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Attendance Facts There are 190 days in a school year 1140 lessons are taught in a school year How many lessons will you miss this year? Check the table below to find out Percentage Attendance 100% Attendance 98% Attendance 95% Attendance 92% Attendance 90% Attendance *85% Attendance *75% Attendance *70% Attendance *65% Attendance

Number of lessons missed 0 lessons missed 23 lessons missed 57 lessons missed 91 lessons missed 114 lessons missed 171 lessons missed 285 lessons missed 342 lessons missed 399 lessons missed

*Attendance is at a level where parents can be taken to court and fined or imprisoned for their child’s poor attendance. Please contact the College to discuss any attendance concerns. Shellie Willis, Director of Secondary Student and Parent Support

LONDON MARATHON A massive “Thank-You” to everyone for their wonderful fundraising abilities. So far, from ‘spud days’, cake sales and Inter-form dance off’s, Astor College have managed to raise a WHOPPING £828.48. All the money raised will be split between Alzheimer’s – Macmillan Cancer Support and Martha Trust. A huge thank you too everyone involved so far, lets keep on fundraising. Ok so here's the deal. Were going to put our bodies through immense physical torture by running this year's London Marathon, hopefully in Paula Radcliffe speed! If you have any spare pennies or pounds you could donate I’m sure all will make the difference. Money raised will be split between Mr Lea and Mr Harrison’s choice of worthy charities who are: Alzheimer’s, Macmillan Cancer Research and The Martha Trust. If you can donate, please send money into Astor College (Finance Department), addressed to either Mr Lea/Mr Harrison.

Easter 2013 Link  

The Link - Easter 2013

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