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Editorial By Editor-in-Chief Tim Gallagher


reetings, pulp monkeys, and welcome to the third issue of ASTONISHING ADVENTURES MAGAZINE! I know that it’s been a while since issue #2, and I apologize. But thanks to the tireless efforts of our own primate publisher, JDC, issue #2 is now finally available through Just type “Astonishing Adventures Magazine” into the Amazon search engine and you’ll be one step closer to owning our little piece of pulp heaven.

Quite a bit has happened since our last issue. Editor JDC became Publisher JDC. Our lovely Dragon Lady, Katherine, became editor. Yours truly was promoted out of the monkey cage and chained to the Editor-in-Chief ’s desk. Jackie Chan and Jet Li finally made a movie together. Pulp icon Doc Savage celebrated his 75th anniversary. And the pulp world lost a good friend when Dave Stevens, creator of The

DOC SAVAGE, still going strong after 75 years.

THE ROCKETEER by Dave Stevens

copyright Conde Nast Publications

copyright Dave Stevens

Astonishing Adventures Magazine Issue 3  

The best collection of new ePulp around!

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