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Can you please make sure that this box is empty when they get to this page otherwise they will try to type into both

This should say “ Any orders placed and approved before...� - Dean will supply you with a new file

After the word “Headline” please put in black and brackets”(What is your key message?) After the words “Body Copy” please put in black and brackets”(Details like when, where, why etc?) After the word “Footnotes” please put in black and brackets”(Do you have any additional instructions?)

At the right hand side of the headline bar and the Body Copy bar can you have the word “Confused?” - When they click that word I would like the enclosed pdf (called confused.pdf) to appear in a pop-up like the others do for print timings etc

Can this also capture the set so that we don’t have to search for it? I think the Jpeg on each page is called by the set detail so if it can capture that it would be great.

The atmosphere kits orders definately need to capture the code numbers of what is being ordered so that we can order them from the supplier


this is a test

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