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Loneliness- A Step Ahead To Depression By Alberd31 on March 20, 2013 Like


As said wisely, the biggest poverty on this planet is sense of being reviled and loneliness, this is something that most people suffer from, in sooner or later part of their life. It is a misconception that having a number of friends can help in dealing with the situation. There are times, when despite of having numerous friends a person sense isolation gripping his mind and soul. This is a universal human emotion and is unique as well as complex to each individual. Since there is no particular cause to the problem, the treatments vary significantly from person to person.


Loneliness and Depression From age groups, genders and professions, each person has different needs to encounter the problem of being isolated. This mental disturbance may even lead to poor health consequences. Lonesomeness is a state of mind outlined by feeling of being isolated, and feeling

of emptiness. This can further lead to anxiety and depression and take a toll over one’s mental abilities and intellectual health. Mild depression sympt oms are·

Hair loss




Loss of self esteem


Sudden loss of weight


Disinterest in everything


Decrease in communication


Feeling of isolation and emptiness


Changes in sleeping and eating patterns


Denying to attend social meetings and parties


Vague complaints about one’s outlook and appearance


Problems of concentration and inability to interpret information in appropriate manner The health concerns of this sense of lonesomeness are reflected in one’s poor decision making abilities. It can affect one’s cardiovascular health, can lead to strokes and increased levels of stress. The seclusion may also lead to decreased memory and learning abilities in addition to anti-social behavior. In worst circumstances, people may adhere to smoking or alcoholism. If the problem exaggerates, it can promote the Alzheimer’s risk and alter the functioning of brain. A person can also end up his/her life committing suicide.

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Researchers have found an adverse impact of isolation on mental alertness and feeling of despair in a person that can affect heart health and immunity. Not just this, it can affect one’s performance at work as well as decrease a person’s overall efficiency. Ways to treat and manage the symptoms from exaggerating·

A person must recognize that there is a family behind him/ her, to love, admire and take care of them, and they are not alone.


It is important to understand the ill-health effects of gloominess and seclusion over both mental and physical health.


One must keep himself/herself involved in some community service or day-to-day works. Indulging into recreational activities, performing arts, and cultivating new friendly relations, social circles and interactions can help in overcoming the situation.


By focusing on developing the relationships with people who share same attitudes, perceptions and interests valuable to the sufferer, can help in lowering the intensity of isolated feeling.

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Since the people who feel lonely, generally make their mindsets as to expecting rejections. Instead, one must hold positive outlook and inculcate constructive thought process in social relationships thereby expecting acceptability. For more details about Mental health definitions click here.

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Loneliness- A Step Ahead To Depression  

Loneliness and depression is one major thing which has affected a great percentage of population today. The condition is serious than it is...

Loneliness- A Step Ahead To Depression  

Loneliness and depression is one major thing which has affected a great percentage of population today. The condition is serious than it is...