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What do you hope to do upon graduation from SCAD? RKJ I would love to be on a concept design team at a

company such as The Row, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Calvin Klein, or Balencnciaga, since I am so inspired by their brands. And on the side I hope to be working on my own branding and work.

What is the inspiration for your most recent designs? RKJ Some of my most recent designs were inspired by Mark Rothko’s paintings and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, a German-American architect that paved the way in modern architecture. The dress made from neoprene is actually also inspired by the 1960s culture being fascinated with space and futurism. I think this is one of the most influential and beautiful times during 20th century fashion. The designs reached a truly modern stage and have greatly inspired later designers.

Who are your fashion idols and which designs influence you? RKJ I would say that some of my favorite designers are Cristóbal Balenciaga who had a beautiful eye for silhouettes that were cutting edge for his time. I also truly love Francisco Costa’s work for Calvin Klein, we were fortunate enough to have his Spring 2013 collection at the SCAD museum and his use of textiles really is exceptional and his silhouettes are crisp and beautiful. Lastly I have been extremely in love with The Row, since its creation by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen they have an incredible eye for textiles, knitwear, and print.


Current Trends & Forecasting: V Magazine "The Emerging Talent Issue"  
Current Trends & Forecasting: V Magazine "The Emerging Talent Issue"  

Recreation of V Magazine for SCAD Current Trends & Forecasting class