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Creative and Leadership Experience

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Creative and Leadership Experience



Hsu, Yun Chiao 許筠喬

Female 1995.03.29 Taiwan, Penghu, Taipei

Profile /Contact +886 958329616

/Education 2013-1017 National Taiwan University Anthropology


Project in 2014 澎

Orchestra From Wind Island


Creative and Leadership experience

Project in 2014 澎湖絲竹 Orchestra From Wind Island

2014, we had a grand concert in National Concert Hall by combining local folk art - Holy Umbrella- and traditional Chinese music orchestra. We were the first team to have show in the National Concert Hall of my hometown.

Back ground

I had a reason for Anthropology as my major during university ,my hometown, Penghu is a tradition economy based district, peaceful but backward area. Recently years, some large business came here and tried to set up Casino or shopping mall but sacrificed local residents' claim. It doesn't mean capitalism is extremely evil. But, all I've learned from Anthropology pushed me to think that :

Under the tendency of globalization, What and How can I do to save local characteristic and promote local economic in the same time, or, they can even be the same thing.

Why I have this idea? How did I start this?

Back ground If anyone asks me to descript Penghu with one word, it will be "Innocence." Compare with Taipei, capital of Taiwan, in the same time, where I have stayed for four years after leaving my hometown for my university, Penghu is a pure and simple island. It was like a "culture shock" for me in my first year in Taipei, what a Big Apple!. People of this city are so fancy and having strong personal style. Moreover, Whether about traffic convenience or development level, Taipei are always be more higher than Penghu. I joined the traditional Chinese music orchestra of NTU, we hold concerts as presentation performance in National Concert Hall every year. Everyone in this orchestra has brilliant playing skill as every professional performer does. However, the connection between performers w not as strong as that during my high school period. It was winter, one day, I were on the way to dorm after National Concert Hall. During my high school period, we could just have a tiny concert in local stage.

Project in 2014 澎

Orchestra From Wind Island

Why people in Taipei can enjoy this elegant performance in National Concert Hall easily?

"Who has that qualification of having this stage? "

This question appeared and opened this amazing journey.

Process I set our goal clearly, combining local culture, music and visual design. I thought that process of understanding local culture was important to young people; it was a pathway of cultural identity. Me ,our teacher and my high school friends started to look for old and young members who ever stayed in the same orchestra during high school period. Then, my teacher and I had to send our plan proposal to committee of National Concert Hall for applying scheduling before deadline. We need a lot of data include how this team working, how will we get sponsor, and if this team has ability to handle all things might be happened during this period? In fact, I didn't know. All of us had no experience about this, what could we do was trying with our hreart and soul. Be cause we knew that was meaningful for us.

Project in 2014 澎湖絲竹 Orchestra From Wind Island

How to achieve the greatest benefit of time ?


We faced our first problem soon Although we devoted ourselves in this project, not everyone had time to attend practices every time. But we have at least 10 repertoires for this concert. So we had made a research to know everyone's free time for making practice schedule to achieve maximum efficiency in a limited time. As a leader, it meant I had to make decision about sacrifice someone’s right of ensemble training. Than, we found a rotating shifts not only strengthened everyone’s personal skill but also made a chance for them to hear each chapter from different division clearly.


What is our features? Why people come for us? How to make a hit publicity for our concert? What can we bring to our audience?

What is our culture? We started to do some field works about our local folk, included visiting temple for old folk art master. It was a bright new experience when we realized that putting theory into practice were different from expecting, we should be flexible and found way to resolve. Than We found that - Holy Umbrella. It's a kind of ritual for celebrating in temple, something special is, this ritual is only be in Penghu ! We invited an old master in tample who taught this folk for alomost ten years. He rejected us at the start, this depressed us. But when we visited again with detail explanation, he promised. He said a lot of people gave up halfway.

Project in 2014 澎湖絲竹

Orchestra From Wind Island

Project in 2014 Process 澎湖絲竹 Orchestra From Wind Island We have almost 100 performers, most of them are high school and university students. How to make a personnel screening ? …… Do we REALLY have that rights to do that? So many times we had fierce argument with our consultants teacher for different views of " Who has qualifications to be on the stage?"

One student who has superb performance but rarely attend our ensemble time. Or,

Another student who practices hard but still did not good enough. Will you sacrifice one of them to improve the standard or save both of but might pull the standard down? This question gave us a hit, actually, contrary to our teacher, we tended to choice the former one. However, I subverted my opinion after concert.

Process We needed money for our 100 air tickets, performance clothes and advertising . It was the most serious trouble to us, in the same time, I started to work on our key vision. We had had a experience of writing proposal, this time we needed to sell we out. Be honest, I have to say that we were so lucky, we found sponsor soon, it was a shopping mall in Penghu, But there was something strange in my mind…

We appreciated this sponsor chance, however, as a culture worker, anthropologist, I was so confused about "Be sponsored by capitalist ."

Project in 2014 澎湖絲竹 Orchestra From Wind Island

I have no answer even now, but still very grateful for that deeply with complicated feeling. This thing pushed me to realize that we will face a lot of conflict concept when we work for culture or art, I need to keep learning to grab more ideation and thinking way.

This temple is the oldest one in Taiwan, it contains our history from 1624 to now, we wish that people can know this cultural heritage not only from textbook. We made it a light and young color to get attention form public sight. We tried a lot of logo types, in this process I saw that when a team working, there would be so many dierent views, but the result would be the best in our life.

Temple Holy umbrella

It’s a long trip for me, build up from nothing to keep it on working, be the strongest person to protect those who love music and culture but againsted by family. I think that I was born with sentiment, but from this leadership experience, I get a awareness that making a good use of this ability, it will help me to do well on communication and coordination naturally. It was a young and green project, in the same time, it was a amazing milestone for our hometown, our culture. All I learned from these is experience, all I learn in future is knowledge, both these two things will light my life up ,and up.

Project in 2014 澎湖絲竹

Orchestra From Wind Island


Creative and Leadership experience

Project in 2015 澎友會 Alumni Association in NTU

Back ground




Every Alumni Association has a chance to hold a selling vendor one week in NTU, it’s a great activity for every assiciation. However, my Alumni Association was in a faulty operation and management, even lost our office room when I just entered into NTU. We had no any activity at that time, it was a shame we didn’t have a “sense of belonging” here.

My first goal was “Give us a home in Taipei. ”

All of us are come from Penghu, from same high school but not very familiar with each other. But I know the feeling of helpless when facing a bright new environment, we left far away from hometwon and came here alone, being lonely was tired and depressed. Moreover, I look forward to see everyone from Penghu can be proud of our hometown. After lots discussions with my vice director, we decided to hold a selling week. It was a new but difficult beginning.

Project in 2015

澎友會 Alumni Association in NTU

When my core team was made up by members from different fields I assigned the works by their interesting and major in NTU. Of course, their willing and preference were my priority. I hoped they could make a connection between their interest and major ,too. It means everyone focused on different points and fields, so there were must be conflict when decision making,


my way to resolve it was listening in peaceful mind ,and trying to be the bridge between them with more soft attitude but still under their own contex. I thought it was a good way cause everyone needed empathy especially when they paid attention on their work. As a leader, I should be glad to see that.

We took photo after meeting almost every time, because of losing the office room, we always met outdoor, someone’s dorm room or in MacDonalds. However, this gave us a chance to get closer to people, we could hand out the coupon to passenger randomly.

Everything was making good way, however, one day I got a complaints about our sales pitch. My publicity section tied balloons with coupon on bikes in campus randomly, but they made a mistake, inferior product for saving money.

"This is cool ,but these balloons are just junks if they are seted in wrong places" Of course it was still a good idea but a little shame. This crisis ended with my apologize and free coupons. We should make more evolution and discussion. More professional judgement about the quastion “Quantity or Quality ?” Included me, some of us thought that quality was the most important during the selling process, but some partners thought that the highlight was coupon. From this experience, i realized that if we wanted to make the maximum benefit, we should make a lot of researches and tests professionally. And this is the reason I want to apply your school. Another trouble came without break time, we didn't have enough principal to import specialties from Penghu by airplane. The only way was looking for sponsor, I thought I were just crazy, I sent a mail and our proposal to our county, and told him we needed 10.000 NTD for this new activity. Unbelievable, he said "We don’t have precedent, but it seems workable." This is the first time we working with government, it was harder than got sponsor from stores for writing official document.


Process Bring our culture to you

How to connect "local culture" and "creative creation"? How to make a closer sales tactic? we rented a cactus suit, cactus is one of our endemic plant, we introduced the characteristics of cactus to our guests and children, we sent not only selling information but also knowledge to adults and children. In addition, we invited some local stores to join our plan, they are independent and local featured ones. Our cooperation method was providing our Facebook page to exchange their sponsorship or more free samples of specialty. We even got two round - trip air tickets of Taipei - Penghu as our present for lucky draw ! All of these are fun and exciting, it was like we were raising a child together, even managing a innovation brand.

This is my hometown, she has a lot of stories to say. All I tried to do is just listen to her, culture is our life, and culture is she. To be a manager who works for design and culture, I expect myself to be a story listener . Then, send those stories to who want to understand, too.

Work Graphic Design

For our summer camp in 2016. Design Concept : Movie “The Human Zoo” is an important context for Anthropology, it descript the issue about the human right. I borrowed the ideation of banner in the zoo, “wear the banner on the cloth, be the animal who be looked like those in the zoo.” So I putted the scientific name in English and Chinese on it.

Design Concept: There is only a easy imagine on this cloth, but the high light is the footnote of Anthropology. Simple things are never be simple, just like how Anthropology is. However, people ignore how important that culture and society concerning are and pay more and more attention on other superficial things.

Designed for our department in 2016.

For you freshmen This is for a competition of NTU Design to celebrate a new semester ,and I won the second place in this competition. From our college president said “Make a contribution to this universe since this university. � I thought that university was like a mini universe, so many things waiting for us to explore, and I wish all freshmen can so this spirit well in these four years.

Hello 2016. These years, less people writing but send e-mails or other app online. However, I love hand writing more, so I draw this card and printed for that. My friends advised me to sell for earning some money for my funds of travel. It was amazing that I sold about almost 1500 postcards, the elements on this card were landscape in NTU. The best thing is I saved the money for my painting tools and travel to Japan!

Thank you 2017

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