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Tara Branstad Tara Branstad is the Associate Director of Carnegie Mellon's Center for Technology



Enterprise Creation

(CTTEC). Tara’s

responsibilities at CTTEC include working with faculty in a variety of fields to facilitate partnering for commercialization, specifically through licensing and the creation of start-up companies. In addition, Tara is responsible for overseeing CTTEC’s Enterprise Creation and Gap Fund Programs. Tara came to Carnegie Mellon in October 2005. She began her professional career in technology transfer at the University of Pittsburgh's Office of Technology Management in 1996, and has also worked for a seed stage funding and technology-based economic development organization, and as an independent consultant to start-up companies, universities, economic development organizations, and private funding groups.

Tara has presented lectures and seminars to students, faculty and TTO professionals on behalf of Carnegie Mellon, AUTM (Association for Technology Managers), NCET2 (National Council for Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer), UTEN (University Technology Enterprise Network - Portugal), USIMP (Turkey), and the U.S. Commerce Department (CLDP).

Tara received her BA in Biology from the University of Virginia, and an MBA in Marketing and MHA in Health Policy and Administration from the University of Pittsburgh.

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Tara branstad