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Dear Parent/Guardian It has been another successful and busy term with numerous international collaborations, involving many students. A number of staff and students have just returned from a fantastic visit to Turkey, funded by Comenius. Students from both countries have worked together to compare the role of women in society and completed specific environmental projects in both Dover and Turkey. I do hope this will be a link that more students will benefit from in the future. We celebrated 10 years of joint work with Sint-Jozefsinstituut-College, Torhout, Belgium, by hosting 20 students and two staff at Astor for two days. Our Media Studies students worked with them and KETV Film and Sound Studios to produce various articles which we hope will be published in the local KM Mercury newspaper. The two days finished with a fantastic performance in our White Cliffs Theatre, an international football match and a signed Charter confirming our collaboration. I must thank Mr Oliver and Mrs Stapley for supporting the students who performed the National Theatre Connexions Production of ‘Ailie the Alien’ in our White Cliffs Theatre. For anyone who missed it, we will be performing again at the Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury, on Thursday 9 May and tickets are available from the Marlowe Theatre box office. The College continues to focus on academic subjects and again we have achieved fantastic record early entry English and Maths results. These record results reflect the hard work of many students who have been supported by dedicated staff and parents. Year 11 do not have long before they sit their final exams and please do not hesitate to contact Mr Moore, Director of Year, the Personal Tutor or Subject teacher if you have any concerns over this important period. I hope you will continue to support by reminding your son/daughter about revision timetables and all the extra support sessions that are available every night after College, at lunch times and during the holidays. Year 11 are also looking forward to, and making plans for the end of year Prom. It is with regret that every year students who misbehave or have poor attendance during this important time are refused entry and I hope this will not be necessary this year. Finally, the application process for our 6th Form has begun and please remind your son or daughter to complete their application to Mrs Walton and myself. Yours sincerely

E Pallant Principal

The Comenius Bilateral Project On Friday the 1st of March, a group of ten students and myself flew to Turkey to complete the last part of a Comenius Project. The project had two specific aims and firstly compared the role of women in Turkish and English society. Secondly, we investigated the environmental preservation of Turkey’s Caretta Caretta and Amber trees and England’s flora and fauna and the preservation of the White Cliffs of Dover. We all had such an amazing visit to Köyceğiz; it’s an experience that no other will ever be able to match. The visit was very much enhanced by living with our Turkish partner and their family; it really helped us to experience the Turkish culture to the full! When we weren’t at home or being shown around Köyceğiz by our partners, we were at Anadolu Lisesi, the local high school, studying the role of women in our two cultures, it was very enriching and enlightening to see that in such different cultures there were so many similarities! Whilst at the school we spent an afternoon planting Amber tress to increase the endangered population in area of land behind the school. It was a brilliant experience and very rewarding as the sap of the Amber trees is very valued in Turkey in religious ceremonies, so it was wonderful to be able to contribute to their preservation. To complete the final part of our visit, we visited Dalyan’s turtle hospital, a type of sanctuary that helps to care for and treat the ailments of the endangered Loggerhead and Green Turtles that inhabit the waters and the beaches surrounding Köyceğiz and Dalyan. That was a particularly memorable visit and left a great impact upon our group as it was very sad and difficult to see such beautiful creatures in such difficult conditions. We gained so much from the overall experience, we made friends for life, we’ve learned how to appreciate such an interesting culture and we have memories that we will never forget. I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Students on the Comenius Project to Köyceğiz in Turkey

Dekamer Sea Turtle Research Centre and Rehabilitation Centre The students planting the Amber Trees at Anadolou Lisesi School

Working hard on their project of ‘The role of women in society’

On the lookout for turtles at Turtle Beach


Many thanks to Cllr Gordan Cowan for the £1,000 we received towards our ‘Mardi Gras’ event in London at Christmas. We were extremely grateful for the part he played in supporting our Mardi Gras Challenge project. The Mardi Gras event took place just before Christmas and was extremely well supported. The students had a fabulous time and were in complete awe of the theatre itself. They had the opportunity to meet the gentleman who played ‘Phantom’ in ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and had their photograph taken with him in both sets of costumes. We know it is an experience they will never forget and we are so grateful that, due to this contribution, we were able to make it happen. We aim to take our ‘Rebound’ group to more competitions to strengthen bonds with other students who have a passion in the same field, improve skills and continue to make links with other dance schools for future projects. Rebound are performing a dance show at the Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury on Friday 26 April and tickets are available from the Marlowe Theatre Box Office. M Cressey Finance Department

TWINNING WITH TWINNING WITH Sint-Jozefinstituut-College, BELGIUMBelgium

Our friends from Sint-Jozefinstitutuut-College, Torhout, Belgium arrived on Thursday 14 March to work with our Yr10 Media Studies students, KETV Film and Sound Studios and the KM Mercury. The KM Mercury had offered the both our schools a special centre page pull-out section to celebrate our 10 year collaboration. Currently both schools work together in the performing Arts, English, Media studies, Sport and Teacher Training. We are also fortunate that the link has been extended to our Federation Primary schools. Our students friends from Sint-Jozefinstituut-College, Torhout, on interview Thursday techniques, 14 March towhich work with Yr10 The began the day with a tour of KETV studiosBelgium before arrived practising wereour to be Media Studies Film and Studios and the KM Mercury. The KM Mercury both used later in thestudents, day. WeKETV continued ourSound work back at Astor College and we were joined by thehad KM offered Mercurytojournalist, Graham Smith. He explained the requirements that our young international journalists had to fulfil to be published, our schools a special centre page pull-out section to celebrate our 10 year collaboration. Currently both schools work provided advice about interviewing localstudies, residents and and whatTeacher is required to quote of the public together further in the Performing Arts, English, Media Sport Training. We members are also fortunate that as thea journalist. During the afternoon the students worked in Dover Town Centre, interviewing local residents about their link has been extended to our Federation Primary schools. views on a wide variety of local and European topics, before returning to Astor College to write their stories and send them to Graham, at the KM Mercury, for possible publication. The students had very tight deadlines and all the submissions had to be completed by 7pm. On Friday the Belgians returned and we played a friendly international The students theour day6thwith a tour of KETV studios before interview which were to with be 5-a-side matchbegan against Form, unfortunately we lost 6-4. practising Our “Decennial” wastechniques, then formally celebrated used later in the day. We continued our songs work back Astor College and we were joined by the KM Mercury journalist, Torhout students performing numerous fromatour many International Musicals to our Yr13 students before we signed a Charter Agreement consolidating our continued collaboration. Both Astor staff and the student audience Graham Smith. He explained the requirements that our young international journalists had to fulfil to be published, were thenfurther treatedadvice to various delicacies homemade puddings, waffles and pancakes. provided aboutBelgian interviewing localincluding residents and what is requiredcakes, to quote members of the public as a journalist. During the afternoon the students worked in Dover Town Centre, interviewing local residents about their Students from both schools and countries have benefited from our collaboration and I am very pleased that this will views on aAwide variety ofyou localtoand topics, before returning to Astorthis College to write stories and send continue. special thank Mr European Payne, who was the driving force behind successful linktheir for many years. them to Graham, at the(Teacher-Leerkracht KM Mercury, for possible publication. students had tight two-days deadlinesvisit andto allDover the and Mr Frederik Deryckere, Engels) said “it wasThe a perfect end to very a perfect the wonderful school, which Astor College definitely is. We hope to welcome Astor College next year in our school in submissions had to be completed by 7pm. On Friday the Belgians returned and we played a friendly international th Belgium their next our musical try-out and surely plan to come ourselves. Thank you formally Astor, and thank youwith 5-a-side with match against 6 Form, unfortunately we lost 6-4. back Our “Decennial” was then celebrated Dover Mercury for allowing us to contribute to this fine edition.” Torhout students performing numerous songs from our many International Musicals to our Yr13 students before we signed a Charter Agreement consolidating our continued collaboration. Both Astor staff and the student audience were then treated to various Belgian delicacies including homemade puddings, cakes, waffles and pancakes.

Students from both schools and countries have benefited from our collaboration and I am very pleased that this will continue. A special thank you to Mr Payne, who was the driving force behind this successful link for many years.

Combined Cadet Force & Military Cadre Congratulations on Tierney Williams, Luke Wood from Year 10 and Jessica Humphries from Year 12 on passing their Cadet Junior/Senior leadership course at RAF Manston, Margate. They where put through their paces and tested on leadership, problem solving, observation, drill, instructing on lessons and all with being tired from the early 06:00 start every morning, well done. We as a CCF have gone from strength to strength since last year and are making progress with the CCF Syllabus. It has been a busy year and things are just as busy this year leading up to end of the academic year, such as Easter camp at RAF Henlow and Adventurous Training at Broadstone Warren. We also have a lot of other activities on, such as Air show visits, memorial service to the fallen at Capel Battle of Britain Memorial. If you are interested In flying or just coming down to the CCF Unit for a look around please feel free and some one will be there to help.

Uniting the World in Numbers!! About one hundred and thirty of students in Years 7 to 9 took part in the World Maths Day challenge where together they correctly answered over 18 000 Mental Arithmetic questions out of just over two hundred and ninety-two million questions answered worldwide. All students who participated in the challenge received World Maths Day specially engraved certificates. Astor’s best student award went to Joe Lund who correctly answered a total of 1 500 questions in twenty four hours. Joe also had the highest number of questions answered correctly during a 1 minute challenge with a record 50 questions! Overall class results went to Mrs Goodwin’s Year 7 class who successfully answered nearly 11 000 questions on their own. We hope that many more students will take part in the World Maths Day activities next year. Well done everyone who helped to unite Astor with the rest of the world in numbers!

WORLD LITERACY DAY CELEBRATIONS STAR PUPILS, Antonia Reed and Luke Clark shone brighter than the rest last Tuesday when they came first and second in the World Literacy Day competition. The year 8 English students competed with pupils from all over the world by answering as many literacy questions as they could in one minute. The excitement was obvious as the Astor pupils taking part in the competition realised that not only were they competing with each other on the WORLD EDUCATION GAMES website , but with people from as far flung as Japan! Antonia and Luke earned official certificates and a large bar of chocolate too. Well done to all those who took part and good luck next year. Mrs Hall.

PICK UP THE BEAT After a postponement due to snow, the annual dance festival run by the Year 11 BTEC Sport students, finally took place on Wednesday 20 March. It was a fantastic day with leaders receiving many comments about their outstanding behaviour and organisation skills.

The group have been planning this event since 15 November - just as well due to 309 students taking part from primary and secondary schools throughout our area and an audience of over 250! Fourteen schools entered including all our Federation schools which included Astor, Barton, Shattercliffs and White Cliffs.

Thank you to the Combined Cadet Force and SSi Anton Krakowski for organising the parking and Myles Ratcliffe from the Duke of Yorks Royal Military School who did the lighting, Mr Esdale and Mrs Greenstreet who helped backstage and Miss Cloke and Miss Gerrard who ran the event on the day. A brilliant night. Well done to all involved. S Fountain Director of Physical Education

DATES FOR YOUR DIARY Development Day (closed to students) Bank Holiday (college closed) National Exams Year 11 Prom Year 11/13 Leavers’ Day Parents’ Evening (Year 7, 8, 9) 4.30-7.00pm Dance Show at 7.30pm Year 5/6 Open Evening (College closes 2.40pm) Sports Day Academic Review Days and Year 6 Interviews National Students’ Art Exhibition and Gallery Launch AS Art Exhibition New Parents Welcome Evening 7.30pm End of Term Early Closure 1.00pm

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THE BIG BUILD CHALLENGE On Thursday 7th February in the Astor College White Cliffs Theatre, Year 9 undertook the ‘Big Build Challenge’ in association with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Working in groups of ten, the students were tasked with designing a free-standing structure that they would like to see in Dover. The design could be anything from a usable building to a piece of artistic sculpture. Once the students had worked together to come up with a design, the challenge was then to build it… ...out of newspaper! Inventor Darcy had brought with him some extremely nifty devices that could turn 5 sheets of ordinary newspaper (and a blob of paste) into rigid ‘stix’ that could then be joined together using cable ties to form the final structures. Teams worked together up until 2.30pm to make the ‘stix’ and construct their final structure. At the end of the day, the pieces were judged by Mr Pallant and Mr Horne to narrow the teams down to a top three. These three teams then gave a presentation to the rest of the year group to explain their inspiration for the design and where they envisaged it would go in Dover. From this, Mr Pallant and Mr Horne made their final deliberations to announce the places 1-2-3. The winning team comprising of Liam Blackford, Jade Coleman, Jade Gough, Emily Hodges, Alysha Lawrence, Charlie Miller, Hari Patel, Chelsea Such and Jack Willis took a share of a £50 prize fund with their impressive Olympic Legacy Sculpture. The second place team Harvey Cook, Tyler Groombridge, Jack Leigh, Brandon Mills, Megan Pert, Josie Scales, Bethany Thomas and Liam Wilson took a share of £20 with their exceptionally well crafted Rocket and third place went to a very well thought out “Boat in Hand” design to celebrate Dover’s link to the sea. Other notable designs include a hog roast sculpture with revolving spit to celebrate Dover’s Viking heritage, a saluting soldier to remember our war heroes, an Astor College Ship and a working windmill. Both Mr Pallant and Mr Horne were highly impressed with the quality of work and thought that had gone into each and every design and the tremendous display of teamwork between all the students involved. In addition to the college staff who were on hand to help during the day, the team of visitors from CXK Ltd that set up and ran the event were delighted with the success of the day and pleasantly surprised by the artistic talents of the Astor College students. All the students involved should feel extremely proud of themselves.

Year 11 Health and Social Care Students experience what it’s like caring for a young baby Astor has been running a Life Choice Baby programme in college for students for the past 5 years. The programme is designed to inform young people about the realities and demands of parenting. This involves students caring for a virtual baby over a weekend, and aims, through an extended experience in a realistic environment, to help young people understand three important facts about babies: 1. Babies demands are unpredictable and must be met promptly 2. Babies require a great deal of time and attention 3. Babies change parents’ lives profoundly The Life Choice Programme helps young adults explore the physical, emotional, aspirational and social consequences of parenthood. Each baby required care throughout the day and night. The baby’s programme is based on a real baby. When Baby cried, it was the student’s responsibility to attend to Baby’s needs. Each student was given a baby to care for from 4pm Friday evening right through until 4pm on the Sunday evening. Some of the feedback from the students after the experience:-

‘I never want a baby they’re too needy, it cried during the night, it didn’t give me a break!’ ‘I learnt that it can be stressful being a parent, it would stop you doing a lot of things.’ ‘I tried my best, I was stressed, I hated all of it!’’ Astor College are offering Year 9 students Work Related Learning activities based around the Care of Young children. This an exciting new development for this years work related learning. For more Information speak to Mrs Browne in room 27.

Attendance Facts There are 190 days in a school year 1140 lessons are taught in a school year How many lessons will you miss this year? Check the table below to find out Percentage Attendance 100% Attendance 98% Attendance 95% Attendance 92% Attendance 90% Attendance *85% Attendance *75% Attendance *70% Attendance *65% Attendance

Number of lessons missed 0 lessons missed 23 lessons missed 57 lessons missed 91 lessons missed 114 lessons missed 171 lessons missed 285 lessons missed 342 lessons missed 399 lessons missed

*Attendance is at a level where parents can be taken to court and fined or imprisoned for their child’s poor attendance. Please contact the College to discuss any attendance concerns. Shellie Willis, Director of Secondary Student and Parent Support

LONDON MARATHON A massive “Thank-You” to everyone for their wonderful fundraising abilities. So far, from ‘spud days’, cake sales and Inter-form dance off’s, Astor College have managed to raise a WHOPPING £828.48. All the money raised will be split between Alzheimer’s – Macmillan Cancer Support and Martha Trust. A huge thank you too everyone involved so far, lets keep on fundraising. Ok so here's the deal. Were going to put our bodies through immense physical torture by running this year's London Marathon, hopefully in Paula Radcliffe speed! If you have any spare pennies or pounds you could donate I’m sure all will make the difference. Money raised will be split between Mr Lea and Mr Harrison’s choice of worthy charities who are: Alzheimer’s, Macmillan Cancer Research and The Martha Trust. If you can donate, please send money into Astor College (Finance Department), addressed to either Mr Lea/Mr Harrison.

E-Safety Update

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre and Microsoft have teamed up so it’s easier than ever for Windows 8 users to access CEOP’s online safety advice pages or make a report about suspicious or inappropriate contact online. Through a new app, downloadable for free from the Windows store, parents and children can quickly explore CEOP’s award winning educational videos, see the latest campaigns or follow CEOP’s Facebook page or Twitter feed updates. CEOP and Microsoft hope the app will offer reassurance to parents and children using Window’s 8 through the ability to report quickly or access support. Reports could be someone acting inappropriately, engaging in sexual chat, asking you to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable or threatened, or may be as a result of someone being insistent about meeting up. While users are using other Windows 8 applications, such as Internet Explorer, if they come across a website they want to report to CEOP they can use the shared functionality of the app to quickly access e-safety pages and alert the Centre.

Channel Uniforms Ltd Shop 1 Radnor Chambers Cheriton Place Folkestone Kent CT20 2BB 01303 487075 - 01303 847185 Your Local School uniform shop

For all your uniform requirements: We also stock Rainbow, Brownie and Guide uniforms, Beaver, Cub and Scout uniforms. Opening hours Monday – Closed Tuesday – Friday 9.30 – 5.00pm Saturday 10.00 – 4.00pm

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