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What projects are you currently working on? SEB Well, for a while I was charmed by the idea of professional food photography, and had been focusing on that for the past year, until I realized that through doing food shoots, what really got my goat was the situations that kindled food gatherings- or any gathering for that matter. I love to see people in their habitats. Tradition, family and community are intriguing to me. I have also realized that producing “series” captivates me. Recently I have completed three series. My series called Boys & Girls focuses on gender recognition through the stages of development, represented through boy and girl balloons in their conventional pink and blue colors. The series I completed most recently is called “Spring Fresh”, and it explores the idea of the women’s body as pore-less, seamless and hairless while using flowers to represent body hair. Currently, I am working on a self-portrait assignment in black and white film, capturing myself in environments that I reside in.


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