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apple (noun) a hard round fruit that has red, light green, or yellow skin and is white inside jabłko (noun) nutmeg (noun) a brown powder made from the seed of a tropical tree, which is used as a spice gałka muszkatołowa (noun) olive (noun) a small, bitter, egg-shaped black or green fruit, used as food and for making oil oliwka (noun) onion (noun) a round white vegetable with a brown, red, or white skin and many layers cebula (noun) pepper (noun) a hollow red, green, or yellow vegetable, eaten either raw or cooked with other food ; a powder that is used to add a hot taste to food pieprz (noun) peppermint a plant with a strong smell and taste, often used in sweets; a sweet with the taste of peppermint mięta, miętówka (noun) pepperoni (noun) (noun) an Italian sausage with a strony, spicy taste włoska odmiana ostrej salami salsa (noun) a sauce made from onions, tomatoes and chillies that you add to Mexican or Spanish food; a type of Latin American dance music;; sos salsa (noun) salt (noun) a natural white mineral that is added to food to preserve it or to make it taste better : Could you pass the salt?; sól (noun) tomato (noun) a round soft red fruit eaten raw of cooked as a vegetable pomidor (noun)

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