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Support Links Multicultural Group - NEWSLETTER Agendas, Feature Story, Contributions, Enquiries., Volunteers Support Links Wishing you all a very special Christmas and New Year Season, with many opportunities for relaxation, time to play, and time with family and friends! Support Links will be closing down for December and January, starting again on MonXmas Card, by Roumiana Beck day 18 January, 2010. Free English Classes as well as home tutoring available for migrants and refugees. Enq: Stella 0408 816 856 or Colleen 0409 003 028

Ipswich Library: Mondays: 10am - 11.30am Tuesdays: 10am - 11.30am Thursdays: 10am - 11.30am Goodna Neighbourhood House, Queen St, Goodna

Thursdays: 9.30am - 11am Redbank Plains Library These sessions have temporarily been cancelled. Please note: Monday’s classes will continue for December & January. Please check with Stella Gibbs for time and place. Please stay in touch with your tutors about upcoming classes in 2010. Support Links Agenda Nov 30 Monday: Support Links Xmas & Breakup party. Bring a plate to share, and drinks. Bring your music and your dancing shoes and games to play!

Leichhardt Community Centre (Youth Centre) Cnr Old Toowoomba Rd &

Edition 7 - Issue 1: Dec 2009


For Enquiries contact: Co-ordinator: Stella Gibbs Tel: 07 3282 6852 Mobile: 0408 816 856 Email: Contribution to Newsletter: If you would like to advertise a function, festival, workshop, Art Exhibitions, CD’s, books, or you would like to share some interesting anecdotes, stories, poems, jokes, news items, please contact: Editor: Astrid Tholens, Tel: 07 3202 2291 Email:

Support Links has been slandered and misrepresented recently by the Queensland Times—by Stella Gibbs I was phoned by a reporter recently and was asked for a contact in the Sri Lankan community. He also asked me what I thought about the current refugee stand off by Sri Lankan Refugees. I explained that this situation was very different from the previous refugee arrivals as they had been out of Sri Lanka for over three years and spoke with a Canadian accent. This caused questions and the need for caution by Sri Lankan people in our community. I also added that bully tactics by this group did not help the cause of other refugees. Sanat, a Sri Lankan member of Support Group, was prepared to give the reporter lots of recent information but asked that his name not be mentioned. The next day a story appeared saying that I, as representative of Support Link, had taken a hard line on boat people and expressed other comments that I did not make. At no time did he ask if he could write a story or use my photo or my comments. He wrote his own version and quoted me as having said these things. What I most objected to was the statement::They should get in the queue like every one else. Most genuine refugees flee for their life and then seek refuge wherever they can as they don‟t have any other options. I have worked with refugees for over thirty years and know their plight well. If you read this article please be assured that the comments are those of the reporter and not mine. Christmas Cards by

Our next Newsletter will be available end of January! Please send submissions by 15th Jan.

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Festivals, Concerts, Charities, Art Exhibitions, Quotes Vintage

Calendar of Concerts & Festivals - Dec 2009 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month - starting 29 Nov Markets at Ipswich Mall & d’Arcy Doyle An exciting new community based market, with quality crafts, fresh fruit and vegetables, and gourmet foods. Friday 5 Dec: 10am to 4pm Dreamtime Kullilla Art - Bush Tudker Day Web Hall, Redcliffe Showgrounds, Scarborough Rd, Redcliffe. Special guest: Dale Chapman, the Dilly Bag Bush Tucker Chef. Refreshments available. Enq. 07 38810 1320 or

Friday 11 Dec: 6.30pm for 7pm start Multicultural Christmas Dinner (ACCES Services) 9 Courses & Multicultural Performances Michael’s Oriental Restaurant & Function Centre 223 Padstow Rd (Cnr Warrigal Rd), Eight MilePlains RSVP by 7 Dec. at or 0410 567 618

Calendar of Concerts & Festivals Jan-Feb 20010 Saturday 6 Feb: W a i t a n g i D a y Te Korowai Aroha Inc 8am (Powhiri) to 7pm at Kingston Butter Factory, Milky Way Av (off Jacaranda Ave) Kingston. Authentic Maori Stalls, top Maori entertainers, Kai & Hangi Stalls, Kids Rides, Kapa Haka. ALL DAY Alcohol free event $5 Gate Charge (12 yrs+) For further details, contact: Kira Broughton (Secretary) 0432 671 915 Tina Harris (Stall Holders) 0433 706 150

Something borrowed Something blue Something old But nothing new

By Louisa Janke


By Lou Lou (Louisa Janke) I'm an artist and collector of vintage pieces which I love to share and sell through e-bay. As an artist I am inspired by and love the Impressionists, Japonisme and 18th Century France. I love beautiful things in life from a piece of fabric, to a photograph, to a kind gesture. I have recently completed my Diploma of Arts at the Ipswich Tafe College, and participated in a group Exhibition, titled Aperio, at the Ipswich Community Gallery. My work critiques the insatiable need of society to source, buy and display exotica in the form of decorative objects. Check out „Vintage by LouLou‟ and all my pretty things. Whether it's French Provincial, Shabby or Eamest, as long as it takes my fancy, I know you will love it too. Enjoy & happy shopping. If you would like to stay in touch, please visit my Weblog:

Is Peace an impossible dream ? You weigh your life with weights that don’t weigh anything How will you know how much you have? Weigh it by fact, by reality, and you will see that peace is not an impossible dream The fulfilment of a human being is not an impossibility. That those questions that human beings have been asking for so long have answers And that the answers do not come in words_ they come in feeling. By Prem Rawat

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Nature, Health, Exercise, Sport, Diet....... Calendar of Healthy Lifestyle-2009

Leadership for a Safe Climate! Walk and ride against Warming!

Circle Dancing Sessions Every 2nd Saturday, 10am to 12pm at Humanities Building, South St, Ips Enq. U3A office or phone 0408 881 640 Counselling - Ipswich Women’s Centre Against Domestic Violence There are some counselling vacancies available for women and children who have experienced Domestic and Family Violence. Please get in touch with Stella Gibbs if you would like book in for an appointment. Safe Climate: Walk ing & Cycling: Sunday 6 Dec,10am, King GeorgeS quare,Bris. Sunday 12 Dec, 3pm, Orleigh Park, West End Tai Chi & Qigong Classes Friday morning at 6.30am to 7.30am At Queen’s Park, Ipswich (off Milford St)

(Ipswich Hospital Foundation - HF) Tai Chi Classes Monday 19th Oct to 7 Dec, 3-4pm At Cafeteria, Humanities Bldg Isntructor: Ethel Llewellyn Ph 07 3282 8644

(Ipswich 60 and Better) Yoga Classes Thursday evenings at 7pm Leichhardt Community Centre, Cnr Old Toowoomba Rd & Denman St, Leichhardt

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom -Anais Nin-

* Saturday 12 December at 10am, at King George Square, Brisbane * Sunday 6 December at 3pm, at Orleigh Park, West End Concerts and rallies will be held in cities around the world to promote the need for a safe climate agreement at the UN Climate Change Meeting in Copenhagen. Brisbane will be one of those cities and you can make a difference! Brisbane’s Walk Against Warming features a march followed by a concert of donated performances by Katie Noonan & The Captains, Dallas Frasca, Marshall & the Fro, Passenger, Black Market Rhythm Co. Circle of Healing Program Tuesdays from 10 Nov to 8 Dec A holistic approach to social emotional, cultural and spiritual health for families and individuals. Tues 1 Dec: Grief and loss counselling, motivation, role models Tues 8 Dec: Understanding the Education system, supporting your children at School, linking families and schools, suspension & Exclusion Policies If you are interested in attending, pleae RSVP to Erin McDonald, Indigenous Schooling Support Unit Central 07 3372 5460 or

Fair Trade Collective Christmas Market Sunday 5 & 6 December - 10am to 4pm Marymac Community Centre, 616 Ipswich Rd, Annerly

Come and browse a huge range of ethnically made and fairly traded handcrafted products from developing countries. Homewares - Baskets - Toys - Clothing - Foods Crafts - Jewellery - Accessories

Canoeing - Come and Join Us! Springfield Lakes, Springfield MAW-RAW You will be provided with full equipment, and instructions, morning tea, etc... To book phone Mandy 07 3510 2719 or

Canoeing Spring Field Lakes Colleen, Thea, Emma, Pooja, Lekshmy, Rita and fellow canoeists!

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Education, Employment, Services, Tutoring., Language,....


A.C.C.E.S Services (Assisting Collaborative Community Employment Support Services) ACCESS Inc is now operating an office in Goodna to help migrant and refugee job seekers. The new office is located at 1st Floor, 9 William St, Goodna. ACCESS personnel would like to extend their help GOODNA HOMEWORK CLUB A Homework Club for children of refugee background

with resume preparation, interviewing techniques, preparing for work programs and driving School or any other areas of work.

Thursday Afternoons from 3pm to 4.30 pm St Albans Hall, 69-71 Alice St, Goodna Volunteers assist children with their homework. Afternoon tea (fruit) provided.

Contact Davide Rosario and Pacifique Gakindi during office hours to book for an appointment. Tel 07 3412 9955

For more information Contact:


Natasha Blucher, 07 3202 1180 Mangol Lok, 0411 431 287 The Sudanese Community Association of Qld and Vincent de Paul Settlement Services

FREE Community Breakfast - International Volunteer Day Friday 4 Dec 2009 7am to 8.30am Ipswich Mall Official welcome by Mayor Paul Pisasale “The City says thank you to all Volunteers”

If you talk to a man in a language he understands that goes to his head If you talk to him in his own language that goes to his heart.

by Nelson Mandala


Good day, Good morning

Ow’s she

How is everything?


Alright, fine, OK

She’ll be right!

Everything will be okay


Beautiful/exclamation of approval


Ill / Sick

A sicke

A day off work when you’re ill

Cop that!

Look at that!




No chance at all



Volunteer Tutor Training 39213 QLD Course in Volunteering Tutoring Fully funded - no fees apply! The course provides training for people wishing to become Volunteer Tutors in structured learning programs for adults who require support in either Language (English as Second Language [ESL], Literacy or Numeracy (LLN). This qualification enables you to volunteer as a tutor either in a one-to-one situation with a student or in a TAFE classroom with an ESL or LLN teacher. An Information session will be held soon Please register your interest NOW. 07 3817 3000

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Stories, Poems, Music, Songs.., Quotes... What of the Crippled Boy who could not keep up with the Pied Piper of Hamelin? By Gershon “For Moses had a son there and named him Gershon for he was a stranger in a strange land." [Exodus]

Artworks by Peter Weevers In

Being the only one left, besides the newborn and the very small, Did he become the focus of a collective yearning? Was there resentment, hatred even? Envy of course or maybe “The Will of God” settled in, considering time and place. Was he weighed down with guilt even though he missed out on Paradise Even though all knew what had been the fate of rats. Did he become more precious than the harvest to his mum and dad? Sheltered from adventure until they grew too old. Did he shiver in a phobia if he heard the whistle of the shepherds flute? Did he find a trade; manage to make a life With a new generation of children all around. Were they fearful of him or touch his hand for luck. Did he marry and have children of his own. Did he slip away by night to the fatal hill where his lost friends had Blended with the sudden ground. Would he have been occasionally sought out by pamphleteers To tell his story? Was it believed? Was it denied by his hometown? (No they rode it all the way to the tourist Guilder). Or did he wander as a beggar, maybe a mendicant, a slightly holy man Looking for other survivors of strange or usual events Where villages had gone insane on twisted oats, Or when war came through with bored slaughter To leave no whiteness to Its needs Did he become wise looking for that Pied Piper? Did he ever think he saw, now well aged, his childhood companions In Tavernas and Kasbahs as he journeyed East? Did he think fondly of them though he may not have been kindly dealt with? With that limp, that withered leg, that clubbed foot, That unset fracture from a routine fall Did he visit orphanages, did he seek out caves with reputations. When people whispered that the old god Pan Was adrift in the landscape again, Did he with suspicion and learning - maybe he was on the edge of alchemySet off to see if his satyrs and nymphs in their procreative abandonment Bore some resemblance to his long gone friends. He would be immune to Panic. He would be immune to everything.

“The Pied Piper of Hamelin”

Glossary: Calaban: Caliban and Prospero are charaters in Shakespeare's play THE TEMPEST Kasbah: A castle or palace in northern Africa. Also used to describe a cafe or restaurant in more modern times. God Pan: Pan, the noisy goat-footed god of the Greeks, looks after shepherds and woods, is a capable musician, and invented the instrument named for him, panpipes. Pan leads the nymphs in dances. He stirs up panic. He is worshiped in Arcadia, Greece. Guild/Guilder: A "guild" (also spelled "gild") was, in medieval times, an association of craftsmen or merchants, formed for mutual aid and protection and to further their own professional interests. The medieval guilds were of two types, the merchant guilds and the craft guilds. Pied Piper of Hamelin: The Pied Piper of Hamelin is a legend about the abduction of many children from the town of Hamelin in Germany. The Pied Piper promises to to rid the town of a plague of rats, and with his magical flute leads them to the nearest river, where they all drown. When the Guild of Hamelin refuses to pay him for his efforts, he enchants all the children of Hamelin to follow him into the side of a mountain, never to be seen again. A famous version of this story was written by the Grimm Brothers (Grimm Fairytales) Tavernas: A café or small restaurant in Greece.

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Stories, Poems, Music, Songs.., Quotes... What of the Crippled Boy who could not keep up with the Pied Piper of Hamelin?......cont......

What became of the old crippled boy who could not keep up? To follow the agony of such sweet promissory notes To awake like Caliban facing a shut blank life With a world of shadows at his back Still born possibilities fading out But then again, but then again maybe he had another tale to tell How holy fervour carried the children on a harsh crusade That they marched with crosses innocence and chants Into the disquietudes of the road and the brothels of the east. And the town to mask the horror of its guilt Rationalized the truth quite efficiently away. In such a case the crippled boy Who could not march? Would prove to be a danger to the general peace of mind Talking about his stolen generation all the time.

Artwork by Peter Weevers “The Pied Piper of Hamelin”

The Pied Piper of Hamelin (Excerpt from a poem by Robert Browning)

A wondrous portal opened wide, As if a cavern was suddenly hollowed, And the Piper advanced and the children followed, And when all were in to the very last, Making puppets Adam, Sarah-Rose & Rachel

The hunter‟s dress-up Connor & Declan

The door in the mountain-side shut fast.

The Magic Stone, by Astrid Tholens cont...... The children and animals walked along the river tripping with excitement and amazement, as they watched the forest become thicker and thicker. The path became harder to follow, over rocks and steep crevices. The children had never seen anything like it in their whole life. Their faces were beaming, tears of joy rolled down their faces. Alicia was singing joyfully as if finally she was home again. Manu the donkey brayed loudly, as he stepped his way cautiously along the rocky track under the shade of the trees. Anu turned to his friends: “What shall we do now? We can‟t take these trees back home, and how will anyone believe us that we have found the lost forest?” Jean-Paul and Michelle sat down to think. “We need to find baby trees, and then we can take them back home,” Jean-Paul thought out loud. “How do we know what a baby tree looks like? And how will we stay alive on the journey home? asked Michelle. “We could wrap them up with our socks, and keep them warm and moist”, Anu replied. He had had some experience in the past with growing flowers around his hut. “Ok, let‟s look for some baby trees” said Jean-Paul, wanting to make a start. Printed with compliments of Cr Charlie Pisasale’s Electorate Office 6


Stories, Poems, Music, Songs.., Quotes... The Magic Stone......cont..... S o o n t h ey fou n d a g rov e w h er e th e ba by t re es gr e w i n abu n da n ce, a nd t h ey du g a nd du g th e e ar th ar ou n d th e tre es u n ti l t h e y co u l d h ol d th em i n t h ei r h a n ds . Th e c h i l dre n we re th ri ll e d to re ali z e th a t th es e b a by tr ee s cou l d gro w i n to a fo res t. Th e j o u r n ey b ac k h om e s e em e d li gh t - foo te d, e ve ryo n e wa s s o h ap p y ab o u t fi ndi n g th e los t fo res t th a t th ey n e ve r th o u gh t ab o u t w h at w ou ld h a pp en wh en t h ey got h o m e. Fi rs t th e y ca m e to th e o l d m an ‟s h u t, an d e xci te d ly s h o we d h i m t h e b ab y tr ees . H o w p rou d h e w as o f th e ch i l dr en ‟ s tre as u r e ! H e s ai d t o th em :

“You ha ve gi ve n t he wh ole wor ld ho pe. No w t ak e thes e tre asur es b ac k to y our vi lla ges a n d p lan t the m, so we c a n a ll enj oy th e tre es g r owi n g i nt o fo res ts on ce a gai n.‟

Astrid & grandson Connor... preparing for the puppet play

Th e n th ey c am e t o Je a n - Pau l‟ s an d M i ch e l le ‟s vi l la ge. E v ery on e g ath er ed aro u n d to s e e t h e ch i ld re n‟ s tre as u r e . Bu t no - on e w an t ed t o be li e v e th e c h i l dr en, an d no - o ne p la n te d th e ba by t re es . B oth Je a n - Pau l a nd Mi c h e l le b ec am e v ery s ad a n d d ep r es s e d , a nd t h ey de ci d e d to le av e th ei r vi ll a ge a n d co nti nu e w i th A nu to vi s i t h i s O m a. W h e n th e c h i l d re n ar ri v e d at A nu ‟s vi l la ge, t h ey s h ow e d h i s O m a th e ba by tre es , a nd o f - cou rs e s h e re co gni z ed t h em i ns ta nt l y an d h e ld th em g e nt ly i n h er h an ds . S h e c l o s e d h er ey es a n d p ra y ed t o t h e G o d o f T rees i n th a nk s fo r bri ng i ng t h e ch i l dr en s a fe l y ba ck h o m e a n d fo r bri n gi n g th e m os t pr eci ou s gi ft th a t th e e ar th co u l d gi ve - a ch an c e t o s t art a g ai n a n d pl a n t th e t re es . Th e t re es wo u l d bri n g th e w at er, pro vi de th e s h a de a nd gi v e th e m s h e l te r fr om th e h o t s u n. T h ey wo u l d ch an ge t h e l a nd s c ap e o f th e de s er t. O m a, A nu , J ea n - P a u l a nd Mi ch e ll e d eci de d to s t ar t pl a nti n g th e b a by tr e es i n bi g p o ts s o th ey cou l d b e gi v en s p eci al car e u n ti l t h e y be cam e bi gg er. A ft er a we ek , th e b ab y tr e es we re b e gi n ni ng to g ro w, a nd s e e m ed t o be s a yi ng:

“Tha nk y ou fo r s av ing us. Th an k you fo r le tti n g us sp re ad our t re asur e to the r est of th e wor ld. W e we re so lon e ly in t he los t fore st a n d wa n te d to pr op ag at e ou r see d to he a l the wor ld. ” Th e y a ll fe l t a de e p g ra ti tu d e an d s p en t m a ny h ou r s e v ery d ay t aki n g ca r e o f th e t re es an d wa tc h i n g th em gro w a nd gro w, u n ti l th e y we re to o bi g fo r th e p o ts , a n d th e y h a d to b e pl a nt e d i n t h e des er t s oi l. O f - c ou rs e a l l th e o th er p e o p l e i n th e s u r rou n di n g vi l la g es w an t ed t o com e an d s e e t h e m i r ac l e o f th e t re es gro wi n g i nt o a fo r es t. A nd s o o n p eop l e c am e from e v ery w h ere t o pi ck u p th ei r ba by t re es s o t h e y co u l d a ls o gr o w a fo res t. Rainforest Rescue

Tree Anthem: Dance of the Trees from If you Dare with Julie Blue and Joseph „Pepe‟ Danza (1994)

CHORUS As we all stand together life will find a way. Trees are the breath of life this is what they say, what they say... Let the trees grow up to the light and the forest live forever. Let each moment be sacred in our sight as we walk the path together…...

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Supporting multicultural activities around Ipswich and Brisbane regions. Promoting functions, festivals, concerts, films, stories & artwork...

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