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Programme masterclass Financing spin-outs essentials 24 March 2011, Amsterdam (Schiphol airport) - the Netherlands

Session leaders: Michael Truyen, lawyer - Eubelius, Belgium Johan Bil, technology transfer officer - University of Gent, Belgium Dominic De Groote, business developer Pharma - University of Gent, Belgium

10:00-10:45: Welcome & Icebreaker exercise In this session, we will explore in a small role play exercise the different dynamics impacting the finance structure and consequently negotiation positions during spinout creation. 10:45-11:40: Finance essentials – part 1 11:40-12:00: Coffee Break 12:00-13:15: Finance Essentials – part 2 13:15-14:00: Lunch 14:00-15:45: Case Study – Multiple round Finance As a technology transfer manager, it is your responsibility to maximize value for your institution. Understanding and anticipating future funding rounds is key to avoid that you loose this value at the end. In this case study, we take you through the funding life cycle of a spinout where you are placed in the position of the technology transfer manager responsible for the negotiation of a term sheet with a VC professional. 15:45-16:20: Finance mechanisms to create incentives In the initial stage, the success of a spinout heavily depends on the commitment of the entrepreneurs and academics. It is common practice to include incentive elements in the financial deal structure to incentivize founders and researchers to meet spinout milestones. In this session, you are introduced to some general concepts and issues important for technology transfer managers. 16:20-16:30: Wrap-up

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2011 mar fs de groote, bil, truyen  

2011 mar fs de groote, bil, truyen  

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