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Astonish ASTONISH is a fashion and art media company that showcases global emerging talent for a worldwide audience through ASTONISHWorld, our interactive online social community, and ASTONISH Magazine, our user-generated world-class quarterly print publication. The ASTONISHWorld Experience, which incorporates all aspects of media to reach a global audience. In conjunction with the polished content of our website, the visceral approach of the ASTONISH blog, our social media teams and the beautifully sculpted magazine, ASTONISHWorld introduces its very own online social platform where users from all over the world can connect, collaborate, and create within the fashion and arts communities. ASTONISH brings together the print format with digital innovations to create a truly revolutionary experience as we showcase amazing emerging talents in a global spotlight.

Astonish Magazine In an industry now starved for fresh and visually driven content, ASTONISH Magazine is truly a print marvel during this digital age. ASTONISH seeks to inspire and engage its readers worldwide with artfully curated content that pushes boundaries and blurs lines. Featuring the most visually arresting imagery and socially insightful commentary, ASTONISH Magazine tells a story of the global fashion scene through a sharply focused lens. Since its digital launch in Spring 2011, ASTONISH Magazine has been received as one of the most exciting fashion and art magazines in over 30 countries. The highly anticipated print debut of Issue One: Love Lust Desire hit worldwide newsstands in September 2011 and garnered feature title status at Barnes & Noble domestically. Issue Two: Outer Beauty is set to hit newsstands worldwide in Spring 2012. Visually stimulating, interactive, and groundbreaking describe what is the centerpiece to the ASTONISHWorld experience. A truly revolutionary way for the global fashion and arts communities to connect and collaborate, offers a much needed platform for emerging designers, photographers, stylists, artists and fashionistas. Each day, visitors from over 80 countries worldwide share content, communicate and interact while navigating through unrivaled visual content and social commentary through their own customizable lens.

WE B SITE A N A L Y TICS Total Monthly Visits: Total Daily Visits: Unique Visitors per Month:

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Over 80 countries worldwide

social media Our Social Media Team uses an interactive approach to our Twitter followers and Facebook friends/ fanpage that helps build and strengthen our readership worldwide. Get the latest info about ASTONISHWorld and participate in contests with great sponsored prizes. One of the most visible aspects of ASTONISH, our social media outlets give fans, both new and established, an opportunity to interact with us and each other. Facebook: Facebook Traffic: Twitter: Pinterest:

3,100+ Likes/5,000+ Friends 148,000+ reach 1,100+ Followers/30+ Lists 400+ Followers

S P ONSORED A RTICLE A great way to have your message reach a worldwide audience is to have a Sponsored Article on A Sponsored Article is a story or interview about your company, product or featured artist, complete with startling images and a link to your website or other contact information embedded in the article. It is more effective than a banner ad because the reader instantly becomes your customer. In addition to your sponsored article, ASTONISH will also drive readers to view your message through an extensive social media campaign. Our expert team of writers, editors, graphic designers, social media gurus and web technicians are standing by to create an unforgettable sponsored article for you. ASTONISH also has photography and videography services available at an extra charge.

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P RICING Single Sponsored Article - $750.00  Article written and edited by the ASTONISH Team  Images formatted and uploaded  Article will appear on for a period of 1 Week. Social Media campaign consists of:  3 Facebook posts  10 Twitter Posts  3 Pinterest posts  1 Google+ post

Monthly Package - $2800.00  4 articles (I per week) written and edited by the ASTONISH Team  Images formatted and uploaded  Each article will appear on for a period of 1 Week. Social Media campaign consists of:  3 Facebook posts/week  10 Twitter Posts/week  3 Pinterest posts/week  1 Google+ post/week

Interview with Designer Ken Chen (Excerpt) Astonish Magazine introduces Ken Chen: A Q&A with Kristen Irby, Men’s Fashion Editor of ASTONISH In order to kick off Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and to celebrate the re-launch of our digital community ASTONISHWORLD, ASTONISH hosted an event at NYC’s exclusive ‘Work in Progress’ featuring San Francisco-based designer Ken Chen. “I’m not so good at interviews,” said Ken Chen, Creative Director and head designer of Ken Chen International, after he finished the last model fitting for his first presentation in New York City. I met with Chen and his equally well-coiffed business partner James Sekelsky, Owner of Ken Chen International, in the living room of their suite at the Hotel New Yorker. Chen, currently enrolled at the Academy of Art, and Sekelsky, a former visual merchandiser, have their hearts set on astounding revelers with their Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Ken: I wrote some notes. Is it okay if I look at my notes? Kristen: You wrote notes? (I’m secretly and openly laughing inside) Sure! You look like a baby! How old are you? Ken: I’m 22… Kristen: And you’re showing in NYC and haven’t even finished school yet? Ken: Yes! Kristen: What is the inspiration behind your Fall/Winter 2012 collection? Ken: I get inspiration from everything… little things and small things. I can’t pick just one… Kristen: Specifically, what are some of the big or small things that inspired this collection in particular? Ken: It’s hard to say because so many things really do inspire me. I’m inspired by this interview… Kristen: Are you going to design a piece called ‘The Kristen?’ Ken: Maybe… Kristen: I think you should. James: We’re taking notes! Kristen: Take my measurements. Ken: For this collection, I’m really focusing on the balance between humans and nature. Humans and nature coexist. Nature is a part of our daily lives so why don’t we just wear what’s already in our lives? That’s my main inspiration. Kristen: What should I expect to see on the runway? Ken: On the runway you’ll definitely see lots of structured jackets with lots of geometric shapes. You’ll also see lots of draping, flowing, organic garments that show the nature side of my inspiration.

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