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Year 11 Health and Social Care Students experience what it’s like caring for a young baby Astor has been running a Life Choice Baby programme in college for students for the past 5 years. The programme is designed to inform young people about the realities and demands of parenting. This involves students caring for a virtual baby over a weekend, and aims, through an extended experience in a realistic environment, to help young people understand three important facts about babies: 1. Babies demands are unpredictable and must be met promptly 2. Babies require a great deal of time and attention 3. Babies change parents’ lives profoundly The Life Choice Programme helps young adults explore the physical, emotional, aspirational and social consequences of parenthood. Each baby required care throughout the day and night. The baby’s programme is based on a real baby. When Baby cried, it was the student’s responsibility to attend to Baby’s needs. Each student was given a baby to care for from 4pm Friday evening right through until 4pm on the Sunday evening. Some of the feedback from the students after the experience:-

‘I never want a baby they’re too needy, it cried during the night, it didn’t give me a break!’ ‘I learnt that it can be stressful being a parent, it would stop you doing a lot of things.’ ‘I tried my best, I was stressed, I hated all of it!’’ Astor College are offering Year 9 students Work Related Learning activities based around the Care of Young children. This an exciting new development for this years work related learning. For more Information speak to Mrs Browne in room 27.

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