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Sleaping Beauty Where one great show leads to another!

Editorial This month Astrasim Expo bring you news on the latest supersonic air travel for Flight Simulator in the shape of Concorde X. Developed by the team at Flight Labs this amazing aircraft which was very popular in Fs2004 now makes a welcome return.

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April also see’s us attending the Youth Aviation Conference at Brooklands Aviation Museum on the 17th. This very important event has been Organised by the Youth & Education Support Strut of the LAA.


Kids in Planes

Concorde X

over the coming weeks, one of our latest ventures is to promote and show


of the week to bring you some of the best flying action from the genre. The

In the Hangar

Lights Camera EZCA

Sleaping Beauty

We also continue to develop the website with new and exciting additions flight simulation films with our ‘Movie of the Day’ This is updated everyday guys who produce these movies are without doubt very passionate and also technically very adept to this style of movie making, but above all it makes for great entertainment and compulsive viewing for every flight sim fan. Check our article Lights Camera EZCA for new software with movie makers in mind!

General Aviation fans always love to visit new and exciting airfields, in this issue we visit Sleap, based in Shropshire and home to the Shropshire Flying Club. Finally don’t forget our amazing competition sponsored by Just Flight one of Front Cover Image By: Tim Smith

the worlds leading developers and publishers of quality software for flight simulator. You can WIN any title of your choice from their massive catalogue. As the build up to Summer Sim 2010 continues, don't miss it! See you next month!

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One of the main items to come up time and time again is how do we introduce young people into the world of aviation. Not only in the real world but also within flight simulation as a hobby, young folks still prefer the Xbox or Play Station to sitting down and flying an aircraft. We all need to ignite passions in the teenage community, show them the excitement and fun you can have by flying and maybe even give them an excellent stepping stone to the real world of aviation, as a professional or club member. Chris Shaw is the Specialist Advisor on Air Scouting with the UK largest youth organisation - The Scout Association and along with us is very keen to get flight simulation enthusiasts and clubs developing a connection with young people and getting them involved. The challenge is to firstly get people interested, and then offer training to move the young person forward; giving a greater understanding and knowledge that will help their progression. We have for some time been discussing ways in which the Scouting movement can get involved and after months of work, a proposed new badge is in the process of being developed for all members of the movement. Trials will take place initially with hopes that it will eventually go nationwide in 2011. This will encompass all that has been discussed and planned, utilising tasks at different levels on the course work, developing the young person and teaching techniques required to be able to pilot a light aircraft. The culmination is hoped for an individual to fly a solo bringing together all the skills learnt over the course and upon completion the successful young person will gain their well earned badge. It’s not just flight simulation that can help bring more young people together, on April 17th at Brooklands Aviation Museum a Youth Aviation Conference is being held, this has been organised by the Youth and Education strut of the Light Aircraft Association (LAA). The Programme will include information and guidance on a wide range of aviation-related activities and careers for young people, and the support which is available for them through a number of established organisations.

There will opportunities to find out about:Airfield Days, Bursaries and Grants, Build-a-Plane Projects, Flying & Gliding Opportunities, LAA Junior & Student Members Young Aviators Days, Brooklands Museum, Models and Model Flying with the BMFA, Scout Aviation Activities, Air-Scouts and Camps Specialist Resources and Projects, Training Opportunities for aviation-related jobs We will bring you more information on the event in our next issue.

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The Aerospatiale-BAC Concorde is a turbojet-powered supersonic passenger airliner, a supersonic transport (SST). It was a product of an Anglo-French government treaty, incorporating the assembly efforts of Aerospatiale and the British Aircraft Corporation. Initially flown in 1969, Concorde moved into service in 1976 and carried on for 27 years. Concorde flew frequent transatlantic routes from London Heathrow airport (British Airways) as well as Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport (Air France) to New York JFK and Washington Dulles, travelling these routes at record speeds, within much less than half the time associated with other airliners. With only 20 aircraft built, the production stage represented a considerable monetary loss. Additionally, Air France and British Airways had been subsidised by their own governments in order to buy the aircraft. As a direct result associated with the type’s only accident, (on 25 July 2000), economic consequences arising from the 11 September attacks, and various other reasons, procedures ceased on 24 October 2003. The final "retirement" flight occurred on 26 November 2003. Now you can relive the golden age of supersonic travel with a new release from Flight Sim Labs, Concorde X. Providing the *easiest-to-fly* but yet furthermore *most complete* Concorde aircraft simulation ever to be developed for the pc flight simulator, the Concorde-X has arrived to define innovative standards together with it's extremely accurate systems, amazing photo-realistic graphics, intensely comprehensive external model and virtual cockpit, and a fully immersive three-dimensional sound experience!

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Building on their understanding as well as expanding their experience from having worked on several award-winning aircraft add-on products in the past, the Flight Sim Labs development staff has now released the brand brand-new Concorde-X add-on, which has been developed from the ground up to be able to display a complete and faithful simulation associated with the impressive airliner. A totally new and stand-alone software development package permitted Flight Sim Labs to put collectively all of the actual systems, gauges and panels identified in the actual Concorde, while maintaining super-high performance in the final outcome.

Utilizing its significant network of technical advisors, including Concorde Captains, Engineering Officers, Field technicians as well as several of the same people whom have been involved in building the actual aircraft, the team had been able to make certain that accuracy in the final production was verified down to the very last visual detail, but also in all its flight and systems operations.

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In our latest series we take a look at some of the aircraft you will see when visiting our show later this year at RAF Museum Cosford. Not only will we provide information on the different types but also allow you to download the aircraft for use in your own flight simulator. For more information please visit

Hawker Siddeley Gnat T1 Derived from a single seat fighter project an example of which is also displayed at Cosford the Gnat provided advanced flying training for RAF fast jet pilots in the 1960s and 1970s. The Gnat first flew in August 1959 and the type entered service with the Central Flying School in February 1962. It was intended to replace the Vampire as an advanced trainer for pilots who would fly jet fighters and bombers, combining high performance with the handling qualities required for effective instruction. A total of 105 Gnats served with the RAF and the final group of pilots trained on the Gnat graduated from No.4 Flying Training School on 24 November 1978. Its aerobatic qualities led to the formation of the Yellowjacks aerobatic team in 1964, leading to the foundation of the world famous Red Arrows the following year. The team flew their red Gnats for fourteen years until they were replaced by the British Aerospace Hawk at the end of the 1979 season.

Image Gnat T1 : Serge Bailleul

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Flight One Software, in collaboration with EZdok Software, is thrilled to provide EZdok Camera for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

EZdok Camera (EZCA) is the camera and effects system and manager which boosts the pilot experience in FSX. This gives view control in Flight Simulator with regard to effortless navigation all the way through the virtual cockpit as well as cabin, around the aircraft, as well as around the Flight Simulator environment. But furthermore very exciting are the effects exerted upon the pilot, immersing the virtual pilot inside a much more realistic physical simulation of aviation. We believe EZCA is one of the "Must Have" systems for FSX. EZCA is a application that includes visual effects of both pilot and also camera shake, caused through aircraft accelerations, surfaces, and turbulence, which can make flying in Flight Simulator more immersing and realistic. EZCA is also a fantastic resource which can certainly be applied by flight sim movie producing enthusiasts in order to help to make their own movies more enjoyable.

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Sleap (pronounced "Slape") is an ex-RAF airfield, which was initially open in April 1943, and made use of by RAF advanced flying training units. To begin with this had been the base for No.81 OTU inside of No. 93 Group of Royal air force Bomber Command equipped with Whitley bomber aircraft. From 1 January 1944 Sleap was assigned to the RAF's No.38 Group, Airborne Forces.

81 OTU's Whitley's towed Horsa heavy troop-carrying gliders on training missions and the Horsas made practice formation landings at Sleap to replicate the attacks to take place upon German-occupied territory. Vickers Wellingtons superceded the Whitley's from November 1944 and through January 1945 the strength was 51 T.Xs, remaining utilised to train Transport Command air crews. The RAF eventually released Sleap in 1964, but the location is still used as a relief airfield by close by RAF Shawbury for Squirrel helicopter training.

The Shropshire Aero Club members' bar at Sleap is actually given its name after Bayston Hill born Flight Lieutenant Eric Lock the World War II Battle of Britain pilot whom has been the highest scoring British-born pilot in the fight with sixteen and a half wins throughout the epic battle.

Take a trip over to Sleap, this friendly flying club operates seven days a week from two licensed and one unlicensed tarmac runway and an unlicensed high quality grass strip running east of and parallel to runway 23/05 which is maintained throughout the summer.

Image: UK2000 Sleap Airfield

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