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Another month fly's by, where has all the time gone! Things however are on schedule and many more interested companies and organisations are now coming forward to be a part of Summer Sim 2010. As this highly important event for flight simulation gets ever closer. If you have never been to the Museum at Cosford, then this month we are giving you a fantastic opportunity, not only to see that but also be present at one of the UK's most prestigious events The RAF Cosford Air Show. We are giving one lucky winner a family ticket to visit on June 13th, the ticket allows two adults and up to 3 children access for this fantastic day out. This year the Harrier returns after a 4 year period. And you can find out more in our special Cosford preview!

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Our view in the hangar this month, takes a look at the mighty Bristol Britannia.

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While I'm on the subject of winning, we also have a superb prize courtesy of Aerosoft, VFR London X is up for grabs in our monthly competition. As our show gets ever nearer you will also see that our workload on the magazine has increased, once again this month we have expanded to 20 pages and the good news for all flight sim fans is that it is now available without the need to register, you can also view and download our other magazines from the website. Other interesting items include news on some wonderful Dublin scenery just released. We take a trip over the pond where you can now hire your very own F-16. There is a Diamond in the sky with a look at the Diesel powered DA-42. Plus take a look at some new tracker software that records information about your actual simulator flight. Global Stories returns with another cracking article, which leaves many in disbelief! The story of Thomas Salme and his by now infamous attempts to con airlines into believing he was an actual pilot. Read the full story and be amazed!

Enjoy the read as the build up to Summer Sim 2010 continues, don't miss it! See you next month!

Front Cover Image By: Daron Cooke

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Here is a selection of flight sim news you may have missed!

Carenado's latest general aviation aircraft release for FSX is the F33A Bonanza, an advanced single engine plane that comes with three models and four paint schemes

Cubana Virtual now flying Aero Caribbean routes and fleet; six national routes with the ATR

Stefan Lorenz announces the reopening of fsclips, a web site in which he shares his videos and drawings with the flight sim community

Transcendental Technologies is pleased to announce the PRE-Flight indoor basketball court scenery, including new advanced animated scenery elements

Skyline's Low 'n Fast Air Racing includes 15 races and practice runs of various levels for FSX pilots, with many custom features

Astrasim Expo Ltd

Vatsim Central Africa (VATCAF) proudly presents the Great Opening of Seychelles FIR. A grand opening fly-in will be held on May 30

EPBC Babice X is a highly detailed FSX scenery of a general aviation airport located 10 km from downtown Warsaw, Poland

Announcing Global Air International and Global Express Airways, virtual airlines that fly the USA and world with a unique fleet and complete flight schedule

Now available from VRInsight is the GPS 5 model. This realistic hardware add-on gives your home cockpit a GPS device that interfaces with FS2004 and FSX

Dublin International is the latest high-quality airport from the Fly Wonderful Islands development team. • New Terminal 2 buildings and jet ways • All taxiway and RWY details • Full four seasons and hard winter textures • Full 3D taxiways lighting and signs • AI traffic compatible. AFX file contains every possible gate (Gates are assigned to specific airlines) • Animated jet ways • High resolution ground, object and building textures • Ground terrain seamlessly integrated with Flight Simulator

FWI Dublin International Airport FSX Now available for download from Just Flight

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Astrasim Expo Ltd

Bristol Britannia Designed to a 1947 specification for a medium-range airliner for the British Overseas Airways Corporation, the Britannia prototype made its first flight on 16 August 1952. A long-range version, the Series 300 as pictured, was developed for trans-Atlantic service and entered service on the London-New York route on 19 December 1957. 85 Britannia's were built and the RAF used twenty-three as long range troop and freight transports. Despite initial setbacks, Bristol's 'Whispering Giant' proved itself a successful airliner with its speed, comfort and lack of vibration putting it ahead of its competitors. When BOAC retired the Britannia in 1964, it became the mainstay of the independent sector and saw widespread use for cargo work. G-AOVF was built for BOAC and first flew on 18 December 1957. The highlight of its career was its use by HRH Princess Margaret on a tour of the West Indies in 1958. G-AOVF flew into Cosford from Southend on 31 May 1984.

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Eaglesoft Diamond DA42 Twin Star is offered for either FS9/SP1 or FSX/SP2/DX10 Preview. The Eaglesoft Diamond DA42 Twin Star sets the new standard for realistic Diamond Twin Star General Aviation Aircraft use in Microsoft Flight Simulator. With the help, advice, and testing by real world Twin Star pilots the Eaglesoft Diamond DA42 Twin Star model faithfully replicates the original Diamond DA42 Twin Star Diesel Engine Line. The Diamond DA42-tdi Twin Star is the world's first and only piston aircraft combining an advanced Airframe, Avionics and Twin Engines. The airframe is composed of an advanced aerodynamic and crash-worthy carbon fibre composite structure. With the revolutionary Turbo-Charged Jet Fuel TAE Centurion compression ignition piston engine, the Twin Star is the undisputed piston engine technology leader in GA aircraft. With a remarkably low fuel consumption, the DA42-tdi was the first Diesel-Powered GA aircraft in history to cross the Atlantic Ocean non-stop.

Set in the heart of Northamptonshire, Sywell boasts one of the best General Aviation Airfields in the United Kingdom. With superb airfield facilities and a wonderful Art Deco styled Hotel, it is easy to see why many pilots consider this one of the finest fly-in destinations.

Image: UK2000 Sywell Airfield

Astrasim Expo Ltd

Astrasim Expo Ltd

RAF Cosford Air Show is dedicated to bringing you a wide and varied display of Modern and Vintage aircraft, that will amaze and thrill the whole family.

The RAF Cosford Air Show is pleased to announce that, after a gap of four long years, the Harrier will appear in the Flying Display at the event on 13 June. The Harrier last flew at the 2006 Air Show and was then removed from display flying as the aircraft was heavily involved in operations in Afghanistan . Now that the Harrier has been replaced by the Tornado in that task, there is an opportunity for IV (R) Squadron to develop a display for the 2010 season. For those who have missed seeing this iconic aircraft perform its unique display, the Air Show in June will be an excellent chance to renew your acquaintance with one of the most popular military aircraft in service with the RAF.

In addition, returning to Air Show displays after a two year gap will be the Tornado. A pair of GR4s from RAF Lossiemouth XV Sqn will appear in the Flying Display with a Role Demo.

Astrasim Expo Ltd

Finally, we are also pleased to announce that as part of the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain there will be a special display by a Typhoon/Spitfire Syncro Pair. This display will appear at only six locations during 2010 and RAF Cosford Air Show has been selected as one of those events.

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FSRentals high-end F-16 simulator puts you into the pilot's seat. The F-16 Block 42 Fighting Falcon simulator represents the most advanced and portable high-end military simulator available for rental. Fire missiles at enemy fighters and drop bombs on suspected terrorist locations. The F-16 simulator lets you experience all the thrills of piloting a high performance military aircraft, in the privacy and safety of your own location. FSRentals provides the highest fidelity F-16 Fighting Falcon simulator for rental available in the US. Every function found in the real F-16 aircraft is simulated to the highest level of detail. Whether you are a experienced pilot, a avid aviation enthusiast, our simulator can be configured to allow for maximum enjoyment, with no prior pilots experience necessary. Fully interact in a virtual battle field. The simulator allows you and your guests to take the controls of one of the world's greatest and most successful multi role fighter aircraft, the F-16 Fighting Falcon. You will come to respect our nation's military pilots, and the difficult job they have to perform. Fly over your location, and try to spot your house. FSRentals is now offering the highest resolution photo scenery taken from satellite images of your location, anywhere in the US. The simulator allows flights in any weather condition from sunny skies, to heavy thunderstorms. Try your hand at landing the simulator at your local airport. Large six foot display and thunderous audio system. F-16 simulator bombards all of your senses, and puts you into the centre of the fast paced action. Five speaker surround sound, and a 200 watt audio transducer ensures you will feel the action around you. FSRentals is located in Azle Texas, just Northwest of the DFW Metroplex.

Astrasim Expo Ltd

Astrasim Expo Ltd

Designed to enhance Microsoft Flight Simulator X, VFR London is a highly detailed 3D model of the city of London. Having been build using an aerial photographic template, it is an accurate and faithful representation of the London City area as it is today. Incl. London City Airport. Details: If you want to bring that extra level of realism to your simulation experience, VFR London should, without doubt, be top of the list of FSX add -ons. This scenery will impress like no other before! Sitting on a new, ultra-high-resolution (60cm) layer of aerial photographic scenery, VFR London is comprised of over 30,000 building objects and 50,000 `fill objects` (trees, cranes, boats etc) - including everything from monumental landmarks and skyscrapers to individual homes. Covering over 120km2, every object greater than 27m3 has been modelled to within 3m of its actual footprint, and individually hand textured to accurately reflect the real building by day, and by night.

Features: 120 km² of 3D cityscape 30,000 building objects 50,000 fill objects (vegetation, cranes, boats etc‌) Day & night textures New ultra-high resolution (60cm) photographic scenery layer Reflections on buildings where appropriate (e.g. glass etc..) Compatible with VFR England & Wales Vol. 1 - South Incl. London City Airport (from version 1.10)

FREE TO ENTER for more information please visit Astrasim Expo Astrasim Expo Ltd

Simkits say We’ve received several requests to implement the value for a G-Force gauge in our USB software. This gauge is used in airplanes like the Extra 300 and shows how much G you are pulling at that moment. More info at Simkits ==========================================

Turbine Sound Studios have released yet another one of their sound packages. This time they chose “….. the mighty Boeing 777 GE -90 sound pack for FSX. This is 1 out of 3 sound packs in the TSS Boeing 777 Sound pack line. The Boeing 777 engine configs is: General Electric GE-90 Series, Pratt Whitney PW40xx Series, Rolls Royce Trent 800 Series. With this sound pack, we have captured all the best sound moments and put them together to combine a truly stunning representation of the GE-90 engine….”. ====================================== Prepare yourself as now you have a goal to start and finish your flight from a gate or parking. Animated Gates is FSPassengers friendly. While your passengers are boarding, your aircraft is getting fully serviced. This gives you time to make sure you're properly set up for less mistakes and more enjoyment. Animated Gates require no setup and are ready to go at listed airports. You can add extra planes through Act-gate. Act-gate was made by Arno at FS Developer and was donated to Animated Gates 2010. ======================================

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Cockpit Con was easy says Pilot! A Swedish conman who faked being an airline pilot for 13 years has told exactly how this had been "amazingly easy". Thomas Salme was forbidden from flying for a year and fined only £1,700 after he confessed to piloting passengers jets with out a licence. The 41-year-old disclosed exactly how he trained himself on a Simulator ahead of obtaining a position with Scandinavian airline Air One - and even gained promotion to captain after three years. He had been working as a maintenance engineer for commercial airline SAS when a pal enabled him 'fly' the firm's full-scale flight simulator when it was not being made use of. Salme claimed: "I'd practice there for two or three hours at a time at very least 15 to 20 instances over one and a half years. "The moral point of view is that I feel embarrassed that I did then lie but I did not ever feel, not once feel, that I placed travellers in an dangerous position." Air One had asked him to have a test flight in their own simulator and he exceeded with flying colours after faking vital documents. "I got the crackpot idea to apply as a co-pilot at a actual commercial airline so I made myself a Swedish flying permit along with a logo out of normal white paper. "It had been a dream creation. It wasn't laminated and seemed just like something I had produced at home. "This had been surprisingly easy." Different flight companies apply different permits so the fake was never spotted. "The paperwork seem different just about everywhere in Europe. An Italian commercial airline will not realise just what a Swedish permit looks like. And you can forge all the IDs you want." At last, in March, as he sat at the controls of a Boeing 737 belonging to airline Corendon he was nicked by police officers following a tip off. The aircraft had been a few minutes from takeoff with 101 people on board at Amsterdam's Schipol airport when authorities swooped. He had clocked up 10,000 unlicensed hours in the air. Salme did once possess a commercial pilots' licence but he was never eligible to fly passenger airplanes and the licence had expired. Judges in Amsterdam turned down criminal prosecution pleas with regard to a custodial sentence last month and even acknowledged his safety record. He has since been compared to Frank Abagnale, the American who conned individuals in to thinking he was a pilot and who was played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the motion picture Catch Me If You Can. Flying is a dream many strive to achieve but few succeed, this was one guy who slipped through the net somehow! It does go to prove just how good flight simulators are and why the real world of aviation be it at a general aviation level are finally sitting up and taking notice of this incredible learning tool. Image Š News Group Newspapers Ltd

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“It’s something to crow about...” Flight Tracker (Time to Fly!) Edition is an innovative Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000/2002/2004/X Add-On that is much more than a flight log. Flight Tracker (Time to Fly!) Edition actually records flight information from your active Simulator flight automatically! Flight Tracker (Time to Fly!) Edition includes all of the features found in Flight Tracker plus a redesigned user interface, auto updates, integration with Google Maps, graphical flight statistics and automatic KML file creation. Core Features Auto Updater The Auto Updater will ensure that you are always running the latest version of Flight Tracker (Time to Fly!) Edition. Graphical Flight Statistics In addition to the various reports available, Flight Tracker (Time to Fly!) Edition features two graphical displays. A Bar Chart shows the time logged in each aircraft type. A pie chart shows the percentage of total time logged by each aircraft type. Google Map Integration Google Map integration allows you to view the position of your aircraft and flight path using Google Maps. The Map Track feature shows the position of your aircraft reported by ACARS on a map that is refreshed in five minute intervals. View the flight path of your aircraft for any flight selected in the Flight Log using Google Maps. Fly!) Edition. Automatic KML File Creation KML files contain geospatial data used by various applications to view locations and paths. KML is primarily used by Google Earth. Flight Tracker (Time to Fly!) Edition automatically creates a KML file for each flight logged with the ACARS. The KML file for a flight may be opened with Google Earth to display the flight path. Open Extensibility What is open extensibility? Open Extensibility is a framework baked into Flight Tracker (Time to Fly!) Edition that will allow us (and eventually others) to develop add ons for it. In fact, one is in development ... Image Black Crow © Manu Mohan

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It is a well known fact that real flight simulator software programs can mimic the experience of flying a real aircraft down to the smallest level of detail. Yet, there are some things that a real flight simulator for home use on a PC simply cannot emulate: 1. G-forces. When you fly an airplane, you will inevitably encounter situations where G-forces are exerted upon you and the aircraft. However, sitting in your chair in front of the PC, flying airplanes on a simulator, can’t obviously experience that.

2. False Sensations of Motion. It is a common problem that pilots very often will experience false and erroneous sensations of motion caused by acceleration, deceleration, climbs, descents, and turns. You obviously cannot experience this phenomenon with a real flight simulator.

3. Turbulence. Even though any real flight simulator can simulate turbulence, you won’t ever actually feel it, so you won’t be able to react to it in the same way when sitting in front of a computer, that you would if you were actually being jerked around in the cockpit.

4. Hard landings. Simulator programs can help you learn to make precision landings. But you won’t be able to judge whether the landing you made was too hard or not, because you obviously cannot feel it.

5. Crashes. This one is obvious! You would never have to worry about crashing the airplane with a simulator, since it poses absolutely no threat to the physical safety of your person. In fact, chances are that every simulator pilot has intentionally crashed an airplane on purpose at least once, just for the fun of it! Unless of course you know differently! Images © Marcelo Terraza

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