sunflowers in a very post-impressionist Van Gogh style; with the same color palette, painting style and brushstroke.

Jeremy Scott has embraced the "more is more" nature of Franco Moschino's original aesthetic making the brand one of the industry's most talked about once more. Never shy of a controversial statement and often poked fun at the industry's "fashion victims", featuring slogans such as "Fashion, Fashoff" and "Good Taste Doesn't Exist"

The go-to label for girls who love to shock. The brand began his label with a line of casualwear and jeans before eventually expanding to eveningwear, shoes, lingerie and perfumes.

THE FIRST RELEVANTART CONCERNING APPARATION "Self-portrait with Necklace of Thorns" by Frida Kahlo was an artwork that inspire in the fashion runways and it was shown in the Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2012 by Moschino

Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird by Frida Kahlo (1940) 47 cm x 61 cm Oil paint Naive Art

INFLUENCE BY ANDY WARHOL Mainly with t-shirts that had printed Warhol's artwork, with the intention of turning an everyday element into something that everyone wanted to use. This collection opened a bunch of new opportunities for the brand because of the acceptance it had in the public, the market and the competence. The minimalist touch the items could have was the key to keep up with the trends of that moment.

Soup cans by Andy Warhol (1983)) 51 cm x 41 cm Synthetic polymer paint3 MoMA  Pop Art

RENAISSANCE The most important and trascendental collections came along inspired by a huge movement: Renaissance. A completely different work by Moschino because, they creates a modern and vanguardist collection. The style was used mainly in hoodies, t-shirts and accessories

The angels that are represented on the clothes are not exactly taken from an specific art painting*, however, the brand take angels as the iconic inspiration because they are going to a topic of vanities referencing the angels as the first sacred group within the angelic hierarchy. They are the most abstract.

Lamentation of Giotto's by Giotto (1305-1310) 7' 7" x 7' 9" Arena Chapel in Padua Fresh painting Renaissance

*Reference where the angels could be inspired in a different motion. Michael Angelo could be another reference


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