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Bronze and Fairy Figurines the Achilles Heel of Any Fine Artifacts Collector.


- 18. Apr, 2013 | Shopping -


Since time immemorial bronz e has been the favorite sculpting material of sculptors. Excavation and discovery of figures dating back to ancient Greek, Chinese, Roman and Egyptian civiliz ations corroborate this fact. Durability, strength and good ductility are some common reasons that made it a popular amongst artists and a coveted collector’s item. Depiction of war heroes, victory scenes, gods (especially of ancient Greek and Egyptian python), characters from mythology, pharaohs and monarchs, these were the usual subjects forged in it in the past.

In modern t imes Bronz e has retained its popularity even in contemporary times. Only skilled and well trained artisans

are able to work with this substance. In order to forge items with it one needs to have an in- depth knowledge and be well practiced in a variety of complex casting processes like casting in sand and centrifugal casting. Creating bronz e f igurine is a long pain staking process. The artisans first need to make a miniature example of the chosen subject and only thereafter do they proceed to commence work on the original. However due to its unique expanding abilities, (there is a slight expansion before it finally sets) minute details can be depicted in the artwork made in this material with ease.

Besides being in vogue amongst artists, work of art wrought in this element is quite popular amongst consumers as well. Why? Well, read on then

Besides being long lasting, it is also almost non corrosive which makes care and maintainace easy. While being a fairly unique material, it is not too expensive making figures wrought with it different yet comparatively affordable. Items forged with it have a certain old world charm to them, giving them an antique look. Another popular topic amongst artists is supernatural. Especially the benevolent supernatural creatures like fairies, elves and sprites. Nobody from children to adults has remained immune to a little ‘fairy magic’. The beautiful allure of these creatures is hard to resist. No wonder that children can’t have enough of fairy stories and adults are invariably drawn to daint y f airy f igurines . These are made in a variety of different substances like resin, porcelain, crystal copper, ceramic, terra cotta and even precious elements like jade and silver. The good news is these are easily and abundantly available. Depending on your budget and interest you can do a bit of a research about shops that stock such things in your local area and get hold of suitable artifacts.For more details click here .

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Bronze and Fairy Figurines the Achilles Heel of Any Fine Artifacts Collector.