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“You have the ability to live, learn, study, travel, and explore in whole new country and in doing so you learn so much about yourself, the culture, and the people of that culture.” Johanna Laue ’14 Ireland Fall 2012

Student Learning


Increase independence and self-reliance through learning to successfully navigate travel logistics, new communities, and host culture

1. Access courses, research and professionals not available at home 2. Develop leadership and analytical skills 3. Improve and enhance your resume 4. Live in and experience a new culture 5. Learn a foreign language 6. Earn credit towards your degree 7. Fulfill the ELAW requirement 8. Make friends from around the world Study abroad is available to everyone no matter their major, gender, race or interests.

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8 reasons to study abroad

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How far can You Go WIth International Education? Semester Study Abroad:

Short-Term Programs:

Buenos Aires, Argentina Townsville, Australia Hong Kong, China Shanghai, China San Jose, Costa Rica Cannes, France Grenoble, France Montpellier, France Paris, France Kanifing, The Gambia Heidelberg, Germany Pondicherry, India Dublin, Ireland Akita, Japan Chiang Mai, Thailand Oxford, United Kingdom

Belize City, Belize San Jose, Costa Rica Kanifing, The Gambia Alba, Italy Hiroshima, Japan Kyoto, Japan Tokyo, Japan Cusco, Peru Lima, Peru Ljubjana, Slovenia Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom The Office of International Education will approve additional programs on a case by case basis.

Thailand: 8,488 mi

4,051,578 miles during the 2011-2012 academic year! Germany: 4,124 mi

Argentina: 5,165 mi

China: 7,504 mi

England: 3,621 mi

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SMCM students traveled

Student Learning


Comprehend and speak a foreign language more proficiently and in culturally appropriate ways, when studying in a country where the language of the program differs from the student’s native language(s)

“My experience abroad was phenomenal. It was one whirlwind week in London that opened my eyes to a new culture that is strikingly similar to my own, but with marked differences. I learned so much on this trip that will stick with me for the rest of my life!” Stephanie Wood ’15 London Winter 2012

Bill Roberts, professor of anthropology

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“When students go abroad they learn to live and act in socially appropriate ways in another country. Learning how to become competent in relating to people from other cultural backgrounds is an increasingly valuable ability in a world that seems ‘smaller’ each day. As students grow and appreciate the value and norms for a meaningful life in other societies, they also gain a much deeper personal understanding of their own cultural background.”

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Scholarships To Get You on Your way Many students and their parents start out thinking that study abroad is a costly proposition. While studying abroad does add additional expense (airfare, passport) to the college experience, there are scholarships and financial aid that can make study abroad much more affordable. Did You Know? Federal Aid can be transferred to any study-abroad program, including non-St. Mary’s programs.

St. Mary’s College of Maryland Study Abroad Scholarships ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

St. Mary’s College Foundation Study Abroad Scholarship Provost’s Foreign Language Study Abroad Scholarship St. Mary’s College Need-based Study Abroad Scholarships Thomas Vollman Memorial Study Abroad Scholarship Nicholas Paskowsky Study Abroad Scholarship Global Opportunities Award

State Study Abroad Scholarships

St. Mary’s scholarships, grants, and state aid can be transferred to any St. Mary’s partner program.

▪ Maryland International Education Association - Study Abroad Scholarship

There are numerous College, state, national, and countryspecific scholarships available. It is important that students start the application process early and work with the Office of Financial Aid to maximize scholarship opportunities.

National Study Abroad Scholarship Opportunities ▪ Critical Language Scholarship ▪ Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship

Articulate their personal growth in response to experiences in another culture that challenges or deepens their world views

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Student Learning


Boren Award for International Study Fulbright Award Golden Key Study Abroad Scholarship Fund for Education Abroad Fund for Global Scholars

Country/Region Specific Scholarships ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Bridging Scholarship for Japan German - DAAD Scholarships Rhodes Scholar Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship Diversity Abroad Scholarships

To apply for scholarships go to:

“It is important to get a deeper understanding of the world around you, and it really helps you to grow by taking you outside of your comfort zone. ” David Wood ’14 South Africa Summer 2012

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Student Learning


Recognize cultural differences within and between cultures

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“I came away knowing more about myself and what I want from others in life. I met some of the most inspiring people during this trip.” Jessica Paguirigan ’14 Thailand Fall 2012

Display intercultural communication skills when responding to members of other cultures

Student Learning


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There’s a world of opportunities...

When will YOUR journey begin? (You could be here!)

Office of International Education 230 Glendening Hall 18952 E. Fisher Road St. Mary’s City, MD 20686 240-895-4202 Follow us!


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