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Animal Figurines – Get great deals for Animal Figurines on FantasyShop


- 28. Feb, 2013 | Animal Figurines -


For centuries Halloween is a day that kids and adults alike can’t wait for. You can transform into your favourite characters and you get plenty of sweets when you visit the neighbors. The houses are decorated with lots of scary things that try to scare passing people. But only America enjoyed this holiday that much. Europe has only recently started to copy elements of this important American day and is now trying to make it their own. Now this event has crossed the big ocean and every October the stores are filled with spooky decorations, costumes big and small and all sorts of sweets. Now even in Europe people like to decorate their houses in full Halloween tradition. The garden is filled with gruesome animal f igurines,

dragon asht rays can be found in the house and undead f airies collect ibles roam the shelves. This way you will definitely get in the right mood when you enter the house. As Halloween is most of all a kids- friendly time, there are lots of recipes, games and stories to keep the kids entertained and maybe even scare them a little. For example you can blindfold a child and tell him he is about to feel a real human brain before you give him a bowl of cooked spaghetti. The imagination can be very convincing, if you allow yourself to believe what has been said. But there is also criticism for this holiday that has never been a European one. It is more and more apparent that the European version of this holiday, All Hallows, is very different to the American one. All Hallows is a very religious day and it is usually a time of quiet and peace. With the new fashion of Halloween gripping Europe, a lot of people are complaining that they are loosing their quiet time, their religious time.

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Animal Figurines - Get great deals for Animal Figurines on Fantasy-Shop  
Animal Figurines - Get great deals for Animal Figurines on Fantasy-Shop  

Animal figurines are figurines that represent animals, either as toys or collectibles.Animals have always fascinated mankind, and so has its...