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G I NA FR AN G E LLO “A LI FE I N M E N” Gina Frangello is a true champion of indie literature—she’s an editor at The Rumpus and The Nervous Breakdown and has appeared repeatedly on the annual “Who Really Books Chicago” list—and yet she somehow finds time to write her own books, too. Frangello’s fiction is often sexual, seductive, forward, and frank. Her latest novel, A Life of Men, promises more in the same vein, with a story about two young friends, one recently diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, who travel the world seeking to fill their lives, however brief, with a wealth of experience. “The friendship between Mary and Nix had endured since childhood, a seemingly unbreakable bond, until the mid-1980s, when the two young women embarked on a summer vacation in Greece. It was a trip initiated by Nix, who had just learned that Mary had been diagnosed with a disease that would cut her life short and who was determined that it be the vacation of a lifetime. But by the time their visit to Greece was over, Nix had withdrawn from their friendship, and Mary had no idea why. Three years later, Nix is dead, and Mary returns to Europe to try to understand what went wrong. In the process she meets the first of many men that she will spend time with as she travels throughout the world. Through them she experiences not only a sexual awakening but a spiritual and emotional awakening that allows her to understand how the past and the future are connected and to appreciate the freedom to live life adventurously.”

FOX’S “G R AC E POI NT” A Time Lord and Skyler White team up to solve a mystery! Fox’s Gracepoint is the 10-episode U.S. event series version of acclaimed UK series Broadchurch. David Tennant (Doctor Who) co-starred in the original series and will reprise more-or-less the same role in the Fox version of the show, a brittle detective here named Emmett Carver. The crime drama about the search for a young boy’s killer now stars Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad) in the role originated by Olivia Colman, and Fox’s Kevin Reilly has declared that it will have a ‘different ending’ from the British version, ‘so there will be something to stay tuned for.’ Other than that, it’s almost eerily similar, as we have James Strong (who directed some of the original’s episodes) also directing across the pond, and Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall writing the pilot of Gracepoint. Broadchurch is now the Choose Your Own Adventure of crime drama, but we’ll all probably be tuning in regardless to relive that maddening wait to find out whodunnit. Gracepoint will debut on Fox this fall- also starring Nick Nolte, Jacki Weaver, Michael Peña, Kevin Rankin, Virginia Kull and Kevin Zegers. 24

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